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While Pushing Pro-Gun Talking Points at NRA Meeting, Trump and Pence Will Be Kept Safe with Firearm Ban


While Pushing Pro-Gun Talking Points at NRA Meeting, Trump and Pence Will Be Kept Safe with Firearm Ban

Julia Conley, staff writer

The student leaders of the #NeverAgain anti-gun violence movement were quick to point out the glaring hypocrisy on display Monday as the National Rifle Association (NRA) announced that firearms would not be permitted at its annual meeting in Dallas when President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are speaking.


What a "laughable tragedy. Plus, I understand that at the headquarters of the NRA in VA , no guns are allowed. The Never Again movement must be rolling unlike the Occupy that was stopped in its tracks .


I have a brand new hero. Dale Hanson, Dallas sportscaster. Why isn’t he national please God Make him national ESPN MSNBC CNN,. Fox? Ummmmmm maybe not.


Background checks don’t need to be made into law, but as a multiple gun and car owner, I am convinced that ALL guns MUST be insured! Then the insurance companies will require someone to do background checks.

The logic is simple; I am required to have insurance on my car because, even though it wasn’t designed for killing and property damage, it can happen. Hey as many people die by vehicles as by guns in this country every year. A gun was made for the expressed purpose of killing, so there is NO logical reason why we shouldn’t require gun owners pay for the mayhem that their “toys” can cause, when used for their intended purpose, oh yea, by “law abiding?” citizens. That doesn’t impact their precious Second Amendment. Right now, gun owners count every gun made that hasn’t been used in a crime as being owned by a ‘law abiding citizen’, …until they aren’t.

It’s also noteable how the secret service prove by their actions that NOBODY should buy either argument: #1 that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun… and
#2 That gun owners are all law abiding citizens (until they aren’t, and then we’re left cleaning up the mess!)

There should be a law requiring gun owners to clean up the blood and pay to repair property damage done by their gun owning compatriots. Of course GUN INSURANCE would be a way to vicariously impose such a mandate, and it leaves the second amendment intact!


BlockquoteAs for the student leaders(now there’s some real hypocrisy for ya) lets see what kind of effect old Camera Hogg has on President Trump(hint, nada)


WTF? Camera Hog, really? What kind of shit talker are you? You feel the student leader needs to be called out for some hypocrisy? Explain yourself!


Your post isn’t revelation or informative. We already have these numbers. And you already have insurance on your refrigerator you ignoramus, it’s called homeowners & renters insurance!

But take a step back for a second. 37000 vehicle death per year, And are we doing something to try to reduce that? You bet your ass, dummy! That’s what the police and speed limits and improved car safety every year is for. 33000 gun deaths per year, 2/3 of which are self inflicted? Sounds like some people shouldn’t have access to that means of taking their own life. Your comment shows your extreme lack of respect for human life! You obviously love doing research, so, how many deaths are caused by refrigerators last year any? No? We intelligent humans are trying to make our lives safer, not less safe. Yes even your (my judgement alone here) worth-far-less life! That’s why we have refrigerator door closing magnets instead of latches still, you fool! At 10-13 per year around the world, more folks die pulling vending machines on themselves than get smashed to death or sufficated in refrigerators.

It’s funny how in each new set of comments you try to come up with something not intended to kill that has, as if it makes a case for Zero new common sense gun laws,. And you fail each time. Why? Because one having nothing to do with the other is called a logic fallacy. Your argument is immediately dead if they are your only premises!

Why are you against insurance on your firearms? I own firearms and I’m not against insurance, and I am on a fixed income now. Sure you can have the right to own a firearm but how about prove responsibility for it! That’s what insurance does. The 2A has outlived it usefulness, IMHO, but I’m still willing to let you keep it!

Finally as it comes to that far more respectable than yourself student, Hogg, why are you so down on him? Is it because his opinion threatens you more than anybody else’s? Oh, and he shouldn’t get any help or coaching before this 17 year old is going to go on national TV in front of potentially 310 million viewers? Your idiocy knows no bounds. Politicians even get coached extensively before they go on TV you moron! And that somehow negates any truth in what they say? Really?!! In my eyes he is a far more respectable citizen than you!