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While Trump Opens National Parks to Fossil Fuel Drilling, Fee Hikes Would Lock Out Vacationing Families


While Trump Opens National Parks to Fossil Fuel Drilling, Fee Hikes Would Lock Out Vacationing Families

Julia Conley, staff writer

"While Republican leadership looks to slash taxes for billionaires, price hikes at our National Parks will hurt working Americans."


Gee, let me guess. Then the R’s will be able to say “see, no one is going to the parks anymore, let’s drill! New revenue stream for us…urh…I mean the government.”


When I look at what is happening in the once United States of America, now the Fourth Reich, I think there should be some honesty in advertising from the current regime.
*I’ve noticed that many of the peace and anti-war groups have the US flag with a peace symbol in the blue field. It shows their intent, their mission.
*I think the Reich should modify the flag as well. I propose exchanging the blue field for a red one, with a white circle in the middle with a black swastika in it. That will show the world, and this nation and its people, its intent and its mission. The government and their billion and trillionaire masters are working hard, every day, to remove money, and our civil rights, and inflict poverty, homelessness and ill health to anyone who is not in their gilded group.
So I say to the government, be proud and fly that flag so all will know what they are dealing with.
(Someday, perhaps We the People will be able to change it back.)


But at least he killed the TPP, right?


This is the typical republican agenda that voters do not get. They talk of supposedly cutting their income taxes for maybe one or two years (and this is really questionable). Unfortunately, there is not enough money coming in so they have to raise fees, which in essence, is a regressive tax on middle income/working families. What goes up ? park admissions, auto license plates, hunting/fishing license fees, small business license fees, sales tax, gas tax, etc.


And those hunting/fishing fees, auto license fees should make the resident evil’s “base” VERY happy, indeed…but in all their ignorance, they will blame congress or their state’s governor/legislature and never their vaunted venal vile emperor.


But . . .   But . . .   Big Oil, along with Big Pharma, Wall Street, and the Health Insurance Industry, owns “our” government and all our “public” lands – they bought and paid for them 100% legally with “campaign contribu­tions” – so what’s the beef?  Besides, who wants ‘bushels of despicables’, ‘deplorables’, or whatever they are overcrowding and despoiling our beautiful National parks — they should be reserved for those sophisticated enough to appreciate them from a limousine, not from the back of a smelly old mule!


I think costs of admissions at National Parks should be based on one’s income, with it being free to anyone making less than $50,000 a year/%75,000 for couple, $30 bucks per car for anyone making between $50K and $250k/$75K-$350K for couple, and $1000 for every $1 million of income (all types) that someone makes. That makes more sense than Zinke’s/Trump’s plan. Rich people can afford it if they really want to go.

And Fossil Fuel drilling in national parks - absolutely absurd.


The National Park that I fell in love with nature at was Shenandoah National Park, just an hour or so drive from the family house and the only motivation I had to bother getting a drivers license and a used $350 Chevy Biscayne. Back in those days (the 1970s) the toll for cars on Skyline Drive was $2.00 or something. No other fees - and the idea of charging fees from people just for walking in from a trailhead on the park border would have been outrageous. But now, in addition to the new $70 Skyline Drive fee, it will cost $30 to merely walk into the park. This is pretty outrageous as nearly all users of Shenandoah are day hikers and picnickers from the local area.

Well, its time for for guerilla park use. Park at an obscure location at the park’s hundreds-mile long border and bushwhack in. They don’t have nearly enough staff to enforce this fee.

And there are still a lot of nice places on still completely free National Forest land not much further away…


And we are also done with those Hillary-loving “people of color” and their annoying “identity politics.” The left and right are finally united in defending the interests of the noble and virtuous, non-elitist, White Heterosexual Working Class…

…What are saying? No! We white people are not just another “identity”; we’re normal people! Only the blacks, spicks Muslims, chinks gays, lesbians etc are hung up with this “identity” stuff!


Well, let’s just be happy the progressive peace candidate of 2016 is in office.


These idiotic morons have no respect for nature and want to eventually gift the national parks lands to themselves. They see everything as a commodity to be exploited. I just don’t know where they will go when there is no more land left to exploit on this planet.

We have to get more vigilante by taking the matter into our own hands since the wealthy have declared war on we the people. No oil or gas or any other kind of for profit exploration should be allowed on public lands without a national referendum.


No it’s better to block all corporate oil/gas extraction equipment from entering our national parks. That is our collective land not to ever be exploited for a profit.


But, I heard here in 2016 that Hillary’s climate change incrementalism would kill the planet. Well, count me as happy that we’ve drained the swamp of those horrible non-park defending environmental incrementalists. This is the Revolution baby, the Trump Revolution.


While I don’t think you have to be a billionaire to afford a $70 parking pass an increase of the fee by more than double should receive a lot of negative comments. One would expect to have shell out a lot money a some place like Disneyland but not a national park. At least Trump is not privatizing the parks. Well, at least not yet.


Since when did anyone care if attacks on Hillary Clinton from the left make any sense. The idea is to attack, not make sense. Supposedly she is too close to Wall Street so anything goes. And for the Republicans, she is too liberal so also anything goes. And for Putin, she is too strong a defender of Western democracy so anything goes. Attack Hillary Clinton from the left, from the right, and from Russia. That should do it. Trump wins. A fascist in the White House. Racists in the West Wing. Nice things being said about Putin by a US president. People wanted change and they sure got it.


This plan smells fishy. I think Zinke the Zero and his troll boss are proposing this knowing that it will be unpopular and fail after which they will use it as an excusee to further privatize the National Park system.


The park I was discussing (Shenandoah) has no oil or gas or any other natural resource, thank goodness.

The hardscrabble hillbillys who lived in this once-remote area sure fought the condemnation of their land for the establishment of the park though.


Putin and Medvedev, and Yeltsin before them, are nothing if not hard-right-wing oligarchs just like Trump. The Soviet Union would never have supported Trump or Clinton.


In some ways I miss having the USSR around.