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While Mega-Donors Average $1,950,000... Average Sanders Donation: $27


While Mega-Donors Average $1,950,000... Average Sanders Donation: $27

Jon Queally, staff writer

As comedian Larry David reminded Saturday Night Live viewers over the weekend, many people by now know how proud the Bernie Sanders campaign is for having built its entire campaign war chest by securing nearly 3.5 million individual donations, mostly from small donors averaging gifts of about $27, while refusing the support of super PAC contributions.


See "Bill Clinton unleashes stinging attack on Bernie Sanders" on NYTimes. (direct from his glass house)


That is not even the half of it!
See this about the mudslinging campaign, which is now being unfurled by the Clinton campaign:


Please read the above report immediately and then inform and warn all your friends in New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Michigan, all states with caucuses or primaries on or before March 8, of the dirty tactic, now employed by the Clinton campaign.

We have to mitigate this underhanded smear campaign in guise of a poll by getting the word out to as many people as possible!


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The central question of THIS election is simple, do we return to being a Republic of for and by "the people," or do we go forward as an Imperial plutocracy of and for the Corp. people? Sanders is the ONLY candidate this election season running for what's left of democracy and the Republic as it once was to some degree. Most if not all of the oligarchs want a PLUTOCRACY similar to the one the founding fathers created in 1790. Sanders wants a return to Jacksonian democracy. If Bernie can pull off the nomination and the jury is still out on that considering the deep hostility of the present (D) party elite, the Mass media and the entire economic and political elite then we might have a chance of change. That said, it's more then likely were going to be stuck with the Hillary and Bill show once again.


And wouldn't it be wonderful if enough Americans voted for a brave and honest truth teller, and proved that just as 'you can't eat money', nor should you be able to circumvent democracy with it. there have been a few battles so far where corporate money was wasted, and the people with the small donations turned the tide.

Make this one more America