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While Global Temps Soared, Study Shows US Media Coverage of Right-Wing Think Tanks' Climate Lies Actually Rose Over Past 5 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/while-global-temps-soared-study-shows-us-media-coverage-right-wing-think-tanks

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During Bush admin I tried to get another million $$$ march in Wash DC and New York City. March on the banks and media outlets who do not serve society as a whole and certainly do not serve mainstreet across the country. Contact radio host and pundits and posted on this thread and many others. Like Puerto Rico article and protest that took 16 days to get rid of the Governor we need to get rid of all corporate paid politicians and this administration. May take more than 16 days and probably will happen here too many complacent democrats and independents and then those pesky Trumpsters or republicon who have poisoned the water for last 40 years.

Trump was (and is) right about corporate media -albeit for all the wrong reasons. And people have at some level known this for many years now, which is why he’s gotten such populist mileage out of attacking them.

To paraphrase Ward Churchill, people working at these outlets -from top to bottom and bottom up became over the years nothing more than little Eichmann’s.

But you don’t say how much global temps SOARED nor how much they dropped the previous 15 years. that’s hardly scientific. Why stifle free speech using climate change as an excuse? Climate is an open question but you have hijacked a legit cause to CONTROL people’s speech and lives

The worst thing about the denialists is the way the go on even processional scientific fora like the GISS’s Gavin Schmidt’s “Real Climate” and proceed to spout, for the thousandth time, exactly the same arguments that have been refuted and debunked a thousands times. Like all things the extremist right does, they enter a discussion in complete bad-faith, with the intent to manipulate and exploit human beings, not engage in respectful intellectual debate and synthesis with them.

“Don’t feed the trolls” is old and valid wisdom, yet it seems too many people still get sucked into wasting their time refuting their bullshit for the 1001th time.

Don’t feed this troll spouting falsehoods.

For everybody’s information, the global instrumental temperature since 1880 did not drop over any 15-year period except, arguably a period from the 1940 - mid 50s - and perhaps 1890-1910.

The media should not give these organizations a platform,
Except that the financial donors to those organization also own the media.

The people stifling free speech and censoring scientific discourse is the Trump administration.

Yes, Trumps complaint about the corporate media is that it is not “pro-business” enough!

Is CO2 a greenhouse gas? If it is we know how much was in the atmosphere before the industrial revolution and how much is in now. We know how much comes from a barrel of oil etc. If CO2 is not a greenhouse gas then please provide your proof.

This tells what the money junkies are about. Money and nothing else. If you get in the way of their fix for profit your fake news or worse a lefty commie anarchist. below you will find such files on investing such as The Hot Coffee Caper, Copper Coup, Gold Mine Maneuver, Yen Yoke etc. The high costs to the environment etc, they don’t have to pay, so it’s not their concern. Environmentalists are just nuisance insects to be gotten rid off.

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The best strategy for combating climate change denial, and rightwing propaganda in general, is not censorship or exclusion. The better strategy is to aggressively promote the science and ensure that facts and research are easily accessible. Education and outreach change minds. Not censorhip, which merely breeds paranoia and feeds conspiracy theories. Refusing to allow skeptics to publicly air their views merely reinforces the notion of “if they didn’t have something to hide, they wouldn’t resort to censorship”.
I’m aware of many environmental organizations and “climate change” content on many progressive websites, but I have yet to find one that comprehensively integrates and curates articles, analysis, research and news. For example, Common Dreams or another progressive news organization might set up a “Climate Change Education Center” which coordinates with other environmental and academic organizations to make studies and articles easily accessible with web searches, providing annotations summarizing the content and explaining how the article or study is useful in understanding the issues. The Center’s mission should include aggressively and timely rebuttals to articles and editorials which deny or mislead on climate change, in the WSJ and other major media. Over time those those letters and opinion pieces would form a body of work rebutting the rightwing tropes which keep getting repeated and refuse to die…
The fallacies, disinformation, misdirection and lies of climate change denial should be engaged, not ignored, in an open, honest and comprehensive ongoing fashion. Social media blogs, issue related videos, interviews and debates should be curated and linked with an eye to providing an easy solution for someone wondering where to find answers.
The motto should be: “We welcome questions because we all learn by exploring science to find answers.”