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While Rome (and Most Everywhere Else) Burns


While Rome (and Most Everywhere Else) Burns

Mel Gurtov

By now we’re accustomed to learning that every year brings record high temperatures around the world. Extreme weather, says Prof. Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, “is the face of climate change. We literally would not have seen these extremes in the absence of climate change. The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle. We are seeing them play out in real time and what is happening this summer is a perfect example of that.


This article lays the blame where it most belongs in the US, on Trump and by extension most Republicans. It is going to tough sledding with the Republicans controlling the presidency and Congress so the best way to fight climate change is to vote them out of office.


I recommend reading Naomi Klein’s article on the Intercept. It will enrich your sense of the history of this issue. Short summary: the neoliberal capitalist project, which has been so bipartisan (D and R) as to be called “lock-step,” is what brought us to this collapse.


Thanks for that and yes it an excellent article and summation of the underlying issues.

I find it so very interesting that the destruction of the Environmnet can be blamed on “Human Nature” rather then an economic system when Humans and their “nature” have been around for tens of tousands of years. When the Capitalists came to the Americas and started destroying ecosystems doing so within a few hundred years, were the First Nations peoples that had lived there for 20000 years “not human”?


Wonderful comment — Thank you.

Capitalism is the invention of “Christianity” which underpins Elites/Patriarchy and
both systems have been the two strongest tools in the Elite tool box in moving
the wealth and natural resources of the many into the hands of the few.
And these systems have left only total destruction behind and fascism.

Our Founders didn’t create a democracy; they created an Elite/Patriarchy.
“War Is A Racket!” by Butler makes clear that connection between US government,
our military and Capitalism.
And, in fact, “Christianity” despite the alleged Separation of Church & State.
The Genocide against the native people here and the system of Slavery were carried
out under the insanity of Papal Edicts which called for the “enslavement or killing” of the
native people they labeled “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.” Same for Africans here.

One of the most damaging blows to the Native American was the taking of their children –
often by kidnapping them – into “Church Schools” run by the Catholic Church and Mormon
Church for the US government. The children were not permitted to speak in their own language –
their hair and clothing changed – they were beaten and abused and sexually abused and murdered
in those schools.

Since “W” we are supporting “faith based” organizations, most of which are connected to
the Catholic Church.


While humans are engaging in petty disputes and stupid wars and wasting resources; a giant tsunami wave is about to hit everyone. Some see, some don’t and others prefer to stay in denial. In the end we’ll see what we’ll see. One thing appears to hold true. Emissions will only stop when there aren’t anyone left to cause them.


Cute headline. But Rome isn’t burning. Greece was burning, but that fire was caused by anti-development arsonists and spread rapidly due to poor construction and safety standards. There are a few, but devastating, fires in the western US, but great swaths of North America, Europe, and Asia are remarkably fire free. Yet another example of global warming hysteria and hyperbole.


It’s YOU who is the purveyor of false information. Europe has been in the grip of a heatwave all summer, with fires breaking out in Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Spain and elsewhere and everywhere has been baking in record breaking heat resulting in many deaths.Spain was verging on 48 degrees
Saturday, the all time record.

As well as Europe there has been record breaking heatwaves and many deaths in Japan, Korea.

Then there’s Australia baking in a record breaking drought.

The last nine years, globally, have been the hottest since records began.
You’re either an ignoramus, a deliberatelty lying shill, or just a general closed-minded fool, neither of which is complimentary to you. I’m sure your kids and grandkids will thank you for your contribution to saving the planet for them Only morons in the US don’t believe AGW because you’re a nation full of brainwashed dupes.


If you’re willfully ignorant or just plain dumb, why broadcast it?