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While Poorest Scapegoated, Analysis of 25 World's Wealthiest Families a Reminder of Inequality's Economic Drain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/10/while-poorest-scapegoated-analysis-25-worlds-wealthiest-families-reminder


Boy is it ever time for the guillotines!


Though we might put a different name on it, the world is being looted, just as it has always been looted in the past, to the detriment of the people who suffer as a result of it.

This is an asset grab, leaving everyone asset poor.

Hospitals are underfunded, roads and bridges are crumbling, schools short of everything, but still the loot pours into their coffers.

This has gone on for millennia, but modern times have seen a acceleration of the problem.

the rich live in protected environments, while the poor see less and less coming their way, with living conditions deteriorating while the rich elite remain oblivious to it

The End of More (Pagett Amazon)
explains how we got into this mess


it’s them or us. eventually even us stupid peasants will figure that out.
but there’s no chance of coexisting in a world with capitalists. as long as they live, we can’t.


I used to shop at Camdenton, MO, Store #13 (I think) back in the 70s. Things were way different back then. No Yellow Smiley Faces Freaking one out from every angle, etc. As a twelve-year old I remember breaking Walmart-bought Chinese-made socket wrenches trying to unscrew recalcitrant rusty bolts. I have a friend who for years worked as a rep for fisher-price and told horror stories of working with Walmart from that side. I really don’t think old Sam was so evil. Ambitious as hell, yes, but evil, no. His spawn on the other hand seem to fit the stereotypical born-into-money mold–much like the toddler/twaddler-in-chief–no morals! Are my 140 characters up yet?


The quotation " all men are created equal " is part of the [U.S. Declaration of Independence
but some men are more equal than others. Orwell.


Economic democracy must precede political democracy, which, may mean, that the conversation should focus on maximum income rather than minimum wage.


Blaming victims while rewarding perpetrators has been the mission of corporations and the gubmits they own for decades.


French revolution part two, anyone? No because there is still food on the shelves.


Well … you mean processed food product on the shelves.


It appears at least a couple of us peons have figured that out; but you’re right – it’s going to take a lot more not only figuring it out, but also getting angry enough to act. *Did you happen to see the Les Miz series that was on NET a couple of months ago – I loved the opera, but the NET series was amazing and filled in some of the holes the opera missed. I have long said this country is going to have to go through that rebellion b4 things will ever be right again.

Pwr 2 the SAVVY peons!


the original book was my first exposure. notably, that revolt lost. it was I think the 1848 uprising in Paris.

the conditions are there. the people are not even close.

and the earth cooks.

if we survive this, it will pretty much be a nick of time affair.


The 0.1% can now sleep in complete comfort in knowing they will die horrible deaths but at least they have it all, no matter how temporary.


“Scott Burns found that if current trends continue, the wealthiest Americans “will truly ‘have it all’ just 33 years from now”

They’ll get theirs for sure.

People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.
John kenneth Galbraith


Look at that picture! They seem to be just any old typical American family of next door neighbors whomight invite you over for a dinner and conversation. Just folks!
Instead, each of these these rapacious assholes are multi-billionaires who live in their own mansions and who got that way by running a vulture capitalist mega-corporation that is a front for Chinese goods manufactured in exploitative conditions and sold in thousands of locations across this country that end up driving out local “mom and pop” businesses by undercutting their prices and taking over markets. Also, remember that they abhor union activity, pay shit wages as a rule and the result of that is that many, many WankerMart “associates” end up costing their local community thousands of dollars every year in infrastructure services that are meant for people who cannot afford basic housing, medical care, etc. In addition to all of this obscenity, when you buy your shit at WankerMart most of that money doesn’t stay in your community where it belongs to boost your local economy. Oh no! It is shipped off to the ginormous coffers in Bentonville, AR where it is distributed to the members of the Walton “family” and the executives who run this appalling corporate cancer of a business cartel and its operating expenses.
George Carlin once told a description of what the U.S. looks like today with the endless opportunities to shop and he reminded them of what an ugly country we became as we decided that it was “just dandy” for America to look like a giant shopping center from sea to shining sea.
I will NEVER shop at WankerMart even though I am poor and they might have something I want at a predictably lower price. I happened to end up retired in a town that has no WankerMart “SuperCenter” or any big box stores at all but I wonder how much longer before the disease I call “consumer cancer” arrives. The town only thirty miles away is full of them and the parking lots generally have lots of cars in them.
BTW, if you’d like to hear the incomparable Mr. Carlin and his brilliant rant go to YouTube and type in “George Carlin dumb Americans”. Enjoy!


“The modern Conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith


Great comments from Bruce Bennett above .I read a few years ago that 50 million pounds leaves the UK every day just from Asda Wal-Mart.
Why would you let that happen ?
We must return to decentralization and localised economies .That’s the fastest way to end this madness.


Dedicated to all the greedy bastards and their sucker right wing supporters.

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Or, like Hedges says, revolution

Used this great quote. It’s selfishness and a whole lot more now, however. It’s morphed into the killing, murderous beast that is The Empire.
As subjects, the citizens genuflect and offer praise to the aims and desires of this beast, this thing called The Empire. " Convert or die, punk! "