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'While There Is Hunger, We Will Never Have a Peaceful World': Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to UN World Food Programme

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/while-there-hunger-we-will-never-have-peaceful-world-nobel-peace-prize-awarded-un


Finally - a return to honor.

Well earned - totally appropriate - very tribal - our DNA roots - because that’s who we are.

"Where there is conflict, there is hunger. And where there is hunger, there is often conflict," he said. "Today is a reminder that food security, peace, and stability go together. Without peace, we cannot achieve our global goal of zero hunger; and while there is hunger, we will never have a peaceful world."


Indeed! A worthy pick. Although I was rooting for the Cuban Doctors.

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A very worthy group also.

While we still have capitalism we will never have prosperity, peace and plenty to eat.

Laudible organizations and charities such as WFP, War on Want, Oxfam will always exist unless we permanently change the system. And changing the president of the USA will be pointless to solving problems of poverty.

The planet produces an abundance of food and resources for all. Capitalist economic rule - no pay, no get - ensures the poor go hungry and homeless.


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A safe choice that few can object to.

And it avoids the right-wing flak that awarding it to the Cuban medical brigade that
saves lives from disasters – including the current pandemic – would have provoked.
The Henry Reeves Brigade of courageous medical professionals has already suffered
from the wrath of Pomouseo/Abrams/Bolton, etc.

The peace prize outed itself as a cynical joke when Henry Kissinger got it,
hilarity that carried on when Obama got it – stirring envy in Drumph.

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