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While Progressive Nordic Nations Thrive On Global Happiness Index, US Drops to 'Alarming' #18


While Progressive Nordic Nations Thrive On Global Happiness Index, US Drops to 'Alarming' #18

Julia Conley, staff writer

Nordic countries with strong social welfare structures fared best, as they have in previous years, on the United Nation's annual accounting of global happiness—while the United States finished in 18th place, down four spots from 2017.


F#€K You Trump for depriving us of our happiness!


In sum, ascendant neoliberal capitalism equals inequality equals unhappiness.

But, hey! We got WAY more guns than they do, and isn’t happiness a warm gun?


Our downhill slide began long before Dolt 45’s incumbency—not that he has any intention to reverse, halt or even slow it.


I couldn’t agree with you more, however, how many people do you know that are “happy” with their lives and the world in general since Dolt 45 entered the White House?


My take on it is that he’s the best organizer the left has had in a generation. I find people in general are happiest when they feel powerful and engaged.


The highest-ranking countries on the UN’s annual happiness index “believe that what makes people happy is solid social support systems, good public services, and even paying a significant amount in taxes for that.”

The difference between us and them is that we have no say in oligarchy.


My last professional gig before I retired had me working 12-14, and sometimes 16hrs per day, so it was “work, eat, sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat…” To augment my happiness and to spend some of that extra income I was earning it became “work, bourbon, eat, sleep, repeat…” I told my wife " I like bourbon 'cause it makes me feel happy." She replies “Yeah, like, I’m happy damn-it!” She also informed me that to ensure her own happiness, that if I didn’t stop it, she was going to leave me. Happiness in the USof A.


My self-medication of choice is good strong, locally brewed IPA by the growler. But thanks to the gentrification of the 'burgh, the price of filing a growler is going through the roof.


Sorry to break it to you, folks, but this is all part of the plan from this treasonous Republican Party who shills for corporate America and the oligarchs. They have been working toward this reality for decades. And like the Terminator they cannot be reasoned with and they will not stop until our democracy and our very republic are dead. I’m not at all sure that they can be successfully opposed anymore even if there is a “Blue Wave” this November. Remember that the core of the Democrats is composed of so many old sellouts like Schumer, Pelosi and Feinstein. These DINOs are full of criticisms for the progressives trying to make themselves heard. I have no confidence that the current Democratic party will live up to its old promise of social justice and liberal values. Those things disapperared when we found that Obama’s “Hope and Change” was just empty rhetoric.


“When I hold you in my arms and I feel my finger on your trigger.
I know that that nobody can do me no harm because -
happiness…is a warm gun… bang, bang, shoot, shoot”.
– John Lennon, who was murdered with a gun


Even if their was an army of progressives on the ballot, until we get rid of the corrupt voting machines and go back to paper ballots, they wont have a chance.


“Hand Counted” paper ballots, to be sure.


A difference is also that the wealthy do NOT want to pay taxes in the USA>


US is too busy fighting wars and caring about money and guns to pay attention to the people and the environment of this country.


The insane proliferation of guns is a direct reflection of the high levels of insecurity, fear, paranoia and atomization which are only getting worse in our society.


“Gentrification” is yet one more symptom of the cancer of callousness and greed that is eating away at the soul of this country.


Their surrogates make the tax laws after all.


“. . . the economy by traditional measures is doing fine,’ Jeffrey D. Sachs, an editor of the report, told the New York Times. ‘The trends are not good, and the comparative position of the U.S. relative to other high-income countries is nothing short of alarming.’”

Oh Jeffrey, Jeffrey–not to fret! On Tuesday the 13th the Slimes published an article about two of our economystic colleagues just down the coast a bit at that famous university near Boston explaining why at least the US health care system is as good as anybody’s, about the same actually except that it costs quite a bit more more and delivers significantly poorer outcomes.

Perhaps some day you will abandon the neo-classical paradigm and come over to the bright side, where we acknowledge out front that the economy does not work like a planetary system or a table full of billiard balls, but rather as a complex system built on human institutions, such as legal systems and governments as they actually are rather than as they tell their subjects that they are.


They are not surrogates- they are wealthy as well.