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While President Spreads 'Blatant Lies,' Experts Side with Jimmy Kimmel on Trumpcare


While President Spreads 'Blatant Lies,' Experts Side with Jimmy Kimmel on Trumpcare

Julia Conley, staff writer

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel doubled down Wednesday night on his efforts to clear up the misinformation that's being spread about the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, which would allow states to charge higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions, waive requirements for insurers to cover maternity care, mental health care, and other health issues, and eliminate the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) marketplace subsidies, which make premiums affordable for low-income Americans.



Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also called Kimmel’s statement on the bill “absolute garbage” and an “inappropriate” attack on Cassidy, “who has worked for the underprivileged and healthcare all his life.”

yea, and the fox was there to protect the chickens. I guess in Cassidy’s mind the “underpriviledged” refer to billionaires like the Koch brothers who might have to pay a little more taxes and therefore be “underpriviledged.” These guys are big con artists and unfortunately it takes a comedian (not the msm) to out them for what they are.

Another comedian - George Carlin - told us over and over about these kind of politicians. “They don’t give a damn about us.”


Then why is this mendacious cretin a Republican and not a Socialist?


Of course George Carlin was right on. These republicans are people we knew while we were growing up. If the boys in the neighborhood gathered for game of ball, the (some day to become a senator) kid likely called the game together, might have brought a ball, and insisted on playing with his rules. We would put up with this kid because we assumed he wasn’t that way on purpose or wasn’t that way all of the time.

But when he quits, takes his with him, and acts as though he better than everyone else, we start to find other friends to play with.
These guys wouldn’t be running this monster of a healthcare bill through in such a short time frame unless they thought it wouldn’t pass. Therefore they must be labeled as mean and immoral, not just greedy and stupid.
And as they attempt to shrink medicaid funding it is imperative that we press for medicare for all, or else the insurance company’s will continue to buy politicians by the boat load. G


Kudos to Kimmel, now if only some more talk show hosts would do the same.


“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” – Miyamoto Musashi


Maybe congress should not have passed their defense bill at 80 billion dollars, 26 billion more than eve requested by Trump, and used the funds for a universal health care system.


agreed… and not just talk show hosts… all the reporters and pundits and bloggers can learn from kimmel’s guts and spunk and brains.


There has been reporting on how much money Calif and NY will loose if this bill is passed,but not much about other states,from what I understand Ohio will loose 9B. Every republican congressperson in states like Ohio should be targeted and asked why would you support a bill that takes funding away from your state.

And to my shock MSNBC is reporting on what is driving this new Trump healthcare bill—the republican donors—big donors are holding back money until something is passed—the donors want their tax cuts. Of course MSNBC only named Sheldon Adelson----WHO ARE THE REPUBLICAN DONORS PUSHING THIS BILL!


How do you know that most of them don’t have what he has?


Because I don’t see or hear such evidence from them…especially in the MSM…even NPR!

Do you have controverting evidence for most of them? I’m open to hearing it…


THE Dems should say the only way they would vote for Trumpscare is if it had a provision that all the republican senators must sign up for it.


Have all the health organizations Jimmy lists endorsed HR 676 and S 1804? Why did Jimmy waste 15 minutes talking about healthcare and not once mention the solution?


It hits a nice groove, and speaks the truth about djt.


Kimmels the one who received a crash course in critical.healthcare.


It was wasted on you.