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While Schumer Mercilessly Criticized for Caving to GOP, These 16 Senators Praised for Standing Firm for Dreamers


Roger, I think I understand what you’re getting at, and your issues do sorely need addressing. I’m not making an either-or proposition out of this.

Here’s my partial response as to why this matters & is worthy of your “political capital leverage” consideration… the exploitation, abuse, cruel detentions and deportations (& breaking up of families) of immigrants whom we’ve hypocritically been willing TO exploit and the treatment and national betrayal of the innocent kids brought to the US, the using them as easy xenophobes’ targets and the using them as political pawns are basic humanitarian abuses…then excesses, and they are some of the first steps into fascism and neo-Nazism, the slippery slope we’re on right now. This IS about democracy and everybody’s rights being secure.

Remember Reverend Niemöller’s poem: In Germany, first they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist…

I hope this made sense to you, even if you don’t agree.


“Oh, but the American public will hold Mitch McConnell’s feet to the fire. He made a promise to the American public on the Senate floor” Ben Cardin on Don Lemon’s show tonight, and just about every other Democrat I’ve heard speak today. Because you know the GOP have always been about keeping their word, caring about immigrants, and doing the right thing. At least when it comes to anyone other than the super wealthy. The same turtle man who held up a supreme court seat for a year while the Dems sat by idly and did not a damned thing. The same GOP who made a secret pact (the caucus room conspiracy) to stop anything Obama wanted to do while the Dems sat by and did nothing. The same GOP who have stolen votes through voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and clearing voter rolls, better known as Crosscheck. THIS IS WHY THE DEMOCRATS KEEP GETTING THEIR ASS KICKED. Until progressives and working class folks change the make up of the Democratic party and replace it with true progressives with some balls we’ll keep seeing this pathetic group up there getting rolled by the thuggish GOP. It’s the same ole story, the Democrats come to the fight with milk and cookies, the GOP comes with bazookas and AR-15’s, and what you would expect in an unfair fight happens again and again. I want these spineless Dems to go down to the border, explain to the dreamers and other immigrants how they yet again trusted this lying ass GOP and failed them, and tell the Dreamers we’ll keep fighting for you as they watch them shipped out of the country. GOD I HATE MY PARTY!


Roger, this fight was not about DACA for me. It was about whether the Democrats had the spine and gonads to fight back, on anything. And like they’ve done time and time again, THEY CAVED! They can’t force any change at all because they’re too weak and feeble a party. This was about the intestinal fortitude to stand and fight the damned thuggish GOP, no matter what the issue. First of all, too many Dems agree with the GOP on military spending so that’s a losing battle from the get go, and too many Dems walk into negotiations with the GOP agreeing we need to cut spending and give tax cuts. So anything along that line is a non-starter. The Dems have proven yet again they won’t stand and fight for anything, including all the things you mentioned. And it’s not about the polls or their base, it’s about their millionaire and billionaire funders. The same funders who fund the other party. It’s never about their base because they so willing to turn their backs on us, no matter the issue. It is now and until we change our party, will always be about their funders orders. Did you notice the markets didn’t respond to the shut down the same way it always responds when the GOP shuts down the government. When the GOP shuts down the government the markets always fall. Why? Because they know the GOP has the courage of their convictions, and are willing to take the political hit for them. The markets understood it would only be a day or two before the Dems caved, so it continued as if nothing had happened in Washington. That one metric today ought to tell progressives just how pathetic the country views our party. We can’t get a reaction from Wall street by shutting down the government. THAT’S TRULY PATHETIC!


Their fears will materialize, have you been paying attention the past 30 or 40 years. Since the Clintons and the moderate/centrist/coporate Dems took over our party this has been their MO. Clinton got impeached by Gingrich and his gang of thugs, then he promptly signed legislation to get rid of glass steagell, to deregulate the markets and banks, to stop the CFTC led by Brooksley Borne form regulating derivatives, and I could go on. This is our modern Democratic party. Until progressives finally wake the hell up and realize this the sooner we can get about saving our party and taking it away from the moderate republicans who have taken it over.


I would be surprised if the Republicans give an inch on DACA without a government shutdown where the public mostly blames the Republicans. The Republicans are now the party of the alt-right. If there are two things the alt-right wants most at this time it is deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants and the Muslim ban. Right behind that would be building the wall, Schumer has a difficult task because rather than dealing with old Republican establishment he is dealing with party defending white supremacy. Maybe they will find some sort of compromise but it hard to see how that will happen without a shutdown that causes a lot of problems for the public.


