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While Trump Stokes Division, Warnings Against Ignoring Ongoing Crisis in Puerto Rico


While Trump Stokes Division, Warnings Against Ignoring Ongoing Crisis in Puerto Rico

Jon Queally, staff writer

"No matter what crazy stuff Trump is up to now let's keep in mind Puerto Rico really needs our attention and help."


This is an opportunity for Puerto Rico to transition to a sustainable community and not simply rebuild. And for the rest to us to help make this a better outcome.


The United States won’t let them become their own country, won’t let them become A state- They are just A possession of this country- Do we owe them any responsibility in this crises? They are Citizens of the USA- I say Yes!


The ginger chimp foments war abroad, kisses Nutty-yahoo’s ass, supports neo-nazis, stokes division with sports players, calls for more deregulation and exploitation of natural resources, supports trashing protected/public lands, and tweets his idiot fool head off, but has been silent and absent on the devastation and crisis in Puerto Rico…must be a racist thing with him, or not a really good photo op. - Frelling shallow mental scum!


Seriously, did anyone here at Common Dreams believe Dotard Donald would give a rats ass about those in need in Puerto Rico?

There’s no money in it for him or his offspring.


There’s really no money in dead Puerto Ricans for Dumpy. The NFL, however, is a business worth billions and bullies like making billions while the dead plebes wash in the tide. Republicans bomb defenseless kids and hide the dead. If you can do this America, you can do anything. We are beyond the realm of reason, it’s like a ride on the acid trip of a paranoid, psychopathic lunatic with a Napoleonic Complex. Empathy for hurricane survivors, not so much. Insane and our Court of Jesters can’t get the Imperial Guard to toss him out. Desperate people will begin to do desperate things in Puerto Rico. Resist.


Nutty-yahoo is priceless Emphyrio.


I have yet to hear any democrat,republican or news outlet talk about funding for Puerto Rico. It would be a great opportunity for a solar company to make a name for itself.


Some people - the wrong ones - are paying attention. There’s no crisis that some people can’t profit from. They’re looking to privatize the electric grid. https://theintercept.com/2017/09/12/in-wake-of-hurricane-irma-vultures-eye-puerto-ricos-electric-grid-for-privatization/


In an earlier time, there would have already been convoys of ships taking relief personnel and supplies to Puerto Rico. There would be flights of airborne supply parachute drops. The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are our responsibility. That’s what it means when you own something.

In every preceding generation, we have had a few great statesmen. Not so much anymore. What we now have are politicians who serve ideologies. not the people. Certainly not all the people. We are living in a time of national insanity and upside-down priorities. As Chris Hedges says, it is an “Empire of Illusion”.


Where is the army? There can be no more blatant evidence of trump’s sociopathology than his ignoring Puerto Rico’s needs. And where are the talking heads on this matter? And why aren’t they calling out the orange sicko on this? It’s because they are also racist and thus complicit in those non-actions. My god, what has happened to our humanity? We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of Americans without water, food, sewage disposal, shelter, medical care, just to start. And not a peep from this miserable, treasonous, racist deplorable person. May he burn in Hell forever.


Unfortunately, that company is likely to be Chinese. They are years ahead of us when it comes to solar, which shows just how vacuous the GOP is when it come to real entrepreneurship and job creation. Democrats are not without fault, as the party echoed its approval of the same policies by voting for them and pursuing them while in power. One has to be in the club and prescribe to the club’s values and positions in order to benefit from membership. Neoliberalism, neoconservatism, fascism, corporate rule–all of them exist to keep the USA moving backwards.


I doubt there’s anything left for the corporations to snag either. So, no, it doesn’t look good for the Puerto Rican’s.


One of life’s inconsistencies is the Mormon Church. I am no fan of organized religion, and the Mormon myth is completely over the top, imo. (And that is saying something. Virgin birth?) Their history of intolerance is well known, especially when it comes to women of all ages and alternative genders. It is an enemy to real democracy as its adherents are taught not to question their elders. Did I mention I live in Utah?

That said, I tip my hat to the Mormon people. In every recent global disaster where a Mormon mission exists (and that’s just about everywhere), the Church has been among the first to respond. I am grateful to be able to donate items (instead of money which gets winnowed away for administration fees and/or is used to grease palms) that will be air-freighted on cargo planes into the areas where supplies are most needed. They just did it again.

What does it say about this nation, when the Mormon Church, with its current and past history, does a better job of representing our values than our own government?


I’d rather hear about “bums bursting in air”.


Look back in history and you see plenty of hatred and hostility from people in power to go around. Having said that, Trump, and his ilk, trumps them all with his nonstop display of his intensive hatred, divisiveness and hostility to almost every group outside of his White Christian Supremacy group… I seriously wonder what happened to people like this in their childhoods that would drive them to be completely insensitive to others pain domestically and abroad, and in fact show delight in causing pain to others.


The tyrant has to have his adulation fix, which is why he was stumping in Alabama…a quagmire of his all white, vicious, ignorant, racist, pig-headed base and he will take every opportunity to take the bully pulpit to spew his vile invective. Meanwhile, the world watches his horror show knowing he is totally deranged. In D.C., the sycophants in congress see no evil, hear no evil while the emperor speaks NOTHING BUT EVIL. Silence the BEAST!

And as for Puerto Rico, he cares little about brown people, especially those whose ancestors were Black slaves. The Catholic Church, the Mormons, and all faiths are stepping up to provide aid and comfort to fill the void left by the despot at the helm


Not all Alabamians support this blowhard trump.


All it takes is a few hundred to wreak havoc…what next, a call for hangings and burnings at the stake?


Ignore is Trump’s middle name.

I’m sorry, make that “Ignoramus.”