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While Democrats Chase Russians, Republicans Keep Rigging Elections


While Democrats Chase Russians, Republicans Keep Rigging Elections

Richard Eskow

What does it tell us when leading Democrats are more upset about allegations of Russian election-rigging than they are about Republican election-rigging? After all, American oligarchs like the Koch Brothers have no more right to undermine our democracy than Russian oligarchs do.


So tell me again why Democrats have never fought to overturn the illegal Republican games with voter disenfranchisement? They must know they are winning elections with the gerrymandering and scrub and flip measures they use to win in tight races. Why haven't they addressed this? If Greg Palast can investigate these tactics for years the Dem's could have gotten something done about them.
They claim Citizens United changed everything, that and the Voting Rights Act, but this was going on even before then. These are the basics of Democracy, if they aren't fought for a protected we don't have a democracy. The Dem's are missing in action on so many fronts it's hard to look at them as any different than Republicans except some domestic issues.
I hope they find a way to stop Trump but I don't have much more faith in the Dems doing much better.


There's nothing wrong with being concerned that Republicans are rigging elections. We have examples in 2000 and 2004, and Eskow makes a fair description of both the impact and the intention of ongoing Republican suppression of voters.

There is also nothing wrong in general with being concerned that foreign powers may be rigging elections: people do that. However, beyond all the reasons that Russians might have particularly feared a Clinton candidacy, no reason has appeared to imagine that they might be involved in the 2016 election. The furor over the possibility is therefore telling. We do know that five nations contributed to Hillary Clinton's campaign funds; again tellingly, that is not discussed here. We do know that Clinton, Obama, the DNC, and commercial news media collaborated to rig the Democratic primaries and nomination apparatus. Again, we might make something of the fact that this is no longer discussed and was never much discussed in the commercial press nor much by the articles even here.

Does it not seem reasonable to believe that at least some entities that rig elections are not the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party nor any particular corporate government, but organizations with vested interest and perhaps ideological interest as well, like large corporations involved in hydrocarbons, finance, drugs, weaponry, or more occulted sorts of population control?

At least in other contexts, it appears that many Democrats as well as many others believe that this is true. If it is, why would such powers not rig elections to favor Democrats as well as Republicans, or rig elections to favor one Democrat or Republican over another, depending only on which candidate favored some given position or action privately? If we believe that is the case, and we know that foreign powers and the current administration and the DNC did rig the nomination, why the concern only with the messenger when such things are brought to light?

The Democratic Party has lost ground because it deeply and repeatedly betrayed and humiliated its one-time base--liberals and leftists and union people and workers of all races and genders. Were the Republicans at all believable as populists, the effects of that would be all the more striking. Were white males still a largely dominant voting bloc (as they are as an economic bloc), it would be far more striking. Despite so many demographic shifts favoring Democratic and progressive and left or liberal or quasi-liberal or socialist candidates, the Democratic Party officials have mired themselves in allegiances to George Soros and Goldman-Sachs and King Saud and the Israeli government and Syrian mercenaries and Mexican narcos and the Afghan poppy trade and the MIC. That does not particularly distinguish them from Republican traditions, but the fact that a Bozo like Trump could pull off even the Republican nomination, even with Clinton's help with nomination funding, gives some idea where this circus has gone.

It is also worth being concerned that such forces rig Democratic primaries and rig elections with the Democrats.


We're stuck in a rerun, a somewhat updated version of "Bush vs. Gore." There's the familiar malfunctioning voting machines, voter fraud, voter suppression tactics, dirty tricks of all sorts, expectations of eventual discoveries of piles of uncounted ballots, topped this time with a generous sprinkling of Russian spice. There are all the revelations, accusations, counter-accusations. Clinton will "fight" like Al Gore "fought." During our lifetimes, we are unlikely to know for certain just what happened.

And yet, with such strong, wide-spread doubts about the integrity of our election system, count on the voices of those who condemn people for not voting.


Because Democrats are a fake resistance, and they always have been. Turn of the Twentieth Century, both the DNC head and the Repukes were partners at Brown Brothers Harriman, the bush Wall Street investment family bank.

One A.V. Harriman DNC, and One Prescott Sheldon Bush RNC (before switching to DNC.) Something like that. IIRC. Just like today, they were the kingmakers and were really on the same side.

With all "Those darned internets" they have to be more sneaky. But they are still there, pulling the puppet strings.


Fingers are pointing , trust is spiraling alien to itself whistleblowers, prosecutors, leakers....= monitor all communications..... I think an alien rigged the elections


"What does it tell us when leading Democrats are more upset about allegations of Russian election-rigging than they are about Republican election-rigging? " it tells us what Democrats think will be most effective with US voters--are they wrong about that?


First sentence is raising a big red flag with no pun intended! Putting foreign intervention in elections process on the same level as internal problems is quite an amazing approach! Of course Russian, or any other government intervention, is a far bigger issue than Republican manipulation.

We can vote them out and fix the system. You can not vote out Russia.

Start voting in local and state elections and fix the rules of the game ! This is the main Democrat problem , republicans come out every election in steady numbers . Democrats need an icon for a turnout.


The Democrats are just different side of the same coin as the Republicans, they used voter suppression and other "rigging" in their own primary to manipulate the vote to assure the eventual coronation of HRC. Don't expect them to step up and do anything meaningful, just more Kabuki theater from so-called "progressive" Dems like Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown, et. al. which, in the end, is no more credible than this "red-baiting" propaganda currently being used to deflect the attention of the American people.