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While Exploding Military Spending, Trump Budget Eviscerates Funding for Education, Healthcare, and More


While Exploding Military Spending, Trump Budget Eviscerates Funding for Education, Healthcare, and More

Julia Conley, staff writer

Nearly two dozen federal programs and agencies are in danger of losing funding under President Donald Trump's 2019 budget proposal, released Monday. The proposed cuts will potentially result in drastic changes to social welfare programs and other government efforts to improve the lives of working people across the country as well as those in impoverished nations.


Disgusting, and dems are not much better. Except for Bernie and Warren, others do not say a peep. Also, all this noise about public schools when charters are nothing but a sham.


Well, since I eat only one meal a day-- and too many are in similar circumstances-- not sure if ‘air pudding’ will be able to nourish any of us. Maybe when there are enough empty stomachs we will storm the Bastille. Are you ready??


Warren who never saw a war she didn’t like and voted for cuts to food stamps and farm aid repeatedly? Bernie who’s spent much of last year saying Russia stole our democracy when they stole our election and has to pay? Wake up to those two.


This is where voting for the 2 party duopoly has gotten us. In 10 months we will be back in a presidential election year. Green 2020 and never the Dems or Reps again.


Exploding military spending while eviscerating social programs? That to me, is just more proof that Amerika is not a democracy…but a military dictatorship that has taken over complete control of our government.

Chomsky has used the term " manufactured consent" and I would call it manufactured enemies in order to explode military spending.





Wonder if the Greens will produce a better candidate than Stein.


It’s her party and she’ll run if she wants to.


The majority of Democrats in the House voted against the budget.


That’s pretty cute, BWilliamson.

Explain to us all here, how Clinton or Trump was a better candidate than Jill Stein.

Be specific as you can.


Nah, according to the Dems we should be storming the Kremlin and demanding free vodka and borscht for all.

Nostrovia! or к вашему здоровью


What don’t you like about Stein? Who do you like that is better and isn’t going to sell us out?


I don’t know much about her. The little I do, I like. But I wonder about the widely-circulated photo of her at Putin’s table.


Your point? She met with a world leader. Why is Russia our “enemy” - please explain? Did they hack our election by releasing an email by Hillary’s campaign manager that showed their corruption (that she never refuted) right down to her instructing the media to give all that free air time to Trump to push out the other GOP candidates and make Trump her only opponent? Or was that email showing Hillary’s election corruption perhaps released by the very suspiciously killed Seth Rich and not Russia hacking into a DNC server - with Hillary’s email on it(why is her email on one of their servers?) (which the DNC refused to let the FBI examine,) at all? The consistent thing about this is another one of Hillary’s staff is dead in the midst of another one of her corruption scandals. And that she’s embroiled in another email and national security scandal.


I’ve no love for Hillary. Russia is (or was) considered a hostile power.