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While Clinching Deals With Communist China, Trump Cracks Down on Trade and Travel to Cuba


While Clinching Deals With Communist China, Trump Cracks Down on Trade and Travel to Cuba

Medea Benjamin

"Our failed embargo against Cuba has been repeatedly and publicly condemned by the international community as ineffective and harmful to the people of Cuba."

All the Cubans we talked to thought the sonic attack was a bunch of baloney. From taxi drivers to government officials to dissidents, Cubans told our group that the whole episode was concocted to justify turning back the clock on Obama’s détente with Cuba.


These two sentences above say so very much about the craziness of this Government’s Foreign Policy!
The Conservatives just won’t quit gnawing on this bone, will they? Similar to their forever vendetta against Iran, don’t you think?

In the case of Cuba, it seems to me that the Conservatives are just obsessed with returning to 1957,
especially those Trump’s age or older. Hey guys, “Back to the Future” was just a movie. You’re not supposed to make policy decisions based on old movies. Get a grip, alright!


There are currently 4 government owned non-private central banks in the world. North Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba. They owe no money to the IMF, Wall Street or other international banksters. The last countries to leave this exclusive club were Libya, Iran, Ukraine and Afghanistan. See any coincidences there?
The law that prevents US citizens from traveling to Cuba is a law against spending US dollars there, which is why a license from the Treasury is required. Any law restricting travel to another welcoming country would immediately be struck down as unconstitutional and a violation of the First Amendment.
Any American who wants can go,with no repercussions. Many have gone in the past as individuals with no consequences. They do not and will not indict. They know they will lose, but they like to bluster and have done so effectively. Few will research the consequences and so do not go. It is sad for Americans and for Cubans.


Does this mean we can simply exchange US dollars into some other currency, then spend THAT currency in Cuba?


“Communist China” The “repressive Communist government of China…” WTF??? Do we really need “leftists” like Benjamin to drag out tired red-baiting cliches and shibboleths from the Cold War???

For one thing, China has a highly-privatized state-capitalist political-economy. For another, the capitalist USA is the most repressive regime on Earth outside of its borders, with the largest prison population on Earth, the home of a National Security State and the most murderous regime in the history of humanity.

This is sickening, blatant red-baiting and a corruption of language by this “progressive.”


You nailed it. This is little more than red-baiting, “private” enterprise-mongering (private profit good; government employment/efforts bad), with a throwaway line about useless Russian equipment.


Walmart shoppers buy much more Chinese products than Cuban products