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While Publicly Seeking Unity, the DNC is Censoring a Convention and Silencing Dissent


While Publicly Seeking Unity, the DNC is Censoring a Convention and Silencing Dissent

Tony Brasunas


My consent shall not be manufactured and has yet to be earned. Doubt it will be.


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Lets call a spade a bloody spade - the Dem establishment/DNC/Clinton stole the primaries & nomination, and rigged the convention to silence debate and all opposition after day one! The “Unanimity” of fascism! The power behind the Red Queen the same as behind Obama!

No way in bleedin Hell such corruption, manipulation, the figurehead candidate, or power structure behind her should be tolerated! BS!

The “Democratic” nominee is yet another DNC “Progressive” Fraud just like Obama & Bill - Hillary will carry-out the policies and agenda the foundations have already been laid for!

“In 2009, President Obama stood before an adoring crowd in the centre of Prague, in the heart of Europe. He pledged himself to make “the world free from nuclear weapons”. People cheered and some cried. A torrent of platitudes flowed from the media. Obama was subsequently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”

"It was all fake. He was lying.

“The Obama administration has built more nuclear weapons, more nuclear warheads, more nuclear delivery systems, more nuclear factories. Nuclear warhead spending alone rose higher under Obama than under any American president. The cost over thirty years is more than $1 trillion”


This article content is consistent with Hillary being a fraud. It’s not consistent with Hillary being honest and candid.
She represents the plutocracy, and will bring only that change that the plutocracy allows: if that’s enough, then democracy is dead.


Clearly sad and disheartening. Thank you for the info. they sure didn’t show any of it on MSM. And yes, they very definitely would rather have the illusion of unity since the Bernie people caused Killery so much grief. She is the queen of entitlement and arrogance anyone that disagrees will be silenced.
The frightening thing is if this happened at the convention, what will she do if she gets into the WH, have us all arrested? It is an ominous sign of the kind of Democracy she will bring.


Thanks for the dose of reality and first hand accounts of what really happened at the DNC. I will admit to having watched much of the evening proceedings through the week, curious how the whole thing would play out. No wonder Bernie looked so disillusioned when the camera would capture his reaction to the various speakers.

I think most folks realize that these events are carefully managed theater but it seems as though this one skews very far towards the Potemkin Village end of the spectrum.


Direct democracy NOW!


The illusion they try and create is a block of voters behind Ms Clinton all wanting to ensure Trump defeated and “progressive values” adopted. What happens at the convention is not in isolation. The polls are being manipulated and the public being fed the meme that if elections hacked “it the Russians” and “The Russians want Trump”.

This sets up the perfect scenario for manipulating the vote come November. The press will claim party unity and blocks of voters coming out to defeat racism, homphobia and the dangerous Donald Trump. The pundits will make sure they spin it so these things emphasized so that there a “feel good” feeling among the people “defeating a racist” and smear those questioning the results as “racists and homophobes”.


Appearances. That’s what the Democratic Party is all about . . . a simulation of reality.

I’m no longer voting for the party of fraud and fakery and simulation. Jill Stein gets my vote, and if the Democratic Party loses this election against a buffoon the likes of Donald Trump, well, the party deserves to die. They brought it on themselves.


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“Publicly SEEKING unity” means that they have the expectation of real unity. Its more like publicly creating faux unity.

Jill Stein is a member of the global Green Party and will have no obligation to be coerced by the GOP and Dimcritter domestic anachronisms.


Why would anyone with integrity want to remain in such a corrupt party? Anyone who wants to be president as badly as HRC should be automatically suspect. A fascist Queen does not deserve support.


A well written and very important article. In fact, this is an important historical document. And yet only 13 comments. Please spread links to this article. Let’s get the word out.


Why isn’t the FBI investigating one single incident of cheating and vote-tampering against Bernie Sanders? They are all over the teeny tiny break against the DNC. This is unbelieveable.


HRC doesn’t need or want Sanders supporters. That has been made abundantly clear. She does need and want the saner republicans who find Trump a little too uncouth. But I keep saying the HRC fix is in. She’s the democrat in name only candidate. The real powers will make sure she “wins” so vote your conscience for Stein or don’t vote for a presidential candidate at all. I have no interest in participating just to enable her declare she got a mandate to do her dirty deeds. I see no evidence that she understands or grasps the concept of the “lesser of two evils” victory that will be hers. It would be pathetic if it weren’t so dangerous.

