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While Vying for DNC Chair, Howard Dean Takes Moment to Praise Hank Paulson


While Vying for DNC Chair, Howard Dean Takes Moment to Praise Hank Paulson

Jon Queally, staff writer

Everyone has their version of history.

Even as he vies to reclaim his position to head the battered Democratic National Committee, former governor of Vermont Howard Dean on Wednesday morning went out of his way to praise Hank Paulson, the former Goldman Sachs executive who served as Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush during the financial crash of 2008.


Dean is just another corporate shill.

We need to build a massive Progressive Populist Party.


For-profit health insurance lobbyist, Howard Dean wants to head DNC. See how I just increased his chances.


It is really difficult for tigers to change their stripes.
The DNC has learned absolutely nothing from the Hillary debacle.
The Democratic Party is rapidly becoming irrelevant as they refuse to listen to the voters and instead only listen to their corporate sponsors.
I forgot who said it, but when two Republicans are on the ballot, then the voters will choose the Republican.
The Democratic Party needs to stop running Republicans and return to its roots.


I will make sure that two peaceniks I know here in Vermont who think this guy is great will get a copy of this article.


If the Democratic party does not clean-house of corporate/banker/wall street tools and sycophants to the Clinton/Obama corporate sell-out wing, they deserve ZERO support or respect, and will continue to lose elections and the people - unfortunately their betrayals to serve big-money screws us all!

Dean is a sell-out along with the other corporate DLC agents that steered the party, and progressive, inclusive, representation to defeat in two mid term elections, sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign and candidacy, leading to the HRC debacle and Trump nightmare "win". Dean, Pelosi, and all the other usual suspects must give power to new faces and ideals - retrenchment and BS faux "reforms" will not cut it - change or die, and good riddance if the party does not!
Either change the party leadership dramatically (not likely) or lose all credibility and support.


None of the pretend leaders of our political establishment including republicans, democrats and fringe parties are allowed access to power without first prostrating themselves before America's real power brokers...Zionist Jews who control the money. America will never realize prosperity and equality while allowing one race (Jews) with an ethnocentric agenda to control all the levers of power.


Dean is exactly what the Dim's don't need. If he becomes head of the DNC they will fall into irrelevance quicker than I thought. He's the blue dog dem we don't need and if Democrats want to change to win back their base they need to jettison this guy pronto.


It was Congressional Democrats, NOT Republicans, who gave Dubya enough votes to put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion in bankster bailouts. Had Congress used Gerald Ford's successful gubmit takeover of bankrupt northeast railroads in 1976 (Conrail) as a model for taking over distressed banks, breaking them up and selling them off for a profit, there is no way Trump would have been elected in 2016.

Railroading is 100 times more complex than banking. Banking is complex and confusing only because they make it that way to deceive and increase profits. By the time Trump becomes POTUS the five too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets in 2005 will control 50%, with nothing standing in the way of their march to monopoly,

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein



Howard Dean is a baby boomer, from the generation that came out of the 1960's preaching universal peace & love, then came out of the 1980's preaching "greed is good." Way back when they were wearing hippie clothes the boomers warned "never trust anyone over 30," and today that means them, the filthy rich and power-drunk establishment that is screwing up the world.


How truly sad it is to see Howard Dean become a craven corporate sell out.


Yes, they don't like to hear it, but it's unfortunately a ruinous and self-obsessed generation. It is certainly one of the worst generations the country has ever know. I would say it is certainly right up there.

The point is not to castigate boomers, but to analyze the serious flaws that occurred with the creation of the mindset of that generation and work not to repeat these and come up with national protocols to combat narcissism and all of the other ills that can beset a society.

If the species lasts that long, that is.


Dean epitomizes what is wrong with the Democratic party. Dean is a pathetic joke; but that makes him the perfect candidate to head the DNC. Nothing but a male Debbie Wasserman!


Wouldn't that be whine and cheese?


Howard Dean, who used to believe in single-payer healthcare has changed his mind and he also works for a pharmaceutical company as some kind of lobbyist. Now this further sellout. I say that Keith Ellison HAS to be the new head of the DNC if there is any chance at all that the Democratic Party can be saved from itself. Remember, in 2018 there will be a large number of Senate seats up for grabs and, if the Rethugs get most of them, we will be even more royally screwed than we are now.
I just read that Nancy Pelosi will remain as House Minority Leader. Oh gee, I wonder how she and her second, Steny Hoyer, are going to "work with" the Trump Regime. Apparently, she hasn't learned a damn thing in her years in the House. The Rethugs are waging political war on them and much of the country. They are MUCH better at taking away than giving.
We (the 98%) are in for a real shit storm that will make George W, Bush's 8 years look decent in comparison. I greatly fear for what is left of our democracy and our republic.


Good quote. One of my favorites because it is so true.


Go fuck yourself, you hate-filled asshole.


The neolib Dems will not go gentle into that good night. They will go kicking and screaming.


Dean go away. My God the parade of sellouts just never ends.


Charlie, quick, go to your nearest Synagogue, and meet some nice Jews. (I'm talking sincere willingness to embrace their humanity as individual people, this is not some coded command otherwise)

That's the first step in your recovery from ignorant hate.

Did I just defend AIPAC, the State of Israel, or Zionism as it relates to the repression of Palestinians?


Wrap your head around that one.