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 While Democrats Bicker, Another Bully Wins an Election


 While Democrats Bicker, Another Bully Wins an Election

D.D. Guttenplan

We live in the age of rich bullies. In November, Donald Trump showed that a proven record of stiffing your own employees and being caught on tape boasting about grabbing women “by the pussy,” was no bar to being elected president of the United States. “When you’re a star,” Trump told Billy Bush, “you can do anything.”


Is it bullies who prosper or those who boldly state what they stand for instead of couching their declarations in language designed to offend (nor excite) anyone?

I ask because I have no idea what the D half of duopoly stands for outside of not being the other half.


Thank you, D.D. Guttenplan. Enjoy your articles in “The Nation.”
You are correct (as usual) here.

I try not to think about what victories like this say about our country, and finding it harder every day not to do so.


Montana: Where the men are “bigly” bad asses, and the sheep are scared. Being a bully, brute, and bloviating buffoon seems to work for the repugs. Hopefully this loathsome lout is recalled and that Jacobs, his victim sues him for a cool million$.


Praise be to God, who saved the good people of Montana from genital herpes.


I know how easy it would be to say, ‘we must do anything we can to wrest Congress/the White House away from the GOP’, but then we’re back to where Wall Street wants us, at the evil vs. rotten slinging match. From here on out, it’s change, real progressive change, or bust. There’s no going back. We will know who our people are by the money they (don’t) take, by the causes they support, by the unions they walk with. Keep the faith, we are all closer than you think.


What is the matter with Montana- Hard to believe that Quist lost by 16,000 votes to A bully millionaire Trump follower- Even though Quist had one hell of A following, are the majority of these people out of touch with reality?

Brings to mind the old saying-“Montana-Where the men are Men, and the sheep are nervous”…


The Democrats are not bickering, they are truly dysfunctional as a party. The Clinton/corporate wing is never going to willingly cede power to the Sanders wing, and the DNC/Clinton machine has all the money and power from the local to the national level. Corporate Democrats are virtually indistinguishable from Republicans on wars of regime change, obscene militarism, corporate cronyism and privatization. That gives voters on the left nothing to hope for, and nothing to vote for. Until the Clinton wing is purged from the Democratic party in totality, there will never be a functioning alternative the the Republican nightmare.

Please stop treating this like a football game. This is not about winning or losing a political race, this is about governing the planet in such a way that there will be a habitable planet in 100 years, and that working people will actually have a future to look forward to, instead of ever declining prospects and hopes.


see here:


Quist: born, raised and lives in Montana; knows the state inside and out; widely respected throughout the state and across the nation (his music and song writing); schooling K-12 in Montana and graduated University of Montana; hard-working; kind-hearted; native son who loves his state with his whole being and would have represented the BEST INTERESTS of all Montanans and Americans without fail

Gianforte: born/raised in San Diego, CA then Philadelphia, PA; graduated college in Hoboken NJ; reviled by his employees for his miserly (wages) and abrupt, brusque, sharp-edged management style; would not know the back-end from the front-end of a horse and the only thing “cowboy” about him are his jeans and his belt buckle (big buckle, little …); tax cheat; bought this House Seat with the million-plus contributions from the GOP coupled with his own deep pockets; a raging evangelical toxic kristian who will surely caucus with the Phree-dumb Phuques like Raul Labrador (R-ID) and is only in govt to tear it down and reap monetary and power rewards along the way while helping to destroy the wildness and beauty of the state with widespread oil, gas, and coal operations.

Montana supporters of GG, get out of your stupor of provincial ignorance, open your eyes, and face reality: you have elected yet another piker to join the DJT Billionaires’ cabal in Washington, DC. Hope you’re happy.


Well, I can only speak to my local Democratic progressive club, but we certainly aren’t bickering or divided. Frankly, I can’t even tell who supported Bernie or Clinton–and I don’t care. We just want to get our tea party Congressman out of office supporting the most progressive candidate we can. The guy’s a sure vote for the Ryan budget, Trumpcare, and all the other right wing nonsense that is coming.


