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While Poorest Scapegoated, Analysis of 25 World's Wealthiest Families a Reminder of Inequality's Economic Drain

Galbraith was a great economist. However, the new generation of ruthless corporatists and their government hacks have abandoned his truths and taken up with the likes of Hayek, the loathsome and over-rated Milton Friedman (with his unregulated, “free market” fantasies) and fellow shills like Thomas Friedman who celebrate the so-called virtues of “neoliberalism”. The Great Recession of 2008-- is the latest disaster to be created by these greedy ideologues and Trump and his rotten to the core regime will only make that worse.


Okay, okay, they makes tens of thousands of dollars an hour. But consider their contribution, their genius, the WORK they do! Just kidding. The WalMart heirs have likely never done a minute’s work in their entire lives, yet a special plane is dispatched if their is a hint that a WalMart store has union organizing going on, to crush it. Because they have to have billions more coming in every year to set on top of the pile of loot they couldn’t spend in twenty lifetimes.

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The plutocracy, which includes members of both political parties, know that the continued movement toward wealth disparity is not sustainable, and is why we have increased militarization of police forces throughout the nation. At some point we know that these police forces, who resemble storm troopers, will be used against the general population.


Wasn’t that also a quote from Animal Farm? Except that some animals are more equal than others.

Oh no. You can’t kill the Adams Family or the Munsters. They just keep regenerating.

Yes, it was stated after Napoleon the Pig took over and formed an alliance with the humans.
“All animals are created equal but some animals are created more equal than others.”

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I think we should track companies that have employees on federal or state welfare, and they should lose every tax break they get, and be arrested for theft of tax dollars.

However you slice it, Wolfess is right. We must begin building the guillotines that will deliver us from this corrupt clan of money worshipping cretins.

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This needs to be shouted from the rooftops over and over again by pundits of democracy, progressive politicians, talk radio hosts. We cannot depend on corporate media as they are protecting this inequality.

Demand that politicians stand up with we the people.

How did this happen? Who caused this? Politicans writing laws that favored these already rich people, administrators of government contracts, unaccountability of people promoting these policies inside and outside of governments. NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR GOVERNMENT CRIMINALS, GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO WORK FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS, WALL STREET, WALL STREET HEDGE FUNDS THAT BUY UP CORPORATIONS AND DESTROY THEM.

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Ahhh revolution – perfect, since that pile of batty guano truly is revolting!

Ahhhh PonyBoy, I continue to find joy in your presence on this sad planet! Thank you for your sensible words.

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Or it’s like when the toilet plugs up due to too much guano …

There’s nothing in Wal-Mart that I need .

Need is the great illusion of humans .

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Well said, and he is

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Hello Ann, hope all is well. That pile of stinking filth shouldn’t be compared or likened to bat guano as that is a rare and valuable substance for agriculture, and he is not.
Once my assumed nom de guerre was batguano - a reference to Dr Strangelove - on a site I will not mention and abandoned after sellout.to another site I would have nothing whatever to do with. Peace

The reason I used the 2 words (batty guano) is so that people reading my comment would realize I wasn’t saying anything negative about bats or their ‘guano’, rather, I was saying the 1% – think the Koch[suckers] and the Walfart family – are nothing but a pile of insane (batty) sh1t.

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