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While Much of US Media Play Along, Critics Warn Assange Indictment an 'Obvious' Ploy With Deeper Dangers


While Much of US Media Play Along, Critics Warn Assange Indictment an 'Obvious' Ploy With Deeper Dangers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday indicted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for a "computer hacking conspiracy," a charge some corporate talking heads and reporters immediately touted as evidence that journalism is not under threat.



“…They’re coming down the back stretch and it’s Orwell riding 1984 and Huxley on Brave New World and they’re nose to nose. Wait, Orwell is applying the crop and 1984 has taken the lead…”



Only the brain damaged would believe that the global corpress will approach this in a “but for the grace of (somebody’s) God go I” manner.

Craven and complicit, they will dutifully yield to the security state, stenographing their risible rationale, perhaps raising the meekest of objections over “press freedom” to appear something other than the courtiers the clear eyed espy them to be.



I like this. Not many Americans know both of these books, and definitely agree w Assange case it is 1984 by a nose. But we have already had BNW in spades, haven’t we? Just consider the earpods/seashells as one single indicator. How prescient Huxley was. How more than modern. Your posts these past couple of weeks have been esp sharp. Thanks.



Dear Ghost of John Peter Zenger: If you’re anywhere near—the land once known as America is sinking into deep, deep, levels of cow pies. I remember reading about you, John, when we learned that Freedom of the Press is a wonderful issue when sane people are running the country. Where have they all gone? And amazingly, America was not even a country when you won your right to print the TRUTH, John Peter Zenger.
It’s not just the Trumpster, but the Congress, and the Obama( who was supposed to be a Constitutional lawyer…) well I guess we’ve all learned that places like Yale and Harvard sure aren’t what they used to be. : ( of course, having president lie so much about so little , wasn’t all that helpful either, Bill Clinton!
We seemed to have a free press during Watergate and all the Nixon lies. I was really sure that we would still be America during the WMD lies and the Bush, Cheney, et al criminals-----I guess things started going south as they say, back when even the spies wouldn’t speak the TRUTH. about that.
Well, we don’t have that many TRUTH TELLERS left—and honestly John Peter Zenger, we need them more now than ever—because the 4 stooges are running the joint at the moment, and I don’t think you could find a Truth, any truth, among the 4 of them.
Genuine real reporting has been suffering for some time, oh you pseudo journalists of the big bucks----- we don’t have much time left as once the values of TRUTH have been suppressed-------------maybe Ben Franklin was right: “It’s a republic, if we can keep it.”
I remember watching that Clapper guy as he smiled to Congress and said that YES, he had lied to them. I pretty much figured it was over then, although I’ve seen some signs of real reporting----BUT, if this is the way we end, as the poet wrote, "Not with a bang, but a whimper, " then what a sad world we will see.
I’m not ready to give up yet, John Perter Zenger, you fought that first battle for Free Speech-----because what you wrote was the TRUTH. So America, without Free Speech, we aren’t much of a people, and the world isn’t much of a world, and journalists aren’t much of anything if all they worry about is money and safety.

So Peter Zenger, do us all a favor, and haunt all the journalists and wanna be journalists and elected officials, and citizens who don’t seem to care or realize what happens to a nation and a people when TRUTH is suppressed---- it’s like what Thomas Paine wrote , “These are the times that try mens’ souls…” But I think TRUTH tellers that, those who want to silence TRUTH, won’t win--------Julian Assange, and Free Speech and the Truth are worth saving----------and somehow, some way the PEOPLE are going to win—because World—"you ain’t seen nothing yet!
In the olden days, I read that when a newspaper story ended, the writer wrote -30- at the end so the typesetter would know the story was finished " We’re a long way from -30- And so, Dear Ghost of John Peter Zenger , if you’re not busy, you have a lot of haunting to do. Maybe Ben Franklin can help too. : )



Ho! Love it. This could have been written by Dryden, or by Clough. Marvelous, dense.

