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While Sanders Scores Small Donors, Clinton and Bush Buoyed by Wall Street


While Sanders Scores Small Donors, Clinton and Bush Buoyed by Wall Street

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While the 2016 U.S. presidential election fundraising numbers released Thursday by the Bernie Sanders campaign illustrate the power of a Main Street donor base, filings from Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton show their campaigns continue to be the darlings of Wall Street.

"Wall Street remains a crucial money base for both candidates even as they try to avoid appearing too cozy with the institutions that many voters blame for crashing the economy."


Sanders vs. Oligarchy in real world terms.

This is what it looks like to buck the system when the system is rigged. So we will all see whether we still believe in democracy or will we find out that money talks and the conversation is over after that.


Wall Street knows what they're buying.

They're buying the future.

They're buying a future where they can bankrupt the economy and still emerge with more profits than ever.

They're buying eternal freedom from prosecution for fraud and malfeasance.

They're paying the rent on captive regulatory agencies.

They're buying tax breaks that will help break the back of pesky social programs like Social Security and Medicaid.

They're making the best investment possible: Buying the President and Congress.

But there's a problem and his name is Bernie Sanders.

He's working for a future where a Wall Street transaction tax pays for free college tuition, where people make a decent wage and 'too big to fail' banks are broken up, where the banks can no longer gamble with depositor's savings. He's fighting for expanded Social Security and universal healthcare.

He's fighting for a society where people help other people. Where sharing and caring are valued more than unfettered greed.

That's what we the people are buying. That's why we're spending money and time supporting Sanders. We're not buying Bernie, we're buying into a vision of a better America.

This afternoon I'm going to be standing with a group of Sanders supporters waving signs in a small town at rush hour. It's not much, just an hour or so of my time, but we're doing it every week. It's a small contribution.

Yet across the nation those small contributions add up.

I hope that you too are contributing what you can.

Let's take back the future.



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And, how much is the free TeeVee time given The Trump du Chump, worth? Amazing, isn't it, that we're still being given the inevitability argument by the MSM and most all of the paid prognosticators about Bush and Clinton. The data reveals a much different story, of course, despite another attempted cover-up ( Hillary's experience in the 60s and 70s continues to inform her. ) Hillary is leading in only one category on voters most likely to pull the Democratic lever in 2016. It is also the same group most likely to die before getting the chance to exercise that right, btw. No, it's not BLM likely voters, either. :wink: It's not only the Republican Party looking at eventual collapse if Hillary loses in 2016. The rise of libertarian socialism ( dyi democracy ) is scaring and worrying the elites everywhere on this continent. Coupled with the rise in awareness of a pending climate catastrophe if the economic and authoritarian business models aren't dramatically overhauled; this is good news for those on Bernie's Buses. $3.2 million in 4 days means the Sander's & Associates ( you and me ) political model can do this one and two states at a time. And, win the Democratic primary, by doing so. We've come a long way in a very short period of time. Drop Webb and Chafee from the debates after Thanksgiving and let O'Malley and Bernie turn The Hillster into a bust on a pivot; a rapidly spinning pivot, for sure. P.S. Thanks to all Bernie supporters and detractors, alike. And, yes, Bernie hasn't got all the answers but we can still start that search with him, right? You can't even contemplate starting a revolution and scouring out the phonies, from progressives, without knowing who's got the long knives out for you, either. So, there's that, too. Go Bernie & Associates, Go!!!


"Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street. Wall Street Regulates Congress." -Bernie Sanders


The DNC doesn't decide on the number of debates, little Debbie decides,


True. And Wall Street regulates HRC!


Bush and Clinton ---- Corporate America with a face.


The "Little Debbie" logo still freaks me out man.


When this Kabuki is over, and Bush and his criminal coterie purchase South Carolina as did his degenerate brother, the race will be Bush v Clinton and the sheeple can choose . Elections aren't left to chance. There is too much defense money involved. Both are warmongers who will feed the Empire. God bless America and we thank you for your service....to the Empire who pillages the world.


The best laid plans of mice and fascists are apt to go awry.

Maybe but even the rich and powerful are sensing that they are going too far and maybe it is time to let things improve a bit. The problem with oligarchic fascism is that the ones who end up controlling everything...

... might not be you!!!

The world doesn't need a lit fuse. Too much unrest spreads and then who knows? Anti-austerity in Europe, potential big war sneaking up on the world. They might just want a little diversion and some common sense instead of bald faced grab it all greed. A switch to solar and wind too because their kids gotta live here too. It may happen.

It may go as you say too.

Too early to tell. If it is close then Bernie might get cheated. If it looks like he is very popular then cheating him becomes risky.


I'm glad someone noticed the allusion.


"New light was shed on Bush-Blair relations by material disclosed by Hillary Clinton at the order of the U.S. courts"

Leaked Memo Reveals Blair's 'Deal In Blood' With Bush Over Iraq War : Information Clearing House - ICH


Bernie can't be BOUGHT.