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While Workers Struggle for $15, CEOs Enjoy Obscene Pay Raises


While Workers Struggle for $15, CEOs Enjoy Obscene Pay Raises

Jake Johnson

Fight for $15 has emerged as one of the most prominent progressive movements in the United States by drawing attention to, among other issues, the role wage stagnation plays in the nation's worsening income inequality, and by forcing presidential candidates — even those on the Republican side — to contend with their calls for a living wage.

"The fight for a livable minimum wage is just one part of the wider fight against an economy that has given way to the influence of organized wealth."


Obscenely low wages are subsidized via SNAP programs and the like funded by taxes. They are theft of the commons just like MIC excesses. CEOs better get some good food tasters.


L’argent, Encore.
C’est Ennuyeux.

The basis of currency is changing.
It won’t completely do away with greed and corruption.
But some of these systemic cancers may be muted.


In 2014 [1], the CEO-to-worker pay ratio was … 373:1. In 2013, it was 331:1 [2].

The “wage gap” continues to increase. Inequality is continuing to skyrocket while many workers who are working 40 hours or more a week are living in or on the brink of poverty.

While the working class produce the products and provide the services that generate wealth, it is the capitalist class that collects and accumulates that wealth.

Are you feeling the need for a REVOLUTION yet?

The share of national income that goes to wages has fallen below 50 percent for the first time in 60 years, and in the last decade alone, there has been a shift of about $750 billion annually from labor to capital–truly Robin Hood in reverse.

This highlights one of capitalism’s most obscene contradictions: The system has created such enormous productivity increases that it would be possible to pay workers more money for a shorter workweek–yet the exact opposite is taking place. Workers are putting in more hours and getting paid less–while profits grow and the already super rich get super richer.

Source: http://socialistworker.org/2016/03/15/socialism-beyond-the-ballot-box

[1] The last year statistics are available.
[2] Statistical Source: http://www.aflcio.org/Corporate-Watch/Paywatch-2014


The Invisibility of U.S. Oligarchs: The Case of Penny Pritzker

Other countries, not the U.S., have oligarchs apparently.

Billionaire and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker came and went to the National Press Club with hardly a tough question on Monday…

It’s not just her job, or that she and her family is incredibly rich. It’s that Pritzker enriched herself by crashing a bank with sub-prime loans, causing 1,400 people to lose their savings. In addition, a relation of hers was mentioned in the Panama Papers. So while so many were breathlessly reporting on associates of official bad guys like Putin being mentioned in the Panama Papers, hardly a soul noted the Pritzker connection. Finally, and perhaps most incredibly, Forbes several years ago did an investigation in to the Pritzker family and found that they set up shell companies decades ago in ways that would be illegal now. It’s in a sense not just oligarchy, it’s aristocracy.


The rich enjoy good saleries great health care great retirement packages…Yet when regular folks want the same thing the rich start crying about socialisism moochers takers…They have many names for people who just want to get along and survive in a cruel world that they the rich have created. All the money they make is never enough…They dont want to pay taxes yet they enjoy the benefits of the taxes we have to pay…No amount of profit will ever be enough to satisfy their greed and desires to have and own it all including our government…Our only hope is our ability to vote and yet they are slowly trying to deprive us of that…


Boeing’s recent announcement that it will lay off 8,000 workers in Washington state and is offering early out to engineers in its Charleston, SC operations…all to SAVE on costs while the CEO and other top level execs rake in million$$$ in bonuses and salary increases…and the Lazy B’s excuse is it has to compete with Airbus! They use any and every excuse (BS) to validate their moves to cut labor costs (in addition to negotiating labor contracts in bad faith and with threats). Meanwhile, productivity is at its highest and workers have to work overtime (straight pay for temp workers Boeing has imported from Vietnam and the Philippines) to keep up, especially with all the 737 MAX orders coming in. Yet the bulk of their profits come from bloated U S govt contracts (drones bring in million$$$ in profits)…more so than the commercial side. Wonder just how safe Boeing airplanes will be if the company persists with its ongoing assaults on labor WHO BUILD THE AIRCRAFT.

  • For CEOs and top executives, it’s a race to the top.

  • For the working class, it’s a race to the bottom.

It is the workers of the world who produce all the wealth in society, only for the capitalists to first appropriate this wealth for themselves, before then stashing it away in offshore companies, cutting our health and education, sacking us from our jobs, and accusing us of being too lazy to work. This is how capitalism works.

Source: http://www.marxist.com/capitalism-corruption-panama-papers-scandal-claims-first-scalps.htm