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While Hillary Courts the Billionaire Class, Democratic Socialists Organize for a Better Future


While Hillary Courts the Billionaire Class, Democratic Socialists Organize for a Better Future

Jake Johnson

There has always existed a fundamental tension between those who seek to amplify the voices of the oppressed and the vulnerable and those who paint a rosier picture, one that acknowledges superficial flaws but seeks, ultimately, to justify the prevailing order, economic or otherwise.


To add to broadening of historical perspective, the nexus points between design, finance and political realities is rarely addressed. Design here being urban design and how we benefit from being aware of historical and societal turning points when massive amounts of capital shaped human reality. This is a talk by David Harvey from earlier this year:


When I was in high school in the 1960's I was more into rock and roll than the Civil Rights movement. Still, it made the news every night as did the Vietnam War. My older sister marched for the former and against the latter. Rock and roll, through the influence of Dylan and the folkies, adopted a leftist political stance that appealed to me and brought about my political awakening. What will it take to engage the current generation?

My children are now in their 30's and 40's and I wonder what it will take to draw them out of their social media fog and into the real world of politics. They are well-off and educated, yet they lack political savvy. They weren't even much aware of Bernie Sanders. Alas, I feel like the occasional 1930's Leftist that we would encounter around campus in the late 1960's... fuzzy and a little out of place.


As more formerly middle class Americans continue to fall into poverty as planned by the corporations and the politicians they own, the more illumination poverty will receive.

A previous Jake Johnson article noted that "Her campaign does no better than assure us that Clinton will do the better job of managing the decline of the middle class". It appears indeed likely that Clinton's POTUS actions will not slow the flow of middle class Americans into poverty...just put a new softer spin on it..

Recent trolls expand the idea that "Stein will have no ability to get things done while Clinton will start getting things done on day one"..

Considering that during the past three plus decades 95% of DC politicians' actions have benefited the 1% at the expense of the 99%, with many of those actions retracting legislation put in place during the first half of the 20th century to benefit the 99%, perhaps the best we can hope for is that the next president produces real gridlock in DC where neither the 1% or the 99% gets anything but at least the 99% doesn't lose any more than they already have lost ?


I relate to your post. In the '60's we were afraid of the draft and war. I picketted napalm stations and worked to test the civil rights law in the south. We were young but ready to fight for democracy we believed in. Most of us were politically aware. We hoped success was around the corner, then the '70's changed everything.
I had three children, one fully gets it, the other two call me a tree hugger. The two younger ones are so caught up in making it, raising kids, and getting by, they don't have time to read or search for news. I would say they have been assimilated into the matrix, the spin, the MSM. What will it take to wake them up?


I checked out the Democratic Socialists website and was shocked to see support for HRC, not the Greens. I also checked out the Communist Party website and there was even more support there for the DNC and HRC, and there was hostility towards the Green Party. I must say that I was shocked and dismayed.

I used to respect the DSA and CPUSA, but no more. Have these organizations been taken over by corporatist agents? HRC is the most transparently dishonest faux progressive that I have seen in my lifetime, and, like the wolf in sheep's clothing, can do far more damage than the clown-like buffoon Trump. She is the plutocrats' dream candidate and the nightmare candidate for the common people. Nothing could be more obvious.

Our situation is even more perilous than I thought.


Thanks again Jake Johnson.
Whether you like the DSA or the Green Party, if you are looking at them and understand the need for them, you are on your way to being a positive force in the fight for true democracy.
The fight will be hard and messy but it must be done if we want this country to survive. Inequality is unsustainable and destructive to the whole. The world is close to a mass revolution. My hope is that it can be done without mass blood shed.


Thank you. The fear was of the draft and being sent to die in the jungle of Viet Nam. Black Lives Matter and Occupy remind me of the 60's. The fight has been long for us but what else is there?


BLM seems to be an unlikely source of the most principled economic platform offered during this presidential election. That it very well might be only emphasizes the utter failure of our current mainstream political system. The vision and efforts of Randolph, Rustin and King inspired the formation of SNCC, CORE and the SNLC, vehicles which successfully advanced the cause and took political ground during the ’60’s and ’70’s. Their message is, if anything, more obviously pertinent today, and their model for success just as valid.


It seems to me that Hillary Clinton has joined with self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders to work for a better future. This would seem to be something that democratic socialists would find encouraging.


Clinton hasn't "JOINED" Sanders. The DNC roped Sanders into the same corral of irrevelvance in which Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich and other potential threats to the DNC's corporate cash flow reside.

Clinton DOES continue to chum Sanders supporters into voting for her.


And we will not fall for it this time! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Stein should broadcast the Who's WE WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN from the rock opera Tommy, at every rally.


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I disagree with the first part of your statement, and agree with the second. I would say Obama was the plutocrats' dream candidate, since he had the ability to lure the common people into "hoping" for change. Hillary, on the other hand, is a less than mediocre candidate and, as such, needs to be forced down our collective throats. Note how she could not win the Democratic nomination without massive fraud, and how she is totally dependent on somebody like Donald Trump (who more often than not doesn't even appear to want to win the election) to have a chance in the general.


It actually doesn't surprise me that the DSA and CPUSA has come out in favor of Clinton. In my college days in the early 1990s, I worked and marched with these organizations along with the Socialist Party as we protested the first Iraq War and income inequality in general. Eventually I had to walk away from these groups due to what I saw as an overall impractical approach to bringing about a "Worker's Revolution" through a process of building up trade unionism and dialog. It was an approach that worked while Industrialism was young and workers had more power, but those days are long gone thanks to NAFTA and all of the other "free trade" agreements. Now workers are so thankful to even have a job they don't want to risk losing it by becoming politically active.

Bernie's "Political Revolution" was a good start, but I'm afraid that since corruption has gerrymandered Congress to the point where 80% of its seats are "safe", "rules" prevent most alternatives from even reaching the ballot, and election fraud takes care of the rest, organizing on this level may be as productive as convincing McDonald's workers to risk unemployment by joining a union. I'm voting Green this election cycle, but who knows even if my ballot will be counted!

Mass action will happen eventually, but I'm afraid it'll only happen when the 1% finally decide they don't need the rest of the 99% and life gets so bad that revolution or death become the only choices left to people.


Oh my (lack of) god, I just read the funniest joke!

"It seems to me that Hillary Clinton has joined with self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders to work for a better future. This would seem to be something that democratic socialists would find encouraging."

AHAHAHAHAHA! That was a good one! Better future, he said! Next you'll try to convince us that Democrats are people, and not (as is widely believed) an army of soulless, money-grubbing trolls. How about calling $hillary a "progressive"? That one is always good for a laugh.

Wait, wait. I got one. Why did the Hillary cross the road?

"I don't need to cross the road. I AM WINNING!"