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While Shooting Massacres of Kids Could Not, Dog Killed by Airline Spurs GOP Senator to Act Fast

While Shooting Massacres of Kids Could Not, Dog Killed by Airline Spurs GOP Senator to Act Fast

Julia Conley, staff writer

The story of a puppy who died on a United Airlines flight this week shocked many Americans, after reports surfaced that a flight attendant put the dog's crate in an overhead bin despite the owner's protests.

Apparently the triggering story was actually about the flight attendant’s failure to listen to a passenger with an accent. They didn’t understand that there was a live puppy in the soft duffle-type carrier (not a crate). United has said it will immediately produce and distribute tags for everything that might contain a live “PET.”

I think United has a bigger diversity problem than it has a killing-pets problem.

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Just GFY…Won’t protect kids…shameless bastard!!!

Obviously, the very little known DOG PAC has contributed more to the GOP coffers than anyone knew. I guess there’s more to the animal donations than just the stuff on the front lawn.

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There is a bit of a constitutional issue involved here in the case of guns, but the article point is a fair one to make. The reality is if we cared, we could change any law/rule on the books, so we must live with our collective decision-making process when it comes to murdered children.

But if we’re going to use gun statistics, we should be fully transparent about the reasons:

“They found that, among the deaths, 53% were homicides, 38% were suicides, 6% were unintentional, and 3% were related to law enforcement or undetermined. Among the injuries, 71% were assault, 21% were unintentional, 5% were related to law enforcement or undetermined, and about 3% were from self-harm.”

It may be that a gun is a more successful method of suicide than other methods, but lets at least be honest, nearly 4/10 of the children deaths weren’t directly due to the gun, unless we believe guns significantly amplify suicidal tendencies.

Being dishonest with statistics simply gives the opposition a credible counter-attack which only serves to make the issue even more divisive.

What the hell is your point??? Regarding suicide, access to a gun greatly amplifies the probability of success of the suicide. “Tendencies” has nothing to so with it. I have had suicidal tendencies at times in my life, but never having the unmatched ease and effectiveness of a gun within reach to act upon the suicidal impulse, I had to take the time to plan the suicide by other means - which was enough time to come to my senses. But, like most right wing subhuman fucks, you don’t give a flying fuck about those with mental illness, don’t you???

And come to think of it, lack of access to a gun - especially a concealable handgun - is probably what saved me from committing murder due to the various tormenter-bullies I suffered through back when I was young…


Then there is this puppy incident - which the right-wing fucks that populate the State of Idaho and adjoining parts fully supported…

@Yunzer has an important point, but I decline to endorse his grumpy sign-offs today. A recent study of teenage suicide found the highest rate of attempts among Latinas of about 15 years of age. But that group had the lowest rate of successful suicide, and the lowest rate of using guns. The group with the highest rate of success? Highest rate of using guns, boys 12-18 (I think it was; I’ll find the link if you want it, though we’re going a bit off topic).

My own child’s experience demonstrates the difference with max poignancy. They duct-taped a bag over their head and laid down in bed to wait to use up the air. But that took long enough for them to think about which member of their beloved family would find them there, and to decide not to inflict that pain on any of us. If they’d had access to a gun, there’s much less chance to have the time to think of those left behind.

Guns don’t kill dogs; planes do. Safe territory for the NRA cheerleaders.


GOPer calls for “idiot control” without even a hint of irony. Come November, let’s hope that we voters decide that it’s high time for “idiot control”, and sweep republicans from all positions of authority.


Another “family values” Repug that the country is required to take seriously (along with the rest of his party).

They? Like R and J? That would have been horrible!

The true value of human children to the powerful is revealed, inadvertently.

Cue up, Compared To What by the visionary jazz musican Les McCann, accompanied by Eddie Harris on drums, and close your eyes. Take a deep breath of the American Dream, of the Exceptionalism, of the Indispensable and of our shared destiny manifested, of course.
Then, sit, rollover and fetch, of course.

You mis-typed one word: in this case I suggest it should be “sit, rollover, and wretch” … :sunglasses:

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I don’t know who you mean by your snark, but “they” is my child’s preferred pronoun, particularly when I’m speaking publicly about their experiences. Check it out. I’m one of the world’s grammar nerds, and I’m getting used to it.

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It was not a snark. It was concern. Everybody who read your post assumed that you where referring to two or more poeple in some kind of horrible suicide pact.

I very much doubt “everybody” was ignorant of the acceptability of the singular “they,” or of the number of people who choose it as their pronoun. I said “child” singular as the referent of the pronoun.

But now please let it go.