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While Most Crave Diplomacy, Trump Warns "All Options on Table' for North Korea


While Most Crave Diplomacy, Trump Warns "All Options on Table' for North Korea

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump offered more tough talk after North Korea performed its most recent missile launch over Japan, warning on Tuesday that "all options are on the table." But while Trump's approach to North Korea has involved both veiled and explicit threats of military action, polling shows that most Americans would prefer the president consider one option that he's left off the table in his rhetoric on the matter—that of high-level diplomatic discussions with Kim Jong-un's regime.


Diplomacy doesn’t provide the profits that Elites/Fascism demand . . . .
perpetual war and Empire.
They are the destroyers.


The US is said to be the exemplar of peace and other great ideals like the rule of law, yet it’s top figurehead violates the UN Charter and threatens another country. This is commonplace though, as even Dems threaten and act in defiance of international law. Much of the political class doesn’t care what the masses think, so diplomacy or not the elites do what they will.


Trump craves anything that keeps him in the news. A war would fit that perfectly. He can’t stand a natural disaster taking the limelight away from him.


When Trump says: " all options are on the table" I take that to mean the nuclear option and it does not mean the diplomatic option.


" The US is said to be the exemplar of peace and other great ideals like the rule of law."

Yes, I Iove what America says it is; hate what America really is!

Paul Craig Roberts:
"Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is exceptional indispensable. No one else counts. No law, no constitution and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. IN ITS CLAIMS WASHINGTON SURPASSES THAT OF THE THIRD REICH. "
My caps.


I never heard of Roberts, but he’s correct. Of course I love Chomsky, Zinn, and others like Chalmers Johnson and Bacevich who have commented on US foreign policy quite accurately. Ward Churchill also catalogued US violations of law in his last book, On the Justice of Roosting Chickens (I think that was its title)


Both sides need to stand down & negotiate an end to the 67 yr old Korean War. The threats & counter threats have been going on since the 1953 Armistice, which only ended the fighting. Only a Peace Treaty can normalize relations, but this is not in the interests of US military industrial complex profits or the hegemonists’ encirclement of China & Russia.


Exactly. There should be a sober dialogue. I just read John Bolton and a few others exited as Trump advisors, which is great news. There’s no war neocons oppose.


Just the fact that Krumpus is REMOTELY considering nukes is terrifying! We are a nation of War and have been since 9/11. Shame on us!


The masses knee-jerk for war on every occasion.


“All options [have been] on the table” since Reagan, if memory serves.

So this is nothing new, and that is important to remember.

Trump is adopting Nixon’s ‘madman’ strategy.

Look - I am detecting a significant change - both politically and environmentally.

More sobriety - more common sense - more awareness.

Let’s not confuse hoping for Utopia, in which all citizens are totally aware and responsible, for the real world today.

Progress is welcome - and I feel it.

We are unlikely to solve the world’s problems - ever - but we may avert complete environmental breakdown and world war if those who are attempting to be responsible are growing in numbers.

And this, I think, is happening.

Democracy depends on the openness of debate - on the belief that violence is a last resort - and that differences of opinion are an indication of a healthy state of affairs.

The taxpayer picks up the tab - always - be it Katrina, Harvey, or world war. And we have, each of us, the one and only vote. That is real power - we just haven’t been doing our duty - collectively - enough of us - that is.

How many people come to Common Dreams - and has that number been increasing ?

I ask this without having done any research - maybe it is a proxy for an increasingly engaged citizenry ?

Maybe we could help make this so by sending links to as yet unengaged friends and foes ?


Probably why you never heard of Paul is because he is a Republican. Thanks for your reply.


Somewhat true, but I think it’s safe to say people naturally opt for peace. The problem in my opinion is not the masses who are too busy slaving away. The problem is propaganda and special interests influencing our politics for war


Oh. The late Chalmers Johnson was a Republican as well, but I couldn’t agree more with his Blowback trilogy. And I think Andrew Bacevich is on the Right somewhere, not sure though.


Conly is flat a** wrong saying Un threatened to attack Guam.
He threatened to “envelope” Guam by dropping missiles in international waters surrounding it to show the vulnerability of the island.
NKs position has always been ; Stop feining invasions (military exercises) at their borders and they will agree to negotiate away their nuclear and missile technology.
Stop the constant “exercises”.


DIPLOMACY definition: the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.

synonyms: tact, tactfulness, sensitivity, discretion, subtlety, finesse, delicacy, savoir faire, politeness, thoughtfulness, care, judiciousness, prudence

Since when has the orange butt nut employed ANY of the tenets of the definition of diplomacy…never in his life, not even when he was in diapers screaming for his bottle.


Imperialist amerika has been a nation of war since whites stepped on the shores; slaughtering for “manifest destiny”! Now its nukes, with the insane fascist fraud holding the nuke button!
Get him off the throne!