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While Focused on Current Fights, Sanders Quietly Talked 2020 With Campaign Team

Well thank for the insights. I’m not exactly sure whom I’m supposed to
support. Bernie Sanders is great on domestic issues but his stance re:
war isn’t much different than the rest. We’re doomed, but I won’t let it
ruin my life. :smiley:

Thanks for the insights. Not sure whom I’m supposed to support, or what the purpose is anymore of voting, so …

Nice, repeating smears and false narratives, from rags like Jacobin? Tulsi served two tours in Iraq, she is qualified to speak on Assad. She does not “support” Assad, but she sees the big picture a lot more clearly than many of us who only believe what we are spoon fed by MSM. She is against foreign intervention, and rightly so.
I would support Tulsi before a Neolib sellout like Kamala Harris or Biden.

Nice. Responding with completely unveiled ad-hominem attacks. That’ll help us.

If Bernie runs, I’m back on board. I would be proud to volunteer. The DNC will have a much tougher time putting their thumb on the scale for their donor-approved candidate. All eyes will be on them, but I have no doubt the knives will be out for him, from both the DNC and RNC. Neither wants to take the money out of politics. Neither wants to end the wars, thus the profit. They both take pharma and insurance lobbyist money and both are beholden to Wall Street.
Bernie’s “enough is enough” income inequality platform is kryptonite to both the Dems and GOP, they will do whatever it takes to make sure he never gets to the White House.
The only way Bernie can win is if the People come out in full force. 46% of the registered Dems supported him in the primary. The Hillary supporters will be vicious in their opposition and many will refuse to vote for him even if he wins the nom.
The good news is that he can pick up another voting block from independents. He will also attract working class Republicans, who again would never vote for a classic Neolib, Lastly, there are the 47% of the population who stayed away in 2016. The numbers are there for Bernie, even with out Dem holdouts. If he can win the nomination, I am confident he can win.
The only thing we need to prepare for is that the RNC may not choose to run Trump or Pence. If Trump is bogged down in Mueller indictments, and Pence is implicated, they may go Romney or Kasich which could be disastrous. The GOP will gladly unite behind either - even the Trump base, if them spin it right and blame the Dems and Mueller for Trump stepping down, but the Dems will remain fractured. It could be very bad.

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