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While New Twitter Policy Will Ban Green Group's Climate Ads, Looks Like ExxonMobil Can Still Pay to Promote Its Propaganda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/while-new-twitter-policy-will-ban-green-groups-climate-ads-looks-exxonmobil-can

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Oh, I thought the ban was on all ads, not just “political” ads. Of course everything I agree with is not political, and everything I disagree with is political.

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Also, where are the Twitter ads? I don’t use a Twitter account, so I don’t log in to Twitter, or “like” or “retweet”. I only read the feeds of a few people, like Aaron Maté, from their Twitter page:


I think I’m only seeing what they Tweet. Are the ads hidden? Do you only see them if you log in to Twitter? Do you only see them in search results? Do only some Twitter accounts have ads on them?

Edward Bernays is fuming in his grave that he died too soon.

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I’m on facebook because it was a requirement to set up an account somewhere else. I use it almost exclusively to post articles (such as those by CD) about the nefarious doings of facebook. I’m not on twitter, but people who are might make the best use of it to communicate mostly about the nefarious things twitter does.

Only a twit believes Twitter and ilk do anything out of principle.

Principal is a whole other matter …

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Glenn Greenwald Tweets about a new article showing Twitter is censoring Palestinian accounts, like Facebook does:

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What is new about this? It has been proven time after time. Those who own the tools of production get very rich and those who must work for them get a livable return on their labor if they are lucky. Currently a minimum wage of 22+ would be needed to have the buying power of the minimum wage of 2.50 in 1965.

AOC is a strong advocate of social media censorship.

Likewise, she stood with Ted Cruz in whipping up anti-China hysteria directed at the NBA.

Democrats are not your friend, even (or particularly) those who wrap themselves in green.

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We are being forced to choose. Will it be dynamite or fertilizer as we move to settle the problem?