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While Criticizing Maduro, Sanders Says US Should Not Be in the Business of Regime Change' in Venezuela


Maduro is in extreme danger of ending up like Salvador Allende did in Chile in 1973, and the Venezuelan people are in danger of suffering the fate of the Chileans under Pinochet for nearly 20 years. Maduro needs to take the gloves off and quit playing nice with an opposition that will settle for nothing less than the total reversal of everything the Chavista government has done in the past 20 years. He needs to take the following actions immediately to keep this U. S.-backed coup from succeeding:

  1. Declare martial law and declare that the self-proclaimed “National Assembly” to be an illegal and treasonous body. Use the military to crush and remove them and arrest all of it’s leaders.

  2. Root out any opposition to him in the military and charge them with treason.

  3. Use the military to crush the opposition and protests by their phony, oligarchy-led protesters and charge them with treason.

  4. Seize all opposition media, nationalize them, arrest their management and charge them with treason.

  5. Seize all of the oligarchic corporations that have conspired to cause the artificial shortages of staple goods that is fueling the made up crisis and arrest their owners and charge them with treason.

  6. Expel ALL U. S. government personnel living and working in the country and cut off all relations with the U. S. and every other foreign government that has called for the overthrow of the Maduro government, because most of them are probably CIA working to help overthrow the Maduro government.

  7. Summarily, and publicly execute everyone charged with treason, cremate them, and secretly scatter their ashes, like we did with the Nazi war criminals, so there can be no memorials or shrines to them. Then quickly move to end the shortages and rebuild a government that is truly for the poor and downtrodden, and probably prepare for a U. S.-led counter attack, because the bastards running this coup will not quit that easily.


I hereby recognize you as the Senator from Florida. I only wish you had done this before the Kavanaugh vote.


It wasn’t under our democratic loving friends in Venezuela and the democracy promoters like Marco Rubio and John Bolton came up with this new way of appointing, not electing, presidents that I got the idea. Just goes to show that the left doesn’t have a monopoly on good ideas.

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At least with Trump the citizens/voters can see that the emperor/prez has no clothes. All the others in the duopoly do most of their dirty work behind closed doors, whereas Trump “owns” his idiocy and does his dirty work in the open. He has no shame, but at least what we see is what we get.


Any illusion that Sanders is a true Socialist or an opponent of the American NeoLiberal/NeoConservative Empire should be totally demolished by his spreading the lies of the plutocratic Capitalists here.

Thanks for asking for only a kinder, gentler American intervention, Senator. I guess that’s better than wanting to send in troops.

But don’t you see, by spreading this propaganda you are helping sell the narrative that will convince people that Maduro must be removed and thus justifying sending in troops, or at least drones, tactical support, arms for the fascist counter revolutionaries, and/or invasion from Colombia?

You make me sick Bernie.


Rubio has said that if the Venezuelan government should forcibly remove an US personnel (this horrific government of ours has said it will ignore Venezuela giving US diplomats 72 hours to leave, which places them in danger), that the government of ours will violate more international laws and will respond with violence. Rubio and people like Bolton, as well as a good portion of the foreign policy establishment, are fascists. As Chomsky and Herman showed too, there is a strong correlation between US military and financial support and human rights abuses, and we support about three quarters of the world’s dictatorships. William Blum showed the massive amounts of CIA interventions in the post-WWII era and we have plenty of information on what groups like the NED are doing too. They want war, they want oil, they want to squash democracy, because people will never agree to what they are in favor of. I give them six months, if they get power and implement what they want to implement, before there is massive social unrest against them and they then bring out the guns. Same thing will happen in places like Brazil.


Plenty of people pointing out Sen. Sander’s milquetoast response to the illegal actions of the U.S. and Trump Adm. in its’ various attempts to coordinate the removal of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.
Sen. Sanders left out a lot of history here as well regarding the role of The Constituent Assembly; the last 20 years of Venezuelan struggle for self-determination, etc., really.
Very bad day for Venezuela, Sen. Sanders, and the progressive movement in America. What a bunch of political cowards; it’s a cringe worthy moment in our country, actually. Amazingly so.


I think that the active Yellow Vest participants make the selection of the next president of France. Maybe using the polling option on Facebook? Even hold a primary to select candidates? Then a vote using ranked choice voting for the final vote? Now THAT would be true democracy in action!


Thank you for saying the truth about Bernie. He is part of the same bird with two wings going in the same direction for Empire.


We can only hope that the revolution of the people in Venezuela would spread to Brazil, Columbia. and Peru. Then we in the US and Canada need to figure out how we can support their uprising to save ourselves from this damn empire!

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A leftist candidate got a pretty large percentage of the vote in Colombia, which is impressive given its horrific oppression against the left, activists, union organizers and religious groups that support the preferential option of the poor. Reagan, after all, essentially declared war on the church in Latin America during his time. There is going to have to be a huge pushback against the right in all of these countries, or we are looking at Operation Condor 2.0, if not worse.


So of 84 deaths , 23 are attributed to the “violent and repressive” Government and 63 to the “peaceful” protestors.

This sort of reminds me of 5 “god fearing and peaceful” Pilgrims dying as they massacre a village of 230 “Savage and murderous Redksins”.

Venezuela will end up like Haiti. When a Western backed coup removed Aristide from power the members of the Lavalas party were arrested and murdered. The Western powers call this Democracy.

The members of Lavalas who supported Aristide and those that support Maduro represent the poorest people in those Countries. The version of Democracy that the Western powers demands INSIST that the poor people can not and should not have a voice and if their sheer numbers elect a person representing them to power , then the elections deemed unfair and illegitimate.

This same thing goes in in the USA and other Western Countries. Note how so many Politicians focus on rebuilding the middle class and how the plight of the very poor has been ignored for decades.


The elephant in the room is that the US has been destablizing Venezuela ever since Chavez was elected. Tillerson revealed as much to the Miami Herald a year ago. I only hope,that the people of Venezuela (are you listening Nicaragua?) see the facade of US “support” for regime change is imperialism in action.


"Everything the imperialistas say is true (just ask the New York Times)

But we shouldn’t do anything ‘inappropriate’."

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …


It’s clear that Sanders (and his peeps) haven’t a clue what is really going down in Venezuela, esp. not what the U.S. is doing there to destabilize and undermine the Bolivarian Revolution there…and in a few other places in Latin America.

He should be roundly attacked for this ignorance.

His tepid statement about avoiding regime change is disingenuous and rings hollow.



This goes back to Obama-----and there is a real story here not being told. Of course it is the oil----but just look how the media fail to cover this story—thank you DN for your reporting on this-----We see all the lies coming out of the Trump ad yet this just slides on by. The US is doing a coup and it is on page 7???WE LIVE IN A CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE.


Senator Bernie Sanders statement reads like a fairly strong policy against regime change and our government supporting coups in Latin America, and he cites illegal and immoral historical precedents.

I give him and US Representative Tulsi Gabbard credit for speaking up on this touchy issue when US corporations and media have been coercing and brainwashing the public for years.

Give Common Dreams credit for publicizing the US role in this coup during this past week.


Hi Joan,

It would work if you had superpower Texas to support you.


It is interesting he is posting this really soon before he is apparently set to announce his 2020 candidacy. I suppose he wants to ruffle the establishment’s feathers right out of the gate. I do believe he is sincere in this statements here.

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a very occasional mention about imperialism, or climate change, or oligarchy, - by only one or two legislators, - this isn’t going to do it. It will have no impact at all.