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While Many US Outlets Equivocate on Israel's Massacre of Unarmed Palestinians, The Onion's Piercing Satire Destroys IDF Talking Points and War Crime Apologists


While Many US Outlets Equivocate on Israel's Massacre of Unarmed Palestinians, The Onion's Piercing Satire Destroys IDF Talking Points and War Crime Apologists

Jon Queally, staff writer

There is not even one tiny thing funny about the human devastation and woeful violation of international law that was the Israeli military this week firing with live ammunition on unarmed Palestinians along the Gaza border—killing at least 60 people and wounding over a thousand others—but the searing satire of headline writers at The Onion over the last two days have perhaps done more than most mainstream journalism to expose just how wantonly cruel the actions of the IDF have become and how ludicrous and vile the arguments of its defenders remain.


The truth makes me cry as The Onion makes me laugh–go figure. Cheers for the satire–Voltaire would be proud.


Something similar happened in Las Vegas a while back. Ironically, the first thing people asked after that shooting was, “Was the killer Muslim?”


Here are some fascinating comments from a senior Israeli politician about Israel’s recent treatment of Gaza residents:

When a nation refers to killing and wounding Palestinians as “mowing the grass”, what else would we expect.


If what is transpiring wasn’t so sick and depraved, this would almost be funny.


It should be obvious to all brain dead Americans who rules these United States and it ain’t POTUS or congress.


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I think the Onion should get the Pulitzer Prize. They are doing more actual journalism than the “mainstream” press.


…A line from Bruce Cockburn that I use often…“What’s to do when a stab and a pat on the back look like the same thing?”…


Excuse me–I have vomit in my mouth!!! The satire and tongue in cheek stuff that the Onion wrote wreaks just a little bit too much, of truth.


I don’t find the satire here to be particularly be funny in any manner. If the writers/editors of the Onion were based in Palestine, it may be different. But basically, this stuff is bourgeois dilettantism in which the writers/editors take no risks and comment from a safe distance.


Satire doesn’t have to be funny, Tom. It can be used to point out things that are happening. That is what the press used to do, but only does now, if so directed by their owners.
*The story by the IDF person who, at great danger to him/herself killed an eight month old child, and its family, is not meant to be humorous. It is making a point. I don’t see the regular press interviewing snipers, who think this is just like target practice with moving targets. So The Onion was making a point.
*As to Netanyahu having a special day in memory of the damaged fence is just another way of pointing out that, to Netanyahu and the Likud, anything is worth more than the lives of Palestinians, even a damaged fence used to keep them out. That isn’t funny, but it points out what is obvious to many, in an eye catching way. I say, “Good on 'em!”
Go Onion!


I know what satire is and I know what dilettantism is. Thanks.


Rigt now I am thinking of some of my own relatives…The parallels between Israel’s treatment of the indigenous people of Palestine and that of the US toward the indigenes of Turtle Island are clear.


These are clearly war crimes (and certainly not funny). It is clear that Israel can defend this line in many ways that don’t include killing innocent people and even people actually taking wounded people away. If the situation were Humas or anyone else using snipers in this situation we would be sending in troops to enforce a reduction in unlawful violence.
The UN should convene a special meeting and with the US support should condemn Israel’s use of force and murders. That is not sufficient but anything less implies acceptance of the war crimes and makes the US complicit in the war crimes.


Trump and his murderous cronies including many Americans who hate all Muslims are squealing with glee at the dastardly evil killing of protesters demanding justice.


Many Deaths Due to Errant Iranian Rockets, Inquiry Finds


Someone needs to mow down Nikki Haley. She’s such a POS I can smell her here.


I’m not Jewish, and oppose Netanyahu’s policies, but “Common Dreams” is clouding the issue with misleading and inaccurate reporting. The reporting that “… woeful violation of international law that was the Israeli military this week firing with live ammunition on unarmed Palestinians” and “To suppress the massive peaceful demonstrations …” and other comments on Common Dreams leads readers to believe that unarmed Palestinians were peacefully protesting along the border. Check the mainstream media and you will find this is not true.

There are plenty of important issues for Common Dreams which can be presented factually. However reporting which, when fact-checked, fails the test falls into the same category as Trump’s alternative facts. That sort of reporting creates heat but no light, and divides people into opposing camps which cannot work together to solve problems.

There are reports that some of the Palestinians were trained and armed troops, but even if that isn’t true, common sense tells us that it is easy for a large crowd of angry people armed with nothing but sticks and stones to kill a smaller number of trained troops if those troops are not permitted to use their weapons.

Politically, Israel would have been wise to allow the Palestinians to breach the border fence, and sacrifice the lives of some of their IDF soldiers to prove that it wasn’t a ‘peaceful protest’. I’m glad I didn’t have to make the decisions that day. I suspect that the political solution would have resulted in greater loss of life.


Many of us don’t agree. Israel is not “defending itself.” There is video proof that some of the IDF have been enjoying picking off some of the Palestinians. Besides the striking and obvious lack of any injury at all, much less death, of any of the IDF, there have been many ways to avoid escalating the Gaza protest situation. Perhaps a small minority of protesters have approached the border or threatened in a ridiculously inadequate way to actually threaten the IDF or the border itself . . . that in no way excuses the murders of unarmed protesters. The IDF is well- and safely-positioned away from harm and is quite capable of taking time and using judgment in how it aims its live fire.

This is simply murder. Euphemisms are unconscionable.