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While the Two Koreas Talk, Trump Is Throwing Shade


While the Two Koreas Talk, Trump Is Throwing Shade

Christine Ahn

As South Korean and North Korean athletes walk together during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, carrying a One Korea flag, the Trump administration is actively working to undermine the good vibes flowing across the DMZ.


Thank you, Christine! I’m glad that you not only pointed out the disdain that NK (really, everyone with decency and a cerebellum) has towards this backwards administration, but ran a photo that so perfectly captures the truth of a multitude of angles in this situation.
Pence is a caveman, and the entire republican establishment suits. These high school lunchroom tactics, bringing guests to sit right next to your enemy in the hopes of riling them, and being sure to get a photo op in, to prove how antagonistic the repugs can be…
Such disgusting theatre, and so blatantly obvious. No nation needs help with replacing it’s totalitarian regime more than the U.S. and it’s various allies and handlers.
I sincerely hope that the sane parts of the world can muster the courage to encourage peace, and join hands against the entire empire, not just those with red, white and blue pieces of cloth dangling from their pride-sticks.


Trump is a shade.


Sounds like Madeline Albright is still stumbling her way through Foggy Bottom.


Question the feasibility of any 100% renewable transition that denounces pumped hydro. Right now the majority of all energy storage capacity maintained by pumped hydro. All advances battery storage not remotely close. ALL LIES. Let us forgive each other. Let us do that, gods, goddesses, please, forever…


Oh I love you


Yes indeed, romancing the last forbidden followers embracing kindness,
forgiveness. Yes love. love you. love you forever. Forever…


Oh kisses and hugs


I fervently long for the day when the more civilized countries of the world just say “no” to economic sanctions against the people of any country. As an American, and a veteran, I
am sick and tired of my country throwing its weight around. No more illegal wars, please! Can’t we ever just tend to our own business? Live and let live!


A cheap-shade stunt by an ignorant “religious” extremist that wouldn’t know diplomacy, common decency or ordinary courtesy if his worthless life depended on it…a perfect idiot VP for the odious trump pathology regime.


but a perfect fit to lead a rogue nation…with theocratic icing.


Probably true, but the Amerikan, fascists will tell you it is worth it!


Our species is in a race between enlightenment and extinction. A race unfortunately we are clearly going to lose. We are a flawed and twisted species. We destroy whatever we touch. That is the sad truth.


It seems North Korea, in sending Kim yo jong, forgot that Mike Pence isn’t allowed to meet with her unless his wife is present to chaperone them.


Interesting - also the dark in a closet that hasn’t figured out that when the door opens the darkness he clutches so close and manipulates won’t spread outside and protect him when light floods in.


pence: late 14c., contraction of penies, collective plural of penny. Spelling with -ce reflects the voiceless pronunciation.

But wait!! that related to shilling (like being a shill??) Old English scilling, a coin consisting of a varying number of pence (on the continent, a common scale was 12 pennies to a shilling, 20 shillings to a pound), from Proto-Germanic *skillingoz- (source also of Old Saxon, Danish, Swedish, Old Frisian, Old High German skilling, Old Norse skillingr, Dutch schelling, German Schilling, Gothic skilliggs).

Then there is the French homonym… pense (to think) apparently not… just carry that water…


Wow, I’ve saying what you posted for years. I call my country the bully of the world.


Good post. I would only change the word species to European descendants. As best as I can tell, the indigenous people from all over the world take very good care of the earth.