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While World Awaits Presidential Result, Progressive 'Squad' Expands in the House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/while-world-awaits-presidential-result-progressive-squad-expands-house


Small rays of hope is all one can count on these days. Good for the Justice Democrats for being that small ray!


Very troubling to see the Nov 3, 2020 dated photo as part of the article where no one standing with newly-elected Representative Bowman from NY or his supporters were wearing face masks, nor were they social distancing. He has his arm around one woman and the others next to him and behind him are standing shoulder-to-shoulder as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spike. That picture does not speak very well about him. More insanity.


The Squad, “We propose…” Nanncy, “STFU and sit down.”


“There’s so much work to do.” And what better way to start than by voting “Don’t call me Nancy” Pelosi out of the speaker position.


Please Ladies make sure that Pelosi does not retain the Gavel.

We have had enough of these Dino’s, it is time that we have representatives that actual represent We The People, instead of Big Corporate Donors lining your pockets.

How about putting forth a Progressive Agenda for a change, we are so tired of Corporate Dems putting their constituents in the hands of For Profit Health Care Insurance Companies and Wall Street Tycoons making their employees work for Slave Wages.

Congratulations Ladies it is so refreshing to see people with integrity in a position of power fighting the greedy bastards that have been controlling Congress for decades.


Yeah, like when Ocasio-Cortez voted to give the Führer his record war budget (as a so-called “progressive”), more than he asked for. The Ds also gave him more spying powers. That’s “integrity” for you. Genuine progressives are opposed to war and war budgets.

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Hi pinkbarrio. I think you are incorrect about Ocasio-Cortez voting for the defense budget. See: ~https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/180416/alexandria-ocasio-cortez/22/defense

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And the senate will have a huge hamper to store 2021 bills passed by the house. Nothing will move forward except budget, debt limit, military.

good news:
Pompeo loses his over the top power in CIA, State and War Dept.

The list I saw of Representatives at the time of the vote showed she voted with Pelosi in favor of the bill. I can’t find that list now.