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While Warning of Nazi-Like Fascism and Corporate Crimes, Pope Francis Proposes Adding 'Ecological Sin' to Church Teachings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/16/while-warning-nazi-fascism-and-corporate-crimes-pope-francis-proposes-adding


Paraphrase Pope Francis: when I hear a speech by President, Trump it reminds me of Hitler’s speeches in 1934-36.


better than nothing but opposing birth control and favoring unlimited population growth as we near 8 billion people is an ecological crime


I would have more respect for Francis if he honestly accepted responsibility for the crimes of his church and their participation in the dysfunction of societies.


He should know, Hitler and most of his staff were Catholic.


True. They were the German, Christian Fascists of the 1930’s, just like the Bible Trumping Evangelicals are the current Amerikan, Christian, Fascists.


Indeed, an a good reason to have a separation between church and state.


Thank you Father for giving attention to the crimes of the powerful, and how they go unpunished.

May we have your blessings to handle it however we see fit?


LOL And now you will hear from the Population apologists…

in 3, 2, 1…

BTW, it’s also a crime against humanity, like protecting pedophiles


Judging by the way the Church of Rome has handled its generations long acceptance of child rape, I have no doubt that the college of cardinals will handle global warming with the same sense of urgency.

Give me a fucking break. Why save the earth just so pederasts can continue to defile children?


He does make a valid point, from both sides of his mouth.


The Pope has some surprisingly good policies that are totally logical, ethical, and necessary.
Unfortunately, he heads a dangerous sky-father cult and wealthy tax-exempt business known as an international pedophile ring, which tends to taint his progressive agenda and creds.
If he was to secularize the church and reconfigure it as a worldwide humanist/deep ecology organization, with a Board of Directors including Dawkins and other rational people, it would be a wonderful change, and would be the most helpful thing he could do for the world.


Yes, and the worship of human birth via gestation slavery enforced by Catholicism also has roots in secular society as well. Many self-described “non-religious” liberal and even progressive people think it’s wonderful to have 7.5 billion humans on earth and more born every day, even though each human is an accelerant of anthropogenic mass extinction that is happening right now and will destroy most of the biosphere.


There has never been a good reason not to.


That’s a great Idea, what a concept, we should try that! Maybe we should just outlaw all religious practices completely instead- I think the cost/benefit of doing so would weigh in our favor. Okay so the constitution says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” At bare minimum then, tax them, and get back taxes too. How is giving religious institutions tax exemption not “recognizing” or “respecting” religion? Everyone else has to pay them.


Good idea Pope Francis. It must include the sin of overpopulation, which together with gross inequality, underlies all our ecological problems. The Church could help immensely by endorsing Planned Parenting and contraception. To not remove its prohibition makes the Church one of the principals complicit in our tremendous ecological problems.


Organized superstition has always been at the forefront of atrocities done in the name of God…


Yeah, I think some of that plan has been tried before, though out history. I do agree that there should be a greater level of equality. Either by taxing everyone or taxing no one, The inequality predates history. There is also the idea of human evolution, religion is the agreement that we do this as a group and in a prescribed way. The truth is that doesn’t seem to be working well. Neither church nor state is beyond reproach.

It is a big task that you propose.

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest institutions on the planet. The total land holdings they control the world over is the size of the Province of Alberta in Canada. The Vatican bank has been charged a number of times with money laundering on the behalf of the Mafia and controls many billions in assets. In Vatican City itself tonnes of Gold are stored and owned by the Church. If the Church really wished to address poverty the world over, it could likely do it all by itself by dipping into some of that wealth.

They are a business though and I am sure those at the top of that institution will insist all of that wealth BELONGS to them.


Well the real task is getting the dunderheads the hell out of our politics so we aren’t slaughtering Muslims, or any other group on their account. As far as I’m concerned if you believe in booming voices in the sky you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, own firearms, or hold political office.