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While Obama Sells Pollution Inside Superdome, Protesters Demand: 'No New Leases!'


While Obama Sells Pollution Inside Superdome, Protesters Demand: 'No New Leases!'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hundreds of Gulf Coast residents and climate activists are protesting Wednesday at the Superdome in New Orleans, in a historic call to end federal offshore fossil fuel lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico.


Still hoping for change: Bernie 2016!


BRAVO to all those who stand-up against corruption!
Obama continues his sell-out to big-money and power, as he has since day one after election - firing all the progressives he used, and hiring Rahm Emanuel, the Clinton Rubinite economic team responsible for rescission of Glass-Steagall and resulting economic collapse, and other corporate shills! On environmental/habitat & animal protections issues Obama has arguably been the worst, most ignorant Prez ever…

Hillary will continue Obama’s and DLC Dem sellouts or be even worse!

The corruption and subversion of American democracy by the corporate/banker/Wall Street wing on the Dem party was on full display yesterday in Arizona voter suppression - THAT is what Hillary&Co bring to the table!
Say NO to fraud and corruption and YES to integrity and Bernie Sanders!



Why else would we open up relations with Cuba if not for fossil fuel contracts?


I have to say this: neither the color of a man’s skin nor the gender of a person determines what lies in their soul.


Bush, Obama and Clinton are on the same team. If that has not dawned on you by now you are not looking closely.