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While Focused on Current Fights, Sanders Quietly Talked 2020 With Campaign Team

The DNC shot themselves in the foot by playing games with their desire to run Hillary, ignoring the fact that Bernie would have likely prevailed over the Dumpster Fire. Hillary was a very hated candidate with a load of lead filled baggage. Her belief and the DNC’s belief that she was destined to be the first woman President was incorrect. I had to hold my nose to vote for her, knowing that if Dump was elected, the Supreme Court would begin to change with Gorsuch, and very likely, two or three of Dump’s future choices would replace aging Justices before he leaves office, with the U.S becoming a different country for a very long time.


Bernie would have won the general if the nomination hadn’t been stolen from him.
He will win it in 2020. He’s even more popular now. He hasn’t stopped fighting for us.


Tulsi Gabbard would make an excellent choice for Sander’s running mate. She put her political future on the line when she resigned as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee - seeing first hand what kind of crap went on there. I like her and her positions not only on domestic policies but also on foreign policy, war and imperialist intervention in other countries.


And what’s the matter with the first female Vice-President ?

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His job would be much easier with a congress of his ilk.

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That is our job to get him a progressive Congress. I am working on it.


The other advantage that Biden has, is he’s known as a solid Corporate Democrat, one the party power brokers can live with. You know, the folksy guy who takes public transport.

Another advantage? A Sanders campaign running as a Democrat to gather up that pesky left who gets the sick fucking game the DNC has played since the DLC spawned one Bill clucking Clinton.

I used to like Bill Clinton prior to him crushing the safety net for poor people, and catapulting the power of banks and Wall Street, and helping create a media dominated by just a handful of powerful corporations. Damn what a fool I was.

For a time, after he was elected, I was relieved to have a kind of, somewhat, left talking President. Him pushing for ratification of NAFTA was something that I was against, but the only candidate on either team of the plutocracy really against NAFTA was the insufferable right wing prick Ross Perot.

Clinton is not given enough credit for his budget, which reversed the Reagan tax cuts, and a host of other things we take for granted now in his early presidency. Unfortunately, he was the first president to deal with a massively funded and powerful conspiratorial Right, that really attained its media power in the 1990s. The country also was just a center-right place, with Republicans having controlled the White House for 16 years. I opposed NAFTA and the budget deals that included bank deregulation in his later presidency, but once voters put Gingrich in charge, Clinton’s leverage was not as strong as some on the Left like to pretend.

All of that considered does not excuse the damage that was done.

Telecommunications Act of 1996
Commodity Futures Modernization Act
Financial Services Modernization Act (killed Glass-Steagall)

And the sickening sanctions regime that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children.

The main point here, is Bill Clinton’s presidency, by design, represented a turning away from the traditional base of the Democratic Party, toward a base of super wealthy individuals and large corporations.

And here we sit, and the Corporate State Democrats still run the show.

Joe Lieberman’s DLC redo think tank, a fine representation of these individuals who haven’t even yet seen enough of this movement to the right.

“…but once voters put Gingrich in charge, Clinton’s leverage was not as strong as some on the Left like to pretend.”

One thing where there is no pretense whatsoever, by me, on the left.

The Clinton Administration advocated strongly for the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, and the Financial Services Modernization Act.

Sorry, Newt-Grinch-prick is no excuse.

I received one of those emails from Bernie and while commendable, from my perspective, if it becomes nascent and a genuine threat to the economic elite one has to wonder how effective it will be because of the democratic, parties egregious corruption.

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I’m not sure she has any plans to run, but she would be a very natural VP choice for Sanders if he runs. Like I said, she made a very courageous and sincere choice to back Sanders at the risk of alienating the DNC powers (which I’m sure she did). I worry about Bernie’s age, and also don’t think the Establishment would ever let a Sanders or Gabbard make it, not at this point.

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Bernie is doing just fine, starting 2018 emphasizing the coming battle in November. No Dims are telling him to stay away from their campaigns. That’s a good thing.

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Well Elizabeth is a politician and she does have some good points as far as domestic policy but her voice really turns me off, so shrill. As far as the dim establishment, it seems to be in shambles at this point. Perez is really a horrible choice. I am registered as Independent and usually vote for third party. I sure wish that politicians worked for the citizens. Since they do not half of the country does not do their duty to vote. One could assume that part of the issue is the candidates and “fixed elections”. And then there is also apathy, disinformation, gerrymandering and voter registration walls. Ugh how to inform those who need to be informed but do not want to listen!

I think you better take a closer look at these Tulsi Gabbards and Kamala Harrises that they are trying to sell us. On Gabbard:

“The senator is extremely focused on making sure the Democrats win in 2018,” Weaver said, “and that is the primary goal right now: to retake the House and retake the Senate so we can stop this horrendous Trump agenda.”

So, there’ back at it. It’s all about the Democrats winning! Would this be sheep-dogging?

After a generation of corporate politics, it is vital that both journalists and the public learn to tell the difference between corrupt corporate Republicans and Democrats on the one hand and genuine, well-motivated grassroots candidates on the other. This distinction may ultimately be more important to the political future of the country than the choice between Republicans and Democrats, and telling the difference does not require an advanced degree in political science. A quick look at any candidate’s website can usually tell us most of what we need to know.

Well thank for the insights. I’m not exactly sure whom I’m supposed to
support. Bernie Sanders is great on domestic issues but his stance re:
war isn’t much different than the rest. We’re doomed, but I won’t let it
ruin my life. :smiley:

Thanks for the insights. Not sure whom I’m supposed to support, or what the purpose is anymore of voting, so …

Nice, repeating smears and false narratives, from rags like Jacobin? Tulsi served two tours in Iraq, she is qualified to speak on Assad. She does not “support” Assad, but she sees the big picture a lot more clearly than many of us who only believe what we are spoon fed by MSM. She is against foreign intervention, and rightly so.
I would support Tulsi before a Neolib sellout like Kamala Harris or Biden.

Nice. Responding with completely unveiled ad-hominem attacks. That’ll help us.

If Bernie runs, I’m back on board. I would be proud to volunteer. The DNC will have a much tougher time putting their thumb on the scale for their donor-approved candidate. All eyes will be on them, but I have no doubt the knives will be out for him, from both the DNC and RNC. Neither wants to take the money out of politics. Neither wants to end the wars, thus the profit. They both take pharma and insurance lobbyist money and both are beholden to Wall Street.
Bernie’s “enough is enough” income inequality platform is kryptonite to both the Dems and GOP, they will do whatever it takes to make sure he never gets to the White House.
The only way Bernie can win is if the People come out in full force. 46% of the registered Dems supported him in the primary. The Hillary supporters will be vicious in their opposition and many will refuse to vote for him even if he wins the nom.
The good news is that he can pick up another voting block from independents. He will also attract working class Republicans, who again would never vote for a classic Neolib, Lastly, there are the 47% of the population who stayed away in 2016. The numbers are there for Bernie, even with out Dem holdouts. If he can win the nomination, I am confident he can win.
The only thing we need to prepare for is that the RNC may not choose to run Trump or Pence. If Trump is bogged down in Mueller indictments, and Pence is implicated, they may go Romney or Kasich which could be disastrous. The GOP will gladly unite behind either - even the Trump base, if them spin it right and blame the Dems and Mueller for Trump stepping down, but the Dems will remain fractured. It could be very bad.

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