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While Rome Burns, Trump Gets What He’s Always Wanted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/07/while-rome-burns-trump-gets-what-hes-always-wanted


If trump got what was coming to him it would be a massive, painful, fatal stroke or heart attack! Does this mean that trump got what he truly wanted, which would be his …can’t bring myself to say it.


Please, oh please, work in the words “slow” and “televised”. Thanks for your consideration.


And here I thought it was the daily erection he gets as he watches states fighting each other for medical supplies, and world leaders lining up to kiss his ring. As for what he truly deserves, it’s a night with Lucrezia Borgia. Lovely, intelligent, skilled in the ways of pleasure, and adept in composing kinds of poisons that are slowly lethal. She would place it in a milk shake, perhaps. Or in the Big Mac Secret Sauce…For a span of seven days, he would slowly have vital organs liquify, painfully. Yet not even the strongest opiate can ease it…


Nonsense — that would be WAY too quick and merciful.  The following comes a lot closer:

Even more fitting, IMHO, would be for him to catch a good dose of the “Chinese Virus” that his own actions have aided and abetted in the “War” he declared against it.  What could be more fitting than
the greatest Traitor this nation has ever known succumbing to the results of his own Treason, slow-
ly choking on his own lies, eventually unable to speak and finally drowning in his own vile sputum.


The most fitting end to President Pigface would be for him to lose his fortune (boycotting his hotel chain into bankruptcy would do that). He could rightfully lose his US citizenship for crimes against humanity. At that point, he would painfully, privately alone, rot to death from the poisons his own body secrets.

This is nothing. Wait’ll you see his second term.

But take heart, Chuck Schumer is writing a strongly worded letter.


I’m more for it being quick and complete. Too bad his narcissism prevents him from fiddling with a weapon while holding the barrel between his lips thinking it might be a flute.

While Rome burns he could play his own funeral dirge. Quickly.


Only for the Horror crowd.

To people who say Trump isn’t as bad as Hitler, note that unlike Trump, at least Hitler did ONE good thing for humanity…Hitler killed Hitler.


Is it time to change the name of the virus causing Covid-19 to the Trump virus, since Trump seems to be helping that virus spread?


I noticed that in today’s trump lying spree he blurted out something quite unusual.
In the middle of an answer to a question he said something like, and we’ll do something like infrastructure…, and then went back to answering the question. This sounded crazy to me. Why would he say that without follow up?

To paraphrase that great humanitarian and Obama icon Rahm Emanuel, never let a great disaster go to waste.

And all with the permission of Democrats. last I checked, Trump got more money from Pelosi for the DoD than he requested as well as a $5 billion blank check for the…ahem…southern border. The Dems didnt even impeach him for his actual crimes only for that lame Quid Por Quo showing us that they dont actually give a damn about the rule of law, only about taking down Trump, just as they dont give a shit about women’s rights and sexual assault victims as evidenced by the shameful handling of the Biden allegations by Tara Reade. Yes, the GOP is terrible, and the Trump the worst. Just remember that behind every transgression stood a democrat holding the door for him.


The author overlooked Trump and the GOP’s goal to turn the press into pariahs and silence them. With OAN’s far right talking points (with token question attached) tactic dominating white house “press room” events, The press has been more marginalized than ever. Trump’s new “press secretary” and OAN will be nothing more than a tag team tasked to repeat the far right talking points that were previously available only on Fox, OAN and other GOP propaganda platforms.

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As I said in another thread:

Oh, for S#!ts sake, the amount of crazy crap this moron is doing while the MSM is bore sited 24x7 on COVID is staggering!

Sending ships to Venezuela, appointing more useless judges, cutting every regulation he can, taking/giving public land, sabre rattling in the ME and against Russia, threatening the WHO, the list is SO long it would take an hour to type it all!! He knows he can get away with this cuz No One is reporting it, and none of the Neo-Libs on either side are going to lift a finger to stop him!

It’s time to get a lot done for the 1% while everyone is looking the other way!
It’s like a global Reichstag Fire, and some day everyone’s going to come out of this and say, “Hey,
WTF happened while we were away”?!?! Surprise! Too late!

If the MSM actually was News, and not propaganda/entertainment, they could cover the COVID facts in about 10min out of every hour. But, no… We get endless repetition, happy stories, talking heads repeating what we all know, postulating the hypothetical, yadda, yadda, yadda. How about filling 45 min of the hour with NEWS, like the stuff I mention above. However, they don’t do that during normal times, so why do it now, when the Corp. masters are getting away with SO Much!

The rot is so malignant that the stench make me want to vomit daily!


Some strokes kill the parts of the brain that help control or ignore pain. If he has a stroke that disables all of those parts, plus an injury that causes a lot of permanent pain, he shouldn’t need to die - just sincerely want to. Perhaps an injury that causes frequent kidney stones