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While 'Not the Worst' of His Crimes, Israeli Police Call for Indicting Netanyahu on Corruption Charges

While 'Not the Worst' of His Crimes, Israeli Police Call for Indicting Netanyahu on Corruption Charges

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While it has nothing to do with violating international law and the human rights of Palestinians, Israeli police on Tuesday recommended that the state indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and corruption.

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Netanyahu’s corruption pales in significance compared to the actions of his whole government:

“Ayelet Shaked said on Monday that Israel must maintain both a Jewish majority and democracy, but stressed that keeping the state’s Jewish character may come “at the price” of human rights violations.”



Several articles re the terrorist zionist state.

The BDS movement has been nominated fr the Nobel Peace Prize, yeah! BDS!

The other, indicative of Israel’s arrogant pathology and supremacist racism is this:

"Less than three years ago, an Israeli military jeep flipped over and killed 21-year-old Abdulla, the family’s eldest son.

On January 3, 2018, the Ghneimat family got a bill from Israel, demanding $28,000 in compensation for the jeep damage."


From multiple standing ovations in the US to the slammer in Israhell? Something smells fishy here. Netanyahu doesn’t seem concerned or embarrassed. The fix will be in.

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I fear this may be so, sadly. We’re growing used to his smell - losing the adrenaline to countermand him…and his nasty little government. Bless BDS, Jewish Voice for Peace and other strong strong people who never give up on ending the abuses of Netanyahu and his kind.


My guess is Netanyahu views Trump as a useful idiot.

Here is a new article and heinous example - one of ten thousand - of the racist hatred and crimes of zionist state terrorism against Palestinian (and other) civilians, including American! How perfect together, Israel and their complicit US lap-dogs!

Glenn Greenwald’s comment: