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While Trump Equivocates on Charlottesville, Nationwide Rallies to Denounce White Supremacy

While Trump Equivocates on Charlottesville, Nationwide Rallies to Denounce White Supremacy

Common Dreams staff

In response to a weekend gathering of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia—during which one anti-racist demonstrator was murdered and many others injured on Saturday during an act of domestic terrorism—progressive and civil rights groups are sponsoring hundreds of rallies nationwide on Sunday to speak out against hate and racism.


Good to see these rallies against hate. This hate agenda that Trump refuses to condemn is very dangerous and needs to be replaced by a love agenda before it gets out of hand and more innocent people are murdered by Trump’s equivocation.


Like the Governor said: “Go home” Go back to your caves and wipe the blood off your knuckles and the snot off your chins and practice walking upright. Trump you unleashed this crowd, now reel them in. This isn’t the WWW. These are testosterone junkies on the loose.

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Ultimately the hate rally is about social discontent about an aimless future, dressed up as nationalistic fervour.

By and large, people with full bellies, secure jobs and futures do not throw themselves into revolution and riot.

so all aspiring totalitarian regimes must encourage the malcontent to do this in the early stages, knowing that when the dictatorship is fully formed, there will be no shortage of recruits to undertake the real dirty work when it becomes necessary

–if you find that hard to take in, check Germany in the 30s. The same people are re-emerging to find scapegoats for their perceived social problems.

It is explained more fully here:

This is just the start of the downward slide into tyranny if it isn’t stopped now.

As the basic economy fails to live up to collective expectations, this will repeat itself again and again


I have always felt that cultural diversity is America’s most admirable trait and greatest strength. We speak more than 200 languages and have as many worldviews and philosophies, rituals, and culinary arts. Perhaps more than any other country. Something we should not only tolerate but rejoice in and celebrate. Black Lives Matter!


The fish rots from the head. We’ve got a gov’t run by real Kleptocrats, two corrupt legacy parties, a chicken shit 4th estate, ancient domestic agendas, reactionary foreign policies, right wing hacks in control of the airwaves funded by Wall St., a bunch of Faux-Christian Flat Earthers spewing gibberish once a week, an intrusive police and security state, foreign gov’ts pouring billions into our nation’s capitol, white people who need constant pampering… What could possibly go wrong?


Just figure out which course of action most of the plutocrats support, including the plutocrats who run the MSM, and then you will know which course of action is designed to divide the little people (by race, gender, etc…) so that they will never be able to achieve the solidarity necessary to have sufficient political power to prevent the plutocrats from taking complete control of the government and the society. Our social reality is of almost unbounded complexity, and it can be difficult to figure out what is going on through all the smoke of propaganda that continuously floods the information stream, so figuring out what the powerful and sophisticated support is often a good indicator of what path not to take.

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If anything good can be said about this weekend’s violence it’s that the country and the world can see, clearly, America’s original sin. Slavery and racism. We’ve never atoned and we’ve never been forgiven to this day. Let this weekend show the rest of America, those that poo poo the idea of racism, fascism, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, we can’t forget that it is all alive and well, while in the minority, certainly, but very active.
This group that can never seem to find their humanity, empathy and compassion, are empty, afraid and fighting against the ghosts of their past’s and their own ancestors. Hate and racism is a generational disease, passed from father to son till it becomes the culture. It is their culture they are fighting to preserve, not because it’s right but because it’s theirs. It’s familiar in a world that is changing frantically.
Politicians use this of course to help add voters but these people are actually very sad and most are afraid of what’s coming. (Not apologizing for them) But they have to change and to do that someone or something has to reach them, really reach them. Politicians need to stop playing on their fears, it’s cruel and damaging to our country.
My heart is broken every time a death occurs because of racism. We have to free ourselves from this to survive. And you were afraid of a Islamic terrorist. Ha

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From The Guardian:

“No Democrat running for president has won the majority of white voters since Lyndon Johnson legally acknowledged that African-Americans were actually US citizens.”

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Well, that’s pretty close to clarity. In 2016, 43% of Democratic Party votes came from white folks. And, you can break that % down by region, too. But, what’s the point, really? We saw the white weasels pop out of their hole this weekend, didn’t we?
52% of white women voted for Trump, as well. So, there’s that elephant ( pink would be special ) in the room, too. Again, you could break that % down by region, too. But, what’s the point, really? You go, white lady who lunches, and attends Bible Studies.
Trump carried the Solid South hugely in 2016. What an odd thing for a White Supremacist Republican Presidential candidate to do, isn’t it? What are the odds on that? What a complete shocker, right?
The Electoral College was the first compromise to the slave-lovers.Then came the Missouri Comprise, four decades later. Then, the slippery slope slid into the West. And yet, a war was the slave-lovers’ final answer. Translation: we’re going to try to kill you.
Founded and grounded in the King James Bible and a need to own people; lock, stock and smoking gun.
Well, they’re now winning and spreading the Trump Doctrine of Fear & Loathing into every corner and community in the country. And, they still believe the problems of America reside with those city slickers; those damnable, unchurched heathens who have crazy ideas about what equality, human rights, due process and equal justice in the law truly means.
So, to heal this latest rift among all the 50 states, what compromise do we next have to contemplate?

Racist have a place in society. They are people genetically predisposed to looks like, sounds like and behaves like. SJWs can waffle on all the crap they wish but societies with a particular appearance are definitive proof of genetic racism, we would all be mulato if that were not true.
They should not be reviled and attacked, you need to reach out to them, to ease them into greater diversity, attacking them for their genetic tendencies is pretty vile and exclusive, answering one from of genetic prejudice based around appearance with another based around behaviour.
This is just another tool of the bosses to break up workers, to create divisions, instead of reaching out to racists workers and bringing them into the fold, we a letting screaming nothings drive them out, drive them into the rapacious maws of manipulative bosses, this being done by tiny annoying, useless minorities who care about no on but themselves, their media attention and their chance to cash in with the bosses for breaking up the workers for exploitation.

Compromise - an ugly word.

I always get the feeling that we are too close - can’t see the forest for the trees.

“In the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner” (Vedic civilization sound bite)


You mention the King James Bible.

It’s fear - “the only darkness” - at the root.

This is not correctable.

If there is to be a future - courage must prevail, because human nature will not change.


"When we talk of the big bang or the fabric of space, what we are doing is not a continuation of the free and fantastic stories that humans have told nightly around campfires for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the continuation of something else: of the gaze of those same men in the first light of day looking at tracks left by antelope in the dust of the savannah - scrutinizing and deducting from the details of reality in order to pursue something that we can’t see directly but can follow the traces of. In the awareness that we can always be wrong, and therefore ready at any moment to change direction if a new track appears; but knowing also that if we are good enough we will get it right and will find what we are seeking. This is the nature of science.

The confusion between these two diverse human activities - inventing stories and following traces in order to find something - is the origin of the incomprehension and distrust of science shown by a significant part of our contemporary culture. The separation is a subtle one: the antelope hunted at dawn is not far removed from the antelope deity in that night’s storytelling.

The border is porous. Myths nourish science, and science nourishes myth. But the value of knowledge remains. If we find the antelope, we can eat."

Page 69. “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” Carlo Rovelli (2014).

The Forest and the Trees.

My first reply might be difficult to understand - it happens.

So here is something more to the point, from The Guardian, by a 94 year old WW1 Brit:

Trump is equivocating on Charlottesville because he knows that the White Supremacists involved probably voted for him. And that is because they easily recognize him as a White Supremacist. A lot of Whites voted for Hillary in this last election is a false equivalency in that they were most likely not White Supremacists. After Barrack Obama was a two term Black American president, there are probably very few if any supremacists in the Democratic Party. So how do we get Trump to do what most presidents would do in this situation? How about a nice letter of respect to the family of that young woman that lost her life after being hit by that car. How about some type of statement against racism? The two things Trump has not mentioned yet in response has been White Supremacy and racism. He shouldn’t be in the White House…

Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

Similar to the President and millions of other Americans, I naturally deplore the senseless abhorrent carnage that occurred Saturday in Charlottesville VA. Conversely, I have a slightly different posture/suggested tact than probably most people concerning the carping media constantly hell-bent to poke/stoke criticism of our President in an apparent feigned attempt to coerce fostering healing our nation/our apparent racial divide. Why? I respectfully believe we need to step back a moment and to examine closely one of the salient factors that in my opinion helped to precipitate triggering this dastardly event in Charlottesville.

The VA Chancellorsville Council voted to remove the statue of the Commanding General of the Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee from a public park. Quite frankly, after so many intervening years to besmirch, to impugn so ignominiously General Robert E. Lee’s justifiable place, stature and memory in America’s/American history albeit warts and all was/is an egregious mistake in my opinion.

If the Charlottesville, VA Council hadn’t voted/explicitly issued such a controversial/misguided edict, I personally don’t think that Charlottesville, VA would necessarily/realistically have been ground zero for a White Supremacist rally. Really! Sometimes proverbial “discretion is the better part of valor” and a “null decision,” [In this case I think/respectfully believe a “null decision” was called for if matters had been thoroughly thought through] a positive decision to do nothing in management science, would have been/is an optimal propitious posture concerning current longstanding statues of Confederate leadership/luminaries. What do you think?

Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around bigotry and hatred. I grew up in a small village in south central Wisconsin during the 50s and 60s. It wasn’t until I graduated high school and went to college that I first saw black people. I moved to Madison and became a hippie/flower child, and after a few years enlisted in the US Army. Throughout my life, I have met people from many different countries, and of many different religions. I took those opportunities to learn more about their cultures and their religious beliefs. In a strange way, it was my way of “changing” the world by forging friendships with culturally diverse people and religions. I simply can’t understand the hatred and violence that manifested itself over the weekend in Charlottesville.

Odd how those who talk of love are on Gov payrolls, college and University grants who spread their wealth to those who think only as they do.
We live in a Nation that has institutionalized Hatred towards all non Americans on an International level, and depend upon the wealth outright exploited by criminal means or stolen from conquered peoples ovrr their spilled blood, All this from a nation of love
American Democracy has always been formented and putridly fermented in a culture of, What is in it for me.
We destroy our real history truths for, “Well if it was not that way, we think it should of been”.
There has never been even before our Sovereign Founding a unifying single national culture other than make a buck and if I can get some over my fellow peoples good for me and tough on them.
Political pawns used to keep racial and religion including atheism, divisions on a constant slow
burn, so that those mentaly myopic who can see means to profit off of these slow hates will damned well do so.
Hatred today and the stopping of free speech by the left is way more virulent and poisonous to American Liberty and Freedom than any small group of White Supremesis

Lee was born 65 miles from the Char’ville area. He could be honored there, without all the trouble. But, the Old Confederates have to put those things everywhere. Why, so often are the Commons then chosen? Venture a guess?
Besides, Trump doesn’t like losers. So, to honor Lee the Unioin should have put a statue of him on the Mexican-American border, where he was successful. And, dressed him in the proper uniform, too. That would be poetic; Lee on a horse wearing a U.S. Army uniform, in a state with about two and a half million self-identifying white supremacists.
Or, in San Antonio where he hung out after the war.
Next to the Alamo sounds about perfect.