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While Elites Fête Clinton, Sanders Tells Iowans: "I'd Rather Be Here With You"



Bernie has been too much the gentleman when it comes to this sort of behavior on the part of Hillary. He needs to loudly call her out about it on national TV, and not just at rallies. She is totally owned and dirty, and it all has to come out before the votes are cast.


It appears to me that Clinton is simultaneously running in the primary to defeat Sanders and raising money to run in the general election. Certainly raising money at an event sponsored by a hedge fund is not going to help in the primaries where her Wall Street connections are her biggest problem. But when you look at the most recent polls you can see why she thinks that she will probably win the primary battle. A 19 point lead nationally, a 3 point lead in Iowa, a 37 point lead in South Carolina, a 17 point lead in Pennsylvania, a 25 point lead in North Carolina, a 34 point lead in Minnesota..


Bernie demonstrates the difference between a genuine human being and a political creature. One genuinely cares about people, our nation, and the Common Good, while the other cares about power, influence and continuation of the status quo, serving the 1%.



Also, HRC knows the Democratic nomination for POTUS is rigged as she has all the super delegates already in her pocket. What should worry everyone, is HRC is so corrupt that one way or another she will do whatever it takes to destroy Bernie as the woman is pure political evil!


Sometimes I get the feeling that Hillary Clinton is really really stupid and corrupt.
Bernie Sanders 2016.


It's hard to imagine a better demonstration of the difference between Clinton and Sanders: Sanders listening to the people/ Clinton at the beck and call of the banksters.


So, I guess your opinion is, those who support Sanders will not vote.


Shilling for Mrs. Clinton... by pushing these likely FAKE poll numbers.


As Hillary Clinton's chance of winning the presidency drops from high to low, her contributions from favor-seekers drop proportionally. Nobody is going to pay good money in return for only a tiny chance at a political favor later.

This political reality means that she has to spend twice as much valuable time fundraising or else her campaign can't go on.

Bernie's fundraising base is half the voting electorate. He's also out there fundraising every day, but his fundraising events happen to look exactly like Iowa political rallies.


No matter how many times YOU are corrected about this nonsense about "the upper half of society," you revert back to it.

Less than 100 PEOPLE own HALF of assets inside the U.S.A.

Susan Sarandon, who introduced Mr. Sanders, is one of a growing number of Hollywood WOMEN of intelligence and financial means who support Sanders.

Your delusional "statistics" are no better than the other lies, disinformation, and misinformation trafficked in this forum and others like it.

Can't you read and LEARN something?


I think Bernie is actually running his campaign the right way by NOT attacking Clinton. Of course he is pointing out her actions that show who she is really beholden to, but he doesn't need to attack her. She's bringing down her campaign all by herself. And he is wise enough to understand that.


Actually, I have a Master's degree (now worthless) and am a staunch Bernie supporter and I know lots of other people with degrees who are Bernie supporters. You know what? Many of them are being crushed by student debt and are not finding high or even moderate income jobs. Others, like me, work in non-profits at such low wages that we qualify for many of the benefits that are clients do. Others are seniors who have worked their whole lives and are experiencing health issues/costs that are wiping out all they worked for their entire lives. We are sick to hell of this totally rigged and corrupt system where we are circling the drain and the 1% are laughing all the way to the bank....while they destroy the planet and the future. For example.


I've been hoping against hope we might see the politics Bernie Sanders represents brought to the national stage again. The predations of capital have become so egregious, necessity has finally demanded working people find a leadership willing to forcefully take up class and race as the defining narrative in the struggle for our future. We seem to have found the right person for the job in Bernie and the faith in ourselves to elect him. Vote Sanders and vote for a democracy that works.


I am NOT impoverished nor uneducated and neither are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are giving Bernie a concert next week nor is Micheal Moore or Sarah Silverman etc. I think you are mistaken about who his supporters are.


Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the billionaire/corporate puppet masters.......This election is not about lib. vs conserv. or dem. vs repub.......it is about taking our country back for the people......


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The media is attacking Sanders for making this legal bribery system public-Yet the real issue is how can Clinton represent average people as she takes these bribes?---This is what any real reporter would be asking any candidate who is getting all this money.

It was interesting to watch former Sen Harkin of Iowa supporting Clinton. Sanders by running for president is showing the people the true face of the democratic party.

Senator Sanders is addressing the fundamental issue of corruption in our political system.PLEASE SENATOR SANDERS KEEP DRILLING DOWN ON THIS ISSUE!--ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


You're probably not far off the mark, since Tommy author Pete Townsend also wrote Won't Get Fooled Again — an anti-revolution screed. :wink: