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While Trump's Aims Again to Prop Up Coal, Campaigners Say Nothing 'Is Going to Change the Move Toward Clean Energy'


While Trump's Aims Again to Prop Up Coal, Campaigners Say Nothing 'Is Going to Change the Move Toward Clean Energy'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Following reports that Trump's Environmental Protection Agency will attack the climate again by neutering an Obama-era rule in an effort to revive the dying coal industry, environmental advocacy groups on Wednesday stressed that the march towards a clean energy future is unstoppable.


But this could be fun-----since so many coal miners are out of work anyway, Maybe they can collect some coal pieces to sell and mail it out for bad boys and girls who will get coal in their Christmas stockings. Then maybe all the boys and girls can then mail it to the White House, to remind Trump, that all kids, including Baron need clean air to breathe----and then mail stockings full of Coal to the White House! : ) If Mitt can have"binders full of women " American children can surely send socks full of coal. Won’t this be fun?


No, it won’t be fun. I am all for clean energy which is one of the reasons I am a vegan. However, instead of joking around _ I have heard that at least some coal miners are now working in clean energy and other jobs.


Hi mealouts-----oh yes it could be fun! Socks full of coal arriving at the White House. a wonderful way to send a message about how dirty coal can be, even if its wrapped in a sock.
A great way to raise Christmas money for those who have so little. And too I think a lot of people would enjoy showing how dirty and messy coal can be. It’s not an original idea of corse, Santa did the coal thing first, and as it worked for naughty boys and girls—it would certainly do so for naughty politicians : )


Many coal plants have been replaced by power plants that burn natural gas. This has greatly reduced carbon dioxide emissions but has not eliminated these emissions. Wind and solar do seem to be taking off but there is still a very long way to go and time is running out.


Yes, let’s do it! I’ll spend some money to mail Trump a stocking full of coal for Christmas! We could fill up the White House with a truck load of coal, all dumped on Trump, from Santa! That would send him message that he can’t ignore! I would get a laugh out of that! Naughty boys like Trump really deserve lots of coal in their stockings. We ought to send some to other Congressional republicans like McConnell, Jordan, Grassley, Graham, Nunes, Goodlatte, and others, as well. Happy Holidays, all you Trumpite bums!


Yes, and the gas industry lied to us and lied to Congress,because while burning natural gas reduces CO2, it is made of METHANE! And methane is much WORSE than even CO2 is as a greenhouse gas! They deliberately lied to everyone about this! Every gas pipeline leaks methane into the atmosphere, fracking harms underground water aquifers permanently and causes leaks of methane into the earth that comes up out of the ground. And all these homes, and buildings heated with piped in natural gas, especially in earthquake prone or fire prone areas like California, are exploding and bursting into flames! No one could pay me enough money to ever have natural gas piped into my home! I don’t want to die in a gas explosion! Natural gas is a nightmare!

The only answer is wind and solar! Janesville should be building windmills and get those workers there back to work! We should be putting windmills offshore, not oil rigs! Trump and these republicans are corrupt, greedy, evil criminals!


As has been pointed out, natural gas is not “clean energy” even if it replaces coal, but more important, there is no such thing as “clean energy.” All the renewables have considerable impact in their siting, manufacture, transmission, maintenance, and disposal. In New England solar “farms” threaten forests and real farms, and hydro transmission lines threaten natural areas. Far better to talk about reducing demand thru effiency, conservation, slowing human population growth though I realize “clean energy” is a feel-good sound bite.


Verification of your post is that I have driven through the places where there are miles of natural gas wells and they are posted with signs: WARNING DO NOT STOP POISONOUS ( METHANE) GAS.


Hi Bleeding-heart Pookie, yes it would be fun—so is anyone from West Virginia here, as you’ve got access to coal! It would be a way for West Virginia people to get some extra Christmas money… because their kids shouldn’t get coal, or nothing at all for Christmas.
Attention world, help the coal miner families in West Virginia by someone out that way organizing a COAL IN for Trump. : )