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Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange have both managed to expose American war crimes. What is at stake? This chilling message: DO NOT EMBARRASS THE U.S. BY REPORTING ABOUT IT’S WAR CRIMES or you will suffer the same fate!



The evil imperialist amerikan empire is a deadly menace to our Entire Planet!
The big difference to 1984 is the amerikan empire is collapsing under the weight of its own karma! Only question is how much longer must the rest of the World endure the suffering from amerika’s wars!



Assange was in league with the Russians for the purpose of making trump president. If he were just looking for dirt on both political parties, why didn’t he hack the trump organization. He invaded the privacy of the Clinton campaign and sold his stolen emails to the Russians. He is not a journalist, but a mercenary spy.

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What makes this situation so dangerous.



Trump quote: " I LOVE WIKILEAKS".



I trust Wikileaks and Assange far more than I trust the U. S. government or any corporate media, or even pubic media that takes “sponsorship” from corporations (like PBS and NPR). Thomas Jefferson said that if given the choice between a free press and government he would choose a free press. I agree.



Wikileaks. The ONLY publication that has NEVER told a lie.

Of course the masters want him dead. Anybody else read history? All totalitarian states/dictatorships/whatever you want to call them have never failed to beat, imprison, impoverish, make unemployable, or kill their detractors. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS has always been the domain of the kings!

Did Assange expect anything different? From the master? He’s not stupid and if he knew anything of history…which he does. I’m sure he never wanted to be a martyr, though.

Now the UK will send him in a ‘rendition’ flight to the torture Empire country who will lie and cheat to ‘convict’ him of…TELLING THE TRUTH. How…normal this is. The population of this country is incredible ignorant, mind bogglingly so.

Maybe Assange will just have ‘an unexpected heart attack’ and be cremated immediately. That’ll take care of the problem the US Army-trained & CIA-created terrorist Osama bin Laden. No body no problem.

Hey modeforjoe: Others for your list are Jack London’s ‘The Iron Heel’ and Sinclair Lewis’s ‘It Can’t Happen Here.’ Then maybe Milton Mayer’s ‘And They Thought They Were Free; the germans 1933-1945.’ All should be required reading at the start of high school as I wish the Bill of Rights in the Constitution was.

Fat chance, eh?

Deep, deep doo-doo, folks. About 1938 I’d say it is…




Both those books were required reading when I was in public high school, class of '72.



From the following article:
‘I would like to join those people of conscience from around the world who nominate Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize, for speaking truth to power, and upholding the moral imperative for freedom of the press.’



Fools, those of the ‘free’ corporate(MSM) press for not screaming bloody murder for what the US govt is doing to Assange. Sure they will skirt certain issues pertaining to the exactitude of the warrant but the remaining fact is the the US govt wants to make an example of Assange and show other truth telling journalists what happens if inconvenient crimes of the state are published. Worthless fluff will be left unscathed while anything resembling the truth will be criminalized. this is what fascism does. This is what despotic dictators do. The corporate press ought to be ashamed of themselves for not standing by Assange for what he stands for. Whether one personally likes him or not doesn’t apply to all the principals being trashed by overzealous govts. The real left, not the fake left, are quite disturbed by this egregious action. The others will wonder WTF happened when they are hauled off, put in a cell, where sunlight is a distant memory and democracy dies with them. Geezzz!!!



Including we Americans that want not part of the stupid wars started and fought in our names.



Put Julian in an arena with lions. Americans will go wild as he is torn to shreds and eaten alive on tv.

They will play it over and over to train their children to attack Palestine, Iran and Venezuela with glee.



Your not so old. It was probly somebody from my class who put those books on your required reading list. (class of '60).

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They Thought They Were Free’ has been on my mind a lot in the last few years, especially listening to and reading the idiot #Resistance. You know, how everything was hunky-dory before Trump and it’s all his fault? As heinous as he is, we’ve slid down this slope further and further under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama (who prosecuted more whistle-blowers than any other President). It doesn’t happen all at once, but bit by bit, which was the main point of Mayer’s book. Yes, it should be required reading.