As someone living in a red district and who has lived in redder ones basically all my life, there are just a lot of Republicans out there that don’t care about progressive issues. The stuff we talk about–banks, healthcare, etc.–gets filtered through a prism of FOX News and Rush clones. Even if there is a breakthrough, it’ll fade quickly when a new story on illegal immigrants doing “X” comes out. Progressives are just people that want to tax you to give illegals “free” things in this world.

Democrats can win in these places, but it’s usually not the type that progressives at CD like.


So does that mean you will vote for a pro-corporate DNC candidate like Clinton if that is your only choice? I don’t see that as an improvement. The neoliberals just boil the frog a bit more slowly than the brazen Republicans. If Democrats keep concentrating on “winning”, and don’t pay any attention to the actual issues like endless war, corporate mega-mergers, lack of healthcare and affordable college, and universal spying, then they will never win again. I will never vote for another corporate Democrat ever again. They got us into this mess by not truly opposing the corporate Republicans.


I’ll take this one for KC, like she did for me: Yes, a corporate Democrat is the lesser of two evils and that’s the dictates of pragmatism.


Jesus, did someone - ‘SeaTower, was it - on this comment thread say that this Gianforte garbage is an evangelical ‘christian’?? Sweet jumpin’, long-haired, hippie, polevaultin’ Christ, there’s more Christianity in the left cheek of my thoroughly lapsed -Catholic arse than there ever was or ever will be in that fucking scumbag imbecile. What the hell is the matter with (some - a frighteningly large number) of Americans, who think that wealth equals respectability, political legitimacy, wisdom to govern?!?!?! This asshole needs to be incarcerated.


Trump won with 27% of the eligible voters. There aren’t that many conservative Fox voters nation wide. They just are more reliable voters. Most independents don’t vote. If those independents had a choice like Bernie, they would come out and vote. Backing corporate Democrats ensures that the Bernie candidates will never get nominated, and therefore the progressives will never win elections. Think about it.


We’re on the same page, jr. I asked a commenter a question recently and KC jumped in to answer, so I thought I’d return the favor.

KC makes good points about the local realities of districts, BTW, but not about the overall direction of her failing party. She’s a duopolist first and foremost–everything else is a byproduct of her local politics.


Or, I could vote in my red district for someone who 1) won’t vote for the Ryan budget; 2) won’t vote to gut environmental protections; 3) won’t vote to dismantle voting rights on the federal level; 4) won’t vote to kill the ACA; 5) and is actually willing to listen to my concerns versus allowing someone to stay in office who doesn’t care about them at all. Or I could vote Green and help a guy who’ll always vote against my interests stay in office, like I did a couple years ago when an evil “centrist” Democrat came within 1000 votes of knocking off my tea party representative. Boy I feel smart about that now given the vote margins for the AHCA in the House!


Eventually, people are going to have to realize that the grand experiment combining democracy with capitalism has failed. It’s destruction was written into the constitution and we just happen to be alive at that time in history to view the accelerating down hill slide. The current kleptocracy is not a symptom but the inevitable conclusion and the USA will either march towards fascism or towards violent revolution. The country is dividing into those who long for a past that never existed and those who still clinging to the false hope that the system can be changed and improved upon. Meanwhile, we are burning the planet to the ground which may render the problems of what happens within nation states moot. The glass isn’t half empty, it’s completely drained.


OTOH, maybe the DamnocRats need to DUMP the Clintons - and all their stooges - a.s.a.p. and return to their roots as the party of Main Street, not Wall Street.  Since that will happen about ten years after hell freezes over, what REALLY needs to happen is that people like Warren & Sanders & Merkley & Franken need to DUMP the DamnocRats, take the Vermont Progressive Party nationwide, and get on the ballots of all fifty states.

And if Al Franken is an example of what happens when a sharp satirist becomes a senator, there are two or three others like him – such as Stephen Colbert – who would make excellent candidates in 2018 . . .