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'While the Rest of the World Burned,' Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than Any Other Year in History


'While the Rest of the World Burned,' Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than Any Other Year in History

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a year in which so much of the world faced deep poverty, the corrosive effects of austerity, and extreme weather caused by the worsening human-caused climate crisis—from devastating hurricanes to


Bernie told us, "Billionaires are going to buy this election."

How could We believe that They would do anything equitable for the masses?



Money and resources are two very different things.

If you continue to have children, and blame everything on people who “have money” then you’re missing the distinction. People who have money are now caught in the same habitat collapse.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we can not eat money.” Chief Seattle


During the Black Death in the Middle Ages, people did resort to eating each other.

So, be careful what you wish for.


I say, “Make them into fertilizer.”

Perhaps that is something they might be good for.


Just a fine point…
billionaires “made” money, no it was stolen


Rust mold is destroying forests around the world as the climate grows more humid. Ocean habitats collapse from the water heating up. Fresh water is running out. Fresh water lakes are dying.

Microbes are going to love it.


Just a finer point. We live on a planet.

Every person who has a child without knowing beforehand where resources were going to be to support that child, stole from the habitat. Basically, it was saying, no matter what I do, the habitat will find a way to support my decisions.

That’s just bad math.


Eat the Rich.


and what did I say?, it was stolen


Not “We” … Them! We… won’t be here. The billionaires left can start eating the others as All of them will be very hungry.


Soylent … Orange?


We… are dying faster…


I suppose this a time when we should come up with something clever to say but I’m too angry at one particular rich man. Trump is trying to tell Americans the sky is green when sane people know it is blue. Preexisting condition coverage is the ACA coverage, not the republican one, and all sane people know it. This lie is a bridge too far and something decisive must be done about it.


Yeah, good luck with that. When they leave the shelter, (if they survive which is unlikely,) they will step out onto a planet far different than the one we are on now. Every city in the world uses the same resources at this point. All the chemicals, nuclear plants, weapons, and other poisons will have leaked all over the world.

We can assume that most species will either die or be disrupted, making growing food, or hunting for food extremely unlikely.

Fires will spread. Disease will spread. Microbes will just go wild with delight eating up all the new sources of food.

The local convenience store will be closed. No Wal Mart. No internet.

If by some chance someone in some remote area does survive, they will probably not do so for long. You can’t drink water polluted by chemicals and radiation and disease.

If it happened very slowly, species would adapt. But over night?



No, it’s pretty much sinking pretty evenly at this point. The wealthy homes in California burn just the same as the poor ones.


Agreed! But as I keep saying, no one is up for the challenge! What are people so afraid of? They’re gonna die anyway.


Realistically? Job security. Fear of harm or jail time. That’s the fear part. The rest are too timid, too lazy, unaware, or uncaring.


There are 7 billion of us and a few thousand of them! What is our problem. Where are those hungry Frenchmen?