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While Disney Gobbles Up Hundreds of Million in Taxpayer Subsidies, Sanders Joins Workers to Rail Against 'Poverty Wages'


While Disney Gobbles Up Hundreds of Million in Taxpayer Subsidies, Sanders Joins Workers to Rail Against 'Poverty Wages'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) hosted a forum with employees of the Disney corporation in California on Saturday and castigated one of the wealthiest and most powerful media companies in the world for showering its executives and investors with millions of dollars while low-level workers continue with "poverty wages" that makes it nearly impossible to make ends meet.


Well just wondering.

How much do you think someone dressed up in a Mickey Mouse costume, or selling hotdogs and popcorn, should earn?

What is their value, considering climate change, habitat collapse, and overpopulation.

Can you show me how to arrive at this figure?


Why the FUCK do you hate working people?! I’d sure like to DISCOVER that!!!

The system is in place! Workers did NOT create the nightmare that is that system!

Does Jeff Bezos deserve a million dollars AN HOUR?! What the fuck does he do to DESERVE that???!!!

Do you stomp on ants when you see them? Do you drown kittens because a cat has a litter too big, in your opinion, to be worthy of being fed?!

I KNOW that overpopulation is the #1 problem in the U.S. and worldwide and getting worse because of the exponentials involved BUT…how do you justify calling for punishment of those stuck in a fucking system created by, for, and of the privileged.

YOU are a pathetic, hard-hearted human who wants to shit on anyone who doesn’t fit in your “How-the-Country-Should-Be-According-To-ME” self-centered philosophy!
Why don’t you tell us how LITTLE people should earn while just trying to survive in a fucking one-sided economy that THEY DID NOT CREATE!!!

Anyone who isn’t sickened by your “holier-than-thou” attitude should join you in the next rocket to the next planet where you can create your own form of “reality” made of smoke, mirrors, and ego-maniacal BULLSHIT!!!


Bernie: Exactly how do you “shame” Disney? It’s not like they don’t know the wages and working conditions of the people that work there. Get real.


How do you shame people who have no shame?

Try this:


Yeah Disney, why hasn’t Mickey got a raise in the last 90 years?



Why do you presume to know their values and opinions and how are you qualified to judge them?


Does Universal pay any better? To get higher wages for unskilled workers a law needs to be passed to increase the minimum wage. New York State has increased the minimum wage to $15 per hour and I think some cities like Seattle have done so also. That is obviously not a great wage but at that level every dollar per hour helps. Of course many people besides executives and investors get a lot of money from Disney. Check out what the sports broadcasters and sports analysts make. I doubt that Steven A, Smith, Mike Breen, etc are complaining much about their salaries. Disney pays big bucks to people who they think can boost TV ratings for news, sports, etc.


I don’t think it is even possible to shame the “haves”. They look upon those who work for them as serfs for THEIR benefit or there would be decent wages and caring about those who help them succeed. No, loving/caring for your fellow humans does not exist–O.K. maybe RARELY–in the high income ranks. It has been documented (I don’t feel like looking it up right now)–that MOST GIVING is done by those on the lower-paying rungs of income.

O.K.–Here’s just one piece: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/the_poor_give_more/


Perhaps enough to live on? Is that too much to ask? Do you think they would hire children to do such labor, that way justifying paying half wages?

Funny how people like you never seem to have any empathy until it happens to you. I’ve never been able to understand that Republican mentality of only being able to appreciate living wages, Obamacare, etc. when THEY or a family member receives a benefit from such programs. As I often say, if early man had been of the Republican mindset–the “me, me, me, and f*ck the rest of you” attitude so prevalent among them–we never would have survived as a species.

But to answer your question: “their value is that of any human being–priceless,” and one arrives at that figure by having a freaking heart! Next time you go to Disneyland with your kids, try imagining the place without any employees and tell me how much fun the experience would be.


Disney is as American as fascism…with a smile and a mouse.


Again, a comment offering insults, but not answers. Such drama, but no answers.

You speak of people drilling holes in the bottom of the boat as it sinks, and then ask, “Why isn’t the captain to blame? He put us on this boat. Why are we not paid more to drill holes?”

When someone points out this farce, and suggests that perhaps you stop drilling holes, you respond by insulting the carrier of the news, then go back to drilling holes in the bottom of the boat. You say, " It is not our fault! We have no choice but to drill more holes.",

And at the same time, add more people to help drill holes!

It is improbable nonsense. Yet, this is what passes as political dialogue today.

You worry about how much money Jeff Bezos makes, but ignore that you’re all going to drown, including Mr. Bezos.

You forget the limits of resources on a finite planet, and argue that at least some of those resources should go to people who dress up as Mickey Mouse, because the system is a nightmare and Mickey Mouse impersonators deserve more, and then more still.

It’s zany.

I think theatre and the arts do deserve their place and good recompense, but your ship is sinking fool, and you are drilling holes while arguing how much you should be paid to do so.

Hey there Hi there Ho there.

While people drag their endless children to Fantasyland, the fucking ice caps are melting!

Who’s the leader of this band?

If you’re arguing that we might as well go under while amused, then okay, that’s fair. But do not be surprised when what you hear is not screams of delight, but of panic.


Last year massive fires spread all over Los Angeles, including near Disneyland.

I am simply asking what the going rate is to work in Fantasyland.

A fire along the Anaheim hills … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgChcCWitmg


Interesting assumption. You think I am a Republican, that I have children, and that I go to Disneyland. And you think I revel in watching people suffer by being paid poorly.

I say to you, you’re the one with no heart. You have a convenient memory which forgets the unfolding drama of climate change.

This is why people continue to have children and then complain about wages. Perhaps the human mind is incapable or has difficulty understanding such large events. Nevertheless that does not make them go away.

So I will refresh your memory of just a few months ago…

California Fires Enter the Heart of Los Angeles



Sorry, I mistook your original comment as judgemental.

Perhaps, those individuals “should” be paid enough to support themselves and their dependents.


Participatory budgeting is based on the most popular projects receiving funding.

First of all, this will of course mean that people will want their family concerns to come first. They will want project funded that help them raise kids.

This does not mean it’s good, it just means that since they are the majority, they will always win the vote.

Secondly, ecology is not a popularity contest. Resources can not be voted into existence because they are popular.


where are schumer and pelosi on these issues ??? out to fucking lunch?!

class issues go beyond political strategy and at this point in time concerns what is moral

the DNC establishment is a worthless bunch of corporate whores


So there is a moral imperative to dress up like Mickey Mouse.


Why don’t we just ask the slaves pulling the stones up to the tops of the Giza pyramids?


Sorry. I didn’t read your creative drivel.
Pseudo intellectuals are despicable. Seek help.

Where are YOUR answers, oh wise one???