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While Russia and US Point Fingers, Aid Groups Warn that 'Aleppo is Slowly Dying'


While Russia and US Point Fingers, Aid Groups Warn that 'Aleppo is Slowly Dying'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

One week after the collapse of a tenuous ceasefire, tensions between the United States and the Russian-Syrian alliance appear to be at a boiling point, while the consequence of that political fall-out appears to be "nothing short of a human catastrophe."

At an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Sunday, western powers blatantly accused Russia of "barbarism" and aiding the Syrian government in committing "war crimes."


Aleppo is as much a symbol as it is a city.
Aleppo is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world which once had a large population of Jews and was the location of a major Rabbinical center.
Both the Shiites and the Sunnis believe that Aleppo is the sight of the apocalypse which will usher in the era of the last Prophet.
The only party that can stop the carnage in Aleppo and in Syria is the United States and they (we) are unwilling to do that.


I'll start caring about Aleppo when Gary Johnson puts down his pipe, and has someone explain it to him.
Gary Johnson is an example of how most Americans feel about places like Aleppo or Yemen. First, they don't even know where they are. And second, they just don't care.
Aleppo is just the latest in a long line of killing fields that have been the direct consequence of US intervention. Get used to it. There are many more Aleppos to come.


I'm glad you raised that subject because both Hillary and Trump kissed the ring of the godfather-- Bibi Netanyahu--yesterday in separate private meetings.
Trump said that there can be no two-state solution or peace until the Palestinians recognize Israel as a "Jewish State." That will never happen.
Hillary simply knelt down on both knees and pledged her undying and unwavering support for Israel. No matter what.

There will never be a two-state solution. So the only road left open to peace is a one-state solution.
All of the occupied West Bank, and Gaza should be annexed by Israel.
Every inhabitant in those areas should be granted full Israeli citizenship with the right to vote.


And exactly how is the US the only party that can stop the carnage in Syria? Should they start shooting down the Russian planes that are bombing the city? That doesn't sound like a good idea.

The pressure for peace must be broad and international.


What does this have to do with the Assad/Putin orchestrated war crimes being visited Aleppo?


The atrocities of Alleppo is all Hillary-Killery-Shillery's fault. She started the Syrian civil war. Assad and Putin and Trump are men-of-the-people and great men of peace!



Contrast the US response to their responses to Israel bombing Gaza and the Saudi's in Yemen.

In the former when Israel bombed infrastructure including water treatment plants and Civilian targets the US stated Israel had a right to defend itself.

In the latter not only were they providing the Saudi's with targeting information, but they are helping in the blockade and were refuelling Saudi aircraft.

Samantha Powers should keep her trap shut and these various UN and human rights groups should treat such actions with equal codemnation.

Now it interesting to note that under the provisions of that ceasefire the US demanded that its details remain secret. Russia wanted it public.

Now why is that?

It has been revealed by sources who have been correct on such matters before that one of the provisions was that Russia and Syria would not bomb groups linked to Al Qaeda.

If true why is the US protecting the group they claim as responsible for 9/11.

If not true why the demanded secrecy?


I think we're headed towards nuclear war, too.


I think even if this were so, the only moral and right actions are to continue to try and turn this trajectory around and walk our species back from the cliff because, if nothing else, we will take most, if not all, of the rest of the species with us.


Kieran Dwyer of Unicef indicated that the pumping station that provides water to Aleppo was deliberately shut off by the so called moderate rebels That the US supports and arms.

These are the same "moderate rebels" Ms Clinton wants protected with a no fly zone.


we are told by the oligarchs that they hate us for our FREEDOMS.


I've never see so many red herrings and non-sequiturs packed in one long run-on flaming-rich paragraph in my life.

You do know that there are no ISIS forces in Allepo, don't you?

Assad - a certified savage war-criminal, who started this horrific war when he crushed a peaceful pro-democracy movement with bloody force - along with the fascist gangster Putin, are the ones who are bombing Allepo - along with humanitarian food convoys before it.


