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While Hiking Bloated Military Spending, Trump Budget Would Slash Medicaid By $1.1 Trillion


While Hiking Bloated Military Spending, Trump Budget Would Slash Medicaid By $1.1 Trillion

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While giving the bloated Pentagon "even more than it hoped for" by boosting U.S. military spending to $750 billion—an increase of $34 billion from last year—President Donald Trump's 2020 budget would cut Medicaid by $1.1 trillion over the next decade.



We need to understand motives when analyzing such proposals. Trump does not care about the military but for the fact that it can be used as a conduit to fund the corporate hierarchy. His budget proposal represents U$ versus us.



From the article:

“Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director and acting chief of staff, has previously slammed the OCO as a ‘slush fund.’”

One man’s “slush fund” is another’s “saving for a rainy day.” So much interpretation depends on the demands of a job, doesn’t it?

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we need to completely freeze all military spending until they account for the lost 21 trillion, and begin to make the legally required annual audits. In fact lets make those audits monthly, and keep that up for ten years until we can get a grasp on the overspending. If they find the 21 Trillion, we wont have to fund them for a decade. (Okay the 21 Trillion is the amount of adjustment errors in their accounting, not a verifiable amount of overspending - or so the spin-doctors say anyway)

The thing is this: The military is the only place where you can redirect tax money in the trillions of dollars and have no accounting for where that money ends up. For the gangsters in power, this is an opportunity to pocket hundreds of billions of taxpayer money and never have any accountability. This could be why they always want to increase military spending but our troops can’t defeat the poorest country on earth like Afghanistan. Maybe the gangsters are stealing the money - hence the requirement of frequent audits. The military was supposed to be doing annual audits since the Clinton Admin, they simply never complied. The Pentagons first audit last year showed 21 trillion unaccounted for.

When Bush was president a US treasury warehouse in New York loaded pallets of cash into trucks and shipped it to Iraq in C130 aircraft, It then disappeared! This was the largest cash transaction in history - 40 billion dollars in cash - gone! Greenspan pretended not to have heard about it when asked shortly afterward, but it had been reported at the time it happened.

here’s one story on it:



A Budget designed to enrich the Military Industrial Complex and let the poor Die due to lack of Health Care.

This is the same phony who promised the Mid- Westerners that under a Trump administration their lives would improve.

We all remember his constant refrain from the podium:

Well he managed to Repeal most of Obamacare but he never got around to Replacing it with something better as promised.

No money left over after the enormous Tax Cuts to his rich Donors. This Budget will definitely lead to another government shutdown.



Got to hand it to Trump, this is one of the few times Democrats have actually said no to the defense (so-called!) budget. Frankly Trump has exposed just how corrupted the entire process is - something that would have never been seen if his opponent the last cycle had won the office. This further strengthens the real opposition, not necessarily the Democrat party, as the blatant absurdity of this is now in the open and they do not care what anyone else thinks.

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Pentagonians will austeritize people until the country goes broke.

All totalitarian military empires have used this same identical action plan.



In the recent outbreak of violence between India and Pakistan , The Indian Air force shot down a modernized f16 aircraft with a close to 40 year old MIG21 aircraft.

Red-blue wargames have shwn the US side continously losing a war to the Russia/Chinese side due to all of those technological advances upon which the USA relies being neutralized by cost effective alternatives. As example US Carrier forces in such simulations have to stay 1000KMs off the cost of China or be sunk. This means their aircraft are useless.

The F35 aircraft , along with a number of high tech Naval technologies just being implemented took decades to plan and develop and many calim the F35 already outclassed. The F35 was the single largest expenditure on a Military in the world and is effectively neutralized leading to the Pentagon calling for the development of next generation weapons so as to maintain a qualitative edge.

Both China and Russia have developed and implemented hypersonic Missile technologies. Russia only announced this program a few years back and the US Military dismissed the claims made about the weapon as propoganda. Just this year Russia field tested a missile the USA thought decades down the road. Russian Military spending programs tend to come in before schedule and under budget. It was only some 20 years ago that the Russian Military deeemd a joke and it was MORE then 20 years ago that the F35 program launched.

The F35 project began in 1992. The Russian Military in 1992 was rotted to the core with naval vessels rusted in harbors and troops being fed by donations from local villages where they were stationed. In that period of time the USA has outspent Russia by close to 15 to one on its military. The VAST majority of those monies finding their way into pockets of the Investor class in the way of profits.

The Western Media continously potrays Russia and China as hopelessly corrupt with the leaders of those Countries lining the pockets of there friends with tremendous wealth yet , in the United States of America two of the most corrupt entities on the planet work hand in glove to loot wealth both domestically and abroad in the way of Military spending. That so many Citizens of the USA can complain about the waste of Government spending on things like Social programs for the elderly or the education of migrants that they deem “illegal” even as out the other side of their mouths they claim more Military spending needed shows that the USA IS at least number one when it comes to Propogandizing its population.



Hi Jake,
You’re right on the money
though it isn’t funny.
That it;s class warfare is plain to see,
And the enemy is you and me.



much in the vein of Zeitgeist and other exploratory indy documentaries, Enter the Rabbit Hole by Derek Swannson is another contribution to roughing up the superficialities of mass media on actual history.



Don’t worry! Our heroes Pelosi and Schumer will swoop in and save the day - by only increasing the defense budget by $27 billion and only slashing Medicade by half a trillion dollars. Our saviors! /s






You tell it well SuspiraDeProfundis. Kudos.



It also helps his role with the MIC to bolster our economy with war spending.
Sure wish we could get a look at the (fictional ?) President’s secret book. The one like in “National Treasure.”



Oh, I think we are ready for action, but we need a volunteer to lead us out of our complacency.



So Trump is ready to slash funding of medicaid, renewable energy, healthcare programs, and any climate change remediation. So how long does the list of negatives have to be before people decide to vote for someone else?
If we were just trying to get Trump out I would suggest it’s time to gather together constitutional militias and march to the capital. But if a third of the country still backs the president, it would have to be a civil war. I don’t think anyone’s ready for that.



YOU are the volunteer/ savior / hero.
The days of the great leader arriving at the last minute is over .
The people are their own hero.



First the Fascists hiked military spending by stealing from the the poor who needed Medicaid; then they came for the middle class who needed Medicare; then they came for the elderly and people on disabilities, who needed Social Security. And all that was left was a dictatorial, fascist, military, budget.

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This is control over the “purse” by cuts –

Where did Trump pay for the tax cuts for the rich, other than by
cuts on the social programs, the poor?

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Look like Brand D is gearing up to nominate Joe “The Senator from MBNA” Biden for the top of its 2020 ticket—guaranteeing at least one vote, mine, for a Green to be named later.

Maybe a better question would be “So how long does the list of losses have to be before the Democrat party decides to nominate someone else beside another user-friendly corporate stooge?”