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While Far More Is Needed, Green Groups Say Hour-Long Sunday Show Segment on Climate Crisis a 'Huge' Testament to Grassroots Pressure


While Far More Is Needed, Green Groups Say Hour-Long Sunday Show Segment on Climate Crisis a 'Huge' Testament to Grassroots Pressure

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The corporate media has long failed miserably to cover the climate crisis with the urgency, accuracy, and frequency that the science demands, so green groups and scientists cautiously applauded after NBC's "Meet the Press" devoted its


Kudos to Meet the Press, but what if this hour long segment was shown on every similar News Channel all over the Country? Would it make a difference? Would people take Climate Change more seriously? Would any new Regulations be written to put back what Trump took away? Think about it…


Getting an hour on TV is classed as a resounding success. Just how out of step is America wih the rest of the world?




You can delete the question mark :frowning:


Yes. That was a sarcastic question mark…


let’s keep up the pressure on all our representatives on every local from our mayors, to state house folks and congress. it’s our planet too!


Chuck Todd sez:
he is “not going to debate climate change, the existence of it.”

Well, there’s a happy coincidence. Turns out, the climate has declined to debate the existence of Chuck Todd.


Isn’t it odd that kids are now the adults in the room.


Why was Chuck Toad lying about the reason for the Yellow Coat protest, saying that it was caused by a gas tax. It was a protest about giving a Tax breaks to Millionaires and Businesses, then raising gas taxes, it was about austerity.


I got that? :-))


You can’t discuss climate without including geoengineering and climate engineering which has been going on for a very long time.

for more update news – listen to the 12-29-18 show.


check out above link


That includes many things besides Climate Change.
If there is going to be a future for most living things on this planet, it will be because of the younger generation.


Gosh! If the ratings are good enough and the advertisers are happy, they may do another whole hour of coverage… sometime… maybe…


It may be all well and good but gosh, don’t ya think the cows already left the barn? Just sayin’.


Good question. Sorry there aren’t many good nor excusable answers.
In the 1980’s I thought all Russians spent their days in bread lines wearing sack cloth.
Once the Iron curtain fell, suddenly, regular Russian people were well-dressed, sophisticated
and fully vetted on contemporary issues. Media mind control then as now?


It is great that Meet the Press did this but it is almost certain that TV news shows for the next two years are going to focus on the presidential election and climate change will more or less get lost. People need to keep plugging away on dealing with climate change and not count on TV news shows for much help. Almost all the action on climate gets very little publicity. It is not headline stuff. You really have to dig down into state and local government websites and follow environmental organizations to keep up.


“Better (way too) Late than Never.” ??

Okay, let’s assume enough people start recognizing the facts, and we slow down and – and maybe, by some miracle – even stop increasing the concentration of CO2 and CH4, etc., in the atmosphere (and oceans).  The whirled is going to KEEP ON getting warmer until we start REDUCING the presence of so-called ‘Greenhouse Gases’ in the environment.   (i.e., O-K, so we finally stopped adding more blankets — now we need to quickly REMOVE some of the blankets already added, before the patient suffocates . . . )   Good Luck, Homo Saps!!


Yes, under the Soviet sysatem Russians at least had jobs, a roof over their head and medical care. They lived pretty well as long as they kept their mouth shut. Once the iron curtain fell, all of the publicly-owned wealth of the Soviet Union was grabbed up by gangsters and Russian life expectancy fell by 10 years and many Russian families sold their children to adoption in the west our of economic desperation. Now, 25 years later, Russia remains a poor capitalist gangster-ocracy - all of its wealth in offshore money laundering operations with an economy much smaller than California’s. Many Russians must make ends meet by running internet scams and spreading ransomware.

And they still have to keep their mouths shut.