We’re totally screwed if she wins or loses, so why bother?


Those who do not fight the boot upon their neck get a thank you while being squashed by it. - Wereflea

Did America show them just how angry we were at being disenfranchised and hold demonstrations and protests after each incidence of dirty tricks and rigging the game against Sanders? Um? Well no actually. Mostly we went on to the next primary and didn’t make any waves. We sure as hell didn’t make any splashes and I guess we sank instead of swam because of it.

We wanted it to be fair which is our right but when it wasn’t we let it slide. What exactly should we have expected other than the DNC would feel like we wouldn’t do anything about anything. In the end, they guessed rightly that we weren’t going to object in concrete terms, so they just smiled and waved and said thank you for letting them get away with it so painlessly.

Say what you want but we let ourselves down not Bernie. Where were the protests as this crap kept happening? He didn’t see them either so why should he expect that we would oppose the rigging of the game at the end when we showed no inclination to do so as the nomination game went on. Our democracy not just his. Our fight for our votes to be counted etc… Not only his. We let Bernie down and ourselves. Now people are blaming Bernie for what? For their not having fought but that he should without reason? Bernie made his deal to salvage a few portions of his program and rightfully so. Free college is Bernie’s as are the other things. He did what he could but at the end he did it alone people.

You didn’t bother to fight for your own democracy on your own…and we all lost some of it together thereby. It was ours to lose and ours to fight for. You may have your complaints and cast blame and so forth but turn some of that stuff towards the guilty not the victim and also turn some of that blame on us all for it was we the people who allowed the corrupt to get away with what they were doing.

At least they said thank you.


This is nothing new. The conventions have been events staged for TV probably since the first Eisenhauer Stevenson ones in 1952. I was only 7 and didn’t understand what it was all about: the delegates holding their signs with the state names, bellowing out. "The delegation from the great state of Whichever proudly casts all twelve of it deciding votes for the next president of the United States the Commanding General of our great nation’s victory in the war against the evil Axis powers, and who will lead the nation to victory in Korea and will turn back the advancing Communist tide, the honorable Five Star General of the Combined World Armed Forces, Dwight David Eis En Howwwwwwer! " The clamorous crowd erupts in a cheer, balloons drop from a above as if the celebration is coming directly from Heaven above, cut to General with his big Howdy Dooty grin and both arms raised with fingertip Vs. The “I Like Ike” song begins playing, the cheering goes on interminably.

At least that’s the way my 7 year old brain recorded it. I got the message. He had become The King and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the only God Blessed Nation on Earth, standing alone on the rubble of the Huge Holy War. We learned later that who the states would vote for was decided by horse trading deals in “smoke filled rooms” (though not quite like the ones of today – cigars, not “blunts”) and that that would be the case until 1971 when the Eugene McCarthy/George McGovern somehow brought about the primary system that we’re stuck with today and changed the way votes were accumulated but not how the conventions appeared on TV.

That first show was such a winner that both parties have been trying to do a better blockbuster version ever since. The great Joe McGuiness book about how Richard Nixon, who had to appear in a newspaper photo crying on Ike’s shoulder, begging not to be “dumped” from the ticket after establishing himself as a viable substitute five o’clock shadowed Joe (not Gene – that came later) McCarthy accuser of commie sympatheticism had himself remade for TV to recover from losing just barely and with a little crooked help the telegenic charisma war against JFK.

The electorate does seem to be tiring of seeing reruns of the same attempted ratings sweep show, but nobody has an idea how to do a more successful production. The Obama great “hope and change, first Black MLK style preacher president” came close, but he disappointed everyone. But then, so did Eisenhower, the squeaker victory of JFK over VP Nixon, who like Mrs. Clinton today, believed he had served well, had earned it, and deserved it.


The “Chant Chart” was misquoted on Bill Maher, Fri night, as the response to “No More War” being mentioned as “Hill-a-ry” instead of the much scarier “USA!”
I wish this Chart would be seen by millions, it is a valuable, valuable piece of Evidence.


After they announced Hillary’s nomination, I walked over to use the
restroom. An older man looked at me and saw my Bernie pins and said,
‘Ignorant bitch,’ as he passed by.

The Hillary Bro, whose gendered insult will never appear in the mainstream media, encapsulates the stance of mainstream Democrats toward everyone to the left of Nixon. Let’s not give them another 30-35 years to move the discourse to the right.