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While Flint Was Being Poisoned, State Workers "Quietly" Provided Water Coolers


While Flint Was Being Poisoned, State Workers "Quietly" Provided Water Coolers

Common Dreams staff

A newly obtained document and related emails released on Thursday show that while the residents of Flint, Michigan were slowly being poisoned by lead-contaminated water last year, the offices of state officials in the city were "quietly" outfitted with water coolers by Gov. Rick Snyder's administration.


Let the gov drink toxic water until ..........


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


True-it is no surprise to read this. Yet, it gives me chills to do so, as I envision the cold-blooded rationale used to do this, while at the very same time people were being poisoned.
Snyder, I hope you get sentenced to swim the Flint River at night after drinking a gallon of it each day for the rest of your life. Seems kinda fitting.


If we do not get the corporate elite out of our government, this is just the beginning of what will happen to the 99%.


this just gets worse and worse. why would anyone bother asking him to explain anything? who will believe him? he's just a front man anyway, following someone else's orders. he just gets to take the fall for it all. and please don't reply with a lecture. I am not at all condoning his actions.
they brought in clean water to make sure the minions could continue their job of poisoning people. in all fairness, there were probably very few of those employees who actually knew they were minions. I increasingly feel like I live in a Twilight Zone movie.


The news around Flint disaster just keeps getting darker and more demonic. Snyder and all other monsters involved in changing over the water to Flint River effluence with all its corrosive toxins and then the cover up MUST be held accountable, arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for nothing less than life sentences. They dealt the residents of Flint (and all areas ingesting Flint River water) a death blow at worst and a lifetime of medical ailments at the very least.


I've long said the Republican party was evil..their god is money and money is the root of all evil..Just think about it.


If no one goes to jail for this... TANJ.


Snyder is a 2 term governor! This is what happens when you give these libertarian/Ayn Randian free market scum the reins of power. They privatize everything in sight and bring untold suffering upon the poor and the disenfranchised.


Flint is an oddity at times. It must have some sort of permanent cloud over it.


In my long life, I have seen many (foreign) persons executed or sentenced to long prisons terms for crimes against humanity. Without a doubt this qualifies as such a crime, Chances are low that someone in America would actually be charged. The precedence would require empting the federal prisons of glue sniffers to make space for all of America's war criminals, genociders and practitioners slow death. Many who openly brag about their crimes.


The smoking gun....if any others are really needed to show/prove depraved indifference by these swine for the lives of others - those you are sworn to serve and protect - all BS, service to others made a mockery on the alter of Mammon......money and profits above all else....if these people are not forced from office, if they are not charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and if there is no "law" to accomplish all that, the stench of corruption to the highest levels is proven beyond any doubt!


Reports indicate that Children across the USA are being exposed to high levels of lead in drinking water.

This includes in major Cities like NewYork, Philidelphia and Washington DC. The reports in lead levels are being suppressed by various agencies.

Many of the water mains that deliver drinking water were installed 100 years ago and have high lead content. Public spending on replacement of the same has been slashed in order to lower Corporate taxes , this while the US government spends a trillion a year on its military in order to "protect Americans".

Even as this occurs secretive trade deals are passed to protect Corporate profits. Were the US Government to spend trillions upgrading infrastructure to assure safe drinkIng waters, firms that provide water at profit could well sue said government for loss of those profits.


Does anyone know what State Government Departments are located in that building? Like--is one of them a department that blew off the Flint residents' concerns about the water, or is it stuff like drivers' licenses?


Prosecute every official, every clerk, each person until a jail sentence persuades those lazy fat assed government workers to be whistleblowers.


Punishment is for those who cannot pay for competent counsel. What will it take for justice to prevail over these creeps?


That revelation is going to cost the taxpayers of Michigan a lot of money for believing such obvious lies as make up the argument for austerity from our corporatist parties. Self-dealing by those we pay to serve us must be followed by firings.


First, repeal, and declare as undemocratic, if not unconstitutional, the Emergency Manager laws that allow the Governor to replace the entire democratically elected city government with an appointed Manager and minions to take over, indefinitely, for basically any gawd damned reason whatsoever.

Next, the President of the United States needs to declare whatever kind of national emergency that would empower him/her to send in the Army Corps of Engineers, along with hiring all the local contractors and unionized workers to replace the entire plumbing system/water supply lines in the entire city of Flint. Enough workers to get the entire job done correctly within one year.

Then, every city and county in every state in the country needs to have inspectors find out where every water line to every home and what each is made of and what shape it is in and develop a plan to deal with the findings.

None of which will ever freaking happen goddamnit.
The day I heard they were passing out home filters, I wondered 2 things: will they be getting replacement filters for free too? And can a filter even touch the levels of contamination in Flint's water? Yesterday thye copped to the filters being so woefully inadequate, with some homes testing the lead at 4000 ppb...the EPA trigger is 15 ppb, the filters only can handle 150 ppb. I mean what the frakk???

This is quite simply the attempted murder of an American city. The brains of every single child in that city have been poisoned. Where is the help going to be when these families find out how many of their children will have damage to their brains that affect behavior or cognition?
That this could be going on nearly 2 years before most people even hear about the water problem in Flint, makes weep for us all.