This deal is the best Schumer was going to get. He got CHIP funded, so the Republicans don’t have that bargaining chip. He also got a promise—really Graham and Flake—of a vote on DACA. Once Graham and Flake cut bait, he was alone.

Here’s the deal: I need someone to explain to me how Paul Ryan was going to budge if the government continued to stay closed. How? How was children losing health insurance going to play when the ads hit the airwaves? The cable media—see Dana Bash—already bought White House framing, and Republicans control the agenda. Change Congress, and this wouldn’t be happening.


Yes, your point is completely clear / understandable.

Notwithstanding the humanitarian / decency aspects of protecting the “Dreamers”, I merely suggest that there are more essential / fundamentally important positions, ones that affect ALL Americans and democracy itself. Game-changers. Those are the ones that are worth considering when you are a minority party with limited ability to put your agenda on the table.

In fact, the Niemöller quote points out part of the problem I see: Do we protect Dreamers but not, say, the very many refugees that the U.S. is by its policies afflicting? What about those who are denied equal treatment under the law in the U.S…i.e. who are murdered by cops or otherwise denied justice because they happen to be black?

I think you see what I’m getting at: when there are so many injustices, how do you decide which takes precedence at such a moment?

That’s why I think it more important to push for a game changer at a more fundamental level.


I understand your points. And yes, I know full well that the things I suggested as more valid reasons to force a shut-down are, for many D’s, a non-starter, for reasons we both understand. But for me, it’s virtually a waste of time to “stand and fight” if it is not itself a game-changer.

Just think of what the D’s might have accomplished, for example, if they put something momentously pro-democracy front-and-center in their demands. They wouldn’t have won the issue, but then they’d have won the hearts and minds of far more people than they will have in fighting for DACA.


Roger, I agree with your third paragraph. Part of what saddens me is that this country has the capacity to broaden the umbrella and do a LOT of good for a LOT of people…but our umbrella and capacity are twisted, selfishly narrowed, manipulated, etc.

I’d much rather see us doing humanitarian and infrastructure policies and projects than bombing so many countries and invading one way or another so many more. What a waste of money and manpower.

Yes, it’s hard to set priorities… game changers? Wouldn’t that be grand? Start little and focused or big and…revolutionary…?


The fools haven’t changed at all. They will lose in November, I’m convinced now.


The last poll I saw showed 87% of Americans supported DACA. No doubt this 87% depended on Democrats to stand strong against Republicans and have now lost their trust. What Democratic fools…


Yup, I’m from Oly. Cantwell and Murray both are sell outs on the senate side. They consistently vote AGAINST single payer, for instance. Meanwhile, Denny Heck is pulling up the rear - also another BS artist (not very convincing BS actually) as to why he’s against single payer. Each of these 3 on the payroll of the rich and famous obviously.


And Republicans control the agenda in Congress and what comes up for a vote. You want that poll to matter then Congress has to change hands. Schumer has zero control over Paul Ryan, none. CHIP was extended and with Graham and Flake cutting bait after McConnell’s “promise” to hold a vote on DACA, what more do you think Schumer could’ve gotten? How would that have played with cable news spinning on about Democrats blocking the CHIP expansion (see Dana Bash)?

This ain’t magic here. Pissing on Schumer for playing the best hand he was dealt. If Democrats controlled Congress, CHIP would’ve been on the president’s desk months ago and he would’ve already vetoed DACA twice.


Not a great deal, but none as far as the Duopoly and its Oligarchy owners are concerned. We the People have got to work on uniting in the goal of taking back our nation, the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and getting rid of every vestige of the currently existing Fourth Reich, and the wealthy, arrogant, Oligarchy that owns it. That means cleaning out the sewer rats and lackeys that inhabit the Senate and House, and those that infest the Executive, “Justice” Department and Judiciary.
*Then, We the People can concentrate on finding honest, dedicated people to fill those posts in our name.
*Beats kissing the bum of one Oligarchy owned sock puppet to defeat the other. That is what has been happening for decades and it just gets worse for us and increases the wealth and graft of the Duopoly and its wealthy masters.


Absolutely touché! Great post.

Not my party anymore. I went to the Greens. Unfortunately, LOTE voting has now taken on a demonic meaning…