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While White House Touts Deregulations, Critics Denounce 'Craven' Pro-Corporate Policies


While White House Touts Deregulations, Critics Denounce 'Craven' Pro-Corporate Policies

"This is no victory. It's a willful failure by the administration to do its job protecting Americans."


Are Il Douche’s supporters just not aware of the amount of regulations that their Dear Leader has cut, endangering their and their children’s lives, or do they know it and don’t care? Or do they think it’s all left-wing “fake news” propaganda, despite the fact that it is all right there in the Congressional Record for all to see? Regardless of the answer, in my view they all deserve the fates that await them. Sadly, we will all be sharing those fates.


There is no way to address or correct the behavior of Trump or any of our
legislators as we really have leverage over them.
For more than 50 years we’ve been voting on hack-able electronic computers
which can be manipulated from a long distance.
The right wing 50 years ago found a way to move themselves into office and
to hold control of government without any involvement of the voters.
That happened in 1967 as the computers began to be put in place.
See: Votescam - The Stealing of America

At the time of GHWB, it was believed that Sununu had “manipulated” the
votes in favor of Bush via telephone lines. Today, I understand they may be
doing it via satellite.

Additionally, the large computers used by MSM came in about 1965 and
gave MSM immense new powers to announce “winners and losers” of our
elections based on 1% and even 0% of the vote.
Prior to that time, MSM were only permitted to report actual votes tallied.
2000 was one example of that power.
Electronic Voting and the Deep State