Samantha Power is notorious so is the other neocon members. Regarding majority of the citizens, they don't even know where the Aleppo is. The perpetual war would continue. The last superpower on earth won't gho down so easily. This century is the last phase of capitalism / corporatism. The bipolar world is turning to multipolar world which could be more stable. The old fashioned colonialism by garrisoning the globe using naval power and forcing others to buy the Dollar is not effective anymore. But this hyperpower won't calm down easily. Now they are flexing muscle against another equally big giant which may end to a disaster. But the neocons and the armchair warriors won't stop. They are brainless morons and can't see what the economic situation at home is. They only stop when people force them to go away.


There was peace in Syria until the US and it's criminal terrorist affiliate gangs began causing trouble inside Syria. Armed and trained by the US, Israel and financially supported by Saudi Arabia ISIS and other terror organizations have been trying hard to oust the government of Syria so that Arab oil and gas pipelines could cross Syria to supply Europe competing with Russia, Iran and Syria. Meanwhile looking at things from another angle one sees Israel eyeing the partitioning of Syria so they could occupy the Golan Heights in pursuit of their biblical claim of greater Israel.


What most everyone on this thread seems to have either forgotten, or never understood in the first place, is that Russia, unlike the United States, was invited by Syria to enter the country. Therefore, according to U.N. agreements, Russia is there legally; the United States is not.

According to UN agreements, which the United States was party to, the U.S. had/has no right to enter the country, nor to fund the Syrian opposition, regardless of what the U.S. was alleging was occurring within Syria.

Therefore, the United States is, and has been, committing another international war crime with every move it makes. But, the U.S. controls the U.N. like a puppet. Therefore, the U.S. will never be charged.

All of you folks worried about nuclear war ought to listen very attentively to redravensounds; she's a former U.S. nuclear armarment expert. She knows what she's talking about.

And, you ought to read A Russian Warning; and, at least glance at How Russia is preparing for WWIII.

Please note, in the first article, the following statement:

"We also appeal to the American people to take peaceful but forceful action to oppose any politician or party that engages in irresponsible, provocative Russia-baiting, and that condones and supports a policy of needless confrontation with a nuclear superpower that is capable of destroying the US in about an hour."

The authors of these articles, who are Russians living in the U.S., are very familiar with the conventional and nuclear weapons capabilities of both the United States and of Russia. Please consider listening to them.


The US also encroaches on Iranian airspace with regularity.

Indeed as they approached Iranian airspace recently with a spy plane Iran warned them off. By the US Militaries own admittance they wanted to test the Iranian response so did not change course. Iran scrambled fighters and warned that if the plane entered Iranian airspace it would be shot down.

The US Military had the gall to call this a provocation and claimed it as unprofessional.

They are deliberately provoking a response to which they will claim another of their "pearl harbor" moments.


Add in the illegal invasion of Iraq with Powell wagging around a vile of water at the UN. Bush the lessor with his "mushroom clouds" sermon. Then the attack on Libya with the execution of Gaddafi leaving Libya in rubble. Apparently the US is above International Law and decides who violates human rights. All the while they continue to wreck havoc in the middle east. Why anyone would believe anything said by any US spokesperson is beyond belief.


You do not know for a certainty that there are zero ISIS fighters in Aleppo. That you made up out of whole cloth.

Those peaceful protests in Syria were orchestrated by the CIA with Hillary's blessing for the sole purpose of bringing Assad down.
Something that Hillary had wanted to do ever since her good friend George W. Bush started his illegal war with Iraq (that Hillary voted for) and brought Saddam down.
Seeing that her plan had failed miserably in Syria, Hillary and the CIA fomented a war with Libya in order to kill Qaddafi and draw attention away from the mess that she had created in Syria.


There were over a million people living in Aleppo before the war.
We need to get involved only to the extent that we must to stop supporting the rebels, which we have been doing with guns and munitions for 5 years.
Obama and the neocons refuse to do that in order to save face.