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While Backed by US, Saudi Coalition Accused of War Crime in Yemen


While Backed by US, Saudi Coalition Accused of War Crime in Yemen

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Saudi Arabia-led military coalition—which is backed by the United States—committed an "apparent war crime" when they bombed residential housing in the Yemeni city of Mokha on Friday, killing at least 65 civilians and wounding dozens more, Human Rights Watch declared on Monday.


Bush and Chaney have already been tried by a war tribunal… so why not continue with this administration for supplying arms. Maybe, that would stop the military industrial complex from creating war weapons.


What will any of the candidates do to extricate us from incidents such as this? Can any one of them articulate a view of the big picture? We are in the business of war. Our economy rests on it and little children and their parents being blasted to pieces are paying the price. We are propagandized into supporting these war crimes on the basis of our security. We are a bunch of idiots to continue to fall for that. And either the candidates are also a bunch of idiots or just don’t have the courage to speak as statesmen rather than politicians. Getting elected is meaningless if it doesn’t result in meaningful change in our foreign policies.


Its disturbing and disappointing that the commons community failed to discuss/comment on this Saudi US “ally’s” human rights violations (along with our other "special ME ally, Israel) that both have targeted civilian populations and civilian infrastructure, both with the blessings, political, military and financial support of the US/Obama admn. know a nation by the company they keep. In these cases, Israel and Saudi Arabia, civilians have been targeted and killed for some depraved and perverse political gamesmanship - the US picking winners and losers according to some deranged politics totally devoid of moral compass or humanity.

We have supported the Saudi Sunnis over the largely Shia Houthi. SA is slaughtering Houthis and NOT bombing Al-Qaeda (AQAP) controlled areas of Yemen! The Houthis are more than a religious identity, they are a political opposition to the old Yemen regime. We have now done similar supporting the power-mad Erdogan in Turkey giving him the OK to attack Kurds - our only dependable ally) - Erdogan is also NOT attacking Daesh, but predominantly Kurds! this is a Cluster Farch of the ultimate magnitude and yet another utter failure and political travesty by the Obama administration! Just who the hell does Obama have for “advisers” to make such callous, immoral, and stupid decisions? While there has been some dialogue with Iran, many other conflicts are just militarized by the US.