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#WhipTheVote: Progressives Launch Campaign to Pressure 24 Democrats Who Still Haven't Vowed to Oppose Kavanaugh


#WhipTheVote: Progressives Launch Campaign to Pressure 24 Democrats Who Still Haven't Vowed to Oppose Kavanaugh

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just 24 hours after thousands of Americans took to the streets nationwide to protest Brett Kavanaugh—President Donald Trump's far-right Supreme Court pick—a coalition of progressive groups on Monday launched a campaign aimed at pressuring the two dozen Democrats who still haven't committed to voting against the


It seems whenever there is a 'must win" vote the DINO party always has the quisling sellout betrayers who side with the R’Cons…every freakin time, there are always the usual suspects. They are supported because Dems don’t want to “lose a seat” in “red states”, but what the frell’s the difference if they always sellout when the chips are down on issue after issue? Kavanaugh is one such very important issue and any DINO whore that betrays the people must be rooted out!..


More proof that an “opposition party” is merely myth or ALL would be behind this.


What a coincidence. Another opportunity to point out why I don’t vote for Dems.

Their tent is so big, there’s room in it for conservatives, moderates, and for liberals to sit in a corner and get ignored. It takes three or four Blue dogs to override, water down, or subvert every progressive initiative the D-party puts forth. That is a feature of D-Party strategy, not a bug.


If the democrats were worth supporting this wouldn’t require “pressure.” What voters have lost is the understanding that their vote is worth something, and it’s time to stop giving it to Democrats for nothing.

A democrat could earn my vote by actively opposing war and actively reining in polluting forms of commerce. Opposition to Kavanaugh ought to be automatic and not worthy of special credit. The Party ain’t worth a damn because the elected caucus isn’t worth a damn. Time for a party for the People.


give us the names so we can go after them now!


The neutral list includes the usual suspects - Donnelly, Heitkamp, Jones, Manchin and McCaskill. Of those, Donnelly, Heitkamp and Manchin voted to confirm Gorsuch. Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin and McCaskill all voted to confirm most of Trump’s appointees with little or no pressure from Schumer. Little wonder, then, that a sizable percentage of registered Democrats are fuzzy about what their party represents.


An “Opposition Party” that is not called the Democratic Party is needed.
Even Bernie, who has stated that he will not vote for Kavanaugh, is still holding out hope that the democratic party can will somehow reform itself.
Even those who are winning while calling themselves Democratic Socialists run as democrats. They should run as members of the Democratic Socialists Party.


Speaking of Bernie and an opposition party…Have you seen this? (Be prepared to be discouraged)


It’s time the dire-hard/hard-core Democratic followers understand that they have no party. They’ve taken impeachment off the table at least 3 times. Pelosi does not have a plan (other than to keep her job) as I keep hearing and have heard since 2000. There are still 500 children separated from their parents and where is the so-called opposition? Silent. I can’t remember the last time the Democrats did anything in a positive sense for the people. Unfortunately, what needs to happen will not happen. Michael Avenatti is thinking of running in the 2020 presidential election. I’ve watched him for awhile now. I think he has sufficient spine to do something with this trainwreck of a government considering he is an attorney and quite good at what he does, if he were to run as an independent and not as a Democrat. I do think the Establishment Democrats would throw him under the bus as they have done Kucinich, Waters and Sanders. I still do not understand why the genuine left does not start a new genuinely progressive party which stands for: no border fences, no US imperialism, gun control, health care for all, debt relief for students. What used to be the standard progressive agenda until that became corrupted. If this isn’t the time, when is?—ThePinkbarrio


Thanks for the link, It has been awhile since I last watched Jimmy Dore, I used to watch him and Lee Camp nightly, glad to see he hasn’t lost his touch.


Nope…He is still pointing out the bullshit to those who will hear it. I wish those who will NOT hear it WOULD hear it. Get that??? :wink:


Well, with Hillary votes abandoned them everywhere –

Obviously, this isn’t about elections because it’s pretty much impossible for us
to get rid of these betrayers of voters – and it isn’t about democracy – it’s about
serving their Elite masters/the wealthy.


pink –

Thank you for this post – which refuses to accept the unacceptable –

Some unacceptable stuff from the article …

If Kavanaugh is to be confirmed, Republicans can’t afford to lose a single vote if the Democratic caucus unites against him. But uniting the Democratic caucus has been a difficult task, as several so-called moderates—including Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.)—are considering voting for Kavanaugh.

While progressive organizations like MoveOn, Indivisible, NARAL, and countless others have been forcefully mobilizing against Kavanaugh for weeks, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has indicated—despite intense backlash—that he won’t play “hardball” with the several centrist Democrats who are considering backing the right-wing judge.

And so Schumer has already made known his readiness to surrender on this issue …
Possibly because he wants to signal to his handlers that YES, he will serve them – have no fear?

Here’s some further nonsense I just got from an ACLU mailing – which also makes clear it is sticking with the Democratic/Koch Party no matter the past betrayals …

As Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing approaches, my colleagues and I have been digging deep into his record. But we’ve run into a problem: Some of the most important records on Kavanaugh’s policy experience aren’t available to the public – and the Senate Judiciary Committee hasn’t even requested them for vetting.

The Senate seems to be willfully ignoring a key fact: Supreme Court justices don’t just follow precedent, they establish it – and this lays down the foundation for new policy. That’s why I sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging the panel to demand and fully review all records of Kavanaugh’s highly relevant role in shaping federal policy.

But it’s going to take more than one letter. All of us need to pressure the Senate to ensure full transparency – especially those of us who have senators on the committee**. Send your message to Senator Booker right now: No confirmation hearing should even begin without the full examination of Kavanaugh’s policy record.**

The Senate has yet to request records of Kavanaugh’s most significant policy role: Staff Secretary under President Bush. From 2003 to 2006, Kavanaugh guided policy decisions on major issues – such as the so-called partial birth abortion ban and an attempt to craft an amendment banning marriage for same-sex couples. He controlled the range of views the president was exposed to and decided who in the administration got to weigh in on policy debates. Kavanaugh even played a role in formulating legislation and executive orders.

This is beyond nonsense – it is the ACLU hiding from reality which claiming they are organizing for resistance and revolution – and they will likely drag many Americans along with them to once again support a party which is in collusion with the GOP/Trump for benefit of Elites/wealthy

ACLU is “willfully ignoring” the reality that the Senate not only doesn’t want to know Kavanaugh’s actual history, they want to bury it so that they can approve him for the SC.

And, they certainly don’t want the public to have any access or info in regard to Kavanaugh’s past.

This doesn’t happen by accident or coincidence – we have an ACLU which doesn’t want to face reality and we should be asking why would this organization be so naïve? They’re lawyers!

Not sure about just who is heading up this organization right now – but I’d question the leadership and what they’re actually doing versus what they should be doing.


And then the DINO party tells us that it is our fault by not falling in line more. It is getting sickening and I don’t see it changing any time soon.


Even among progressives he seems to be the only one willing to call out Bernie’s bullshit. I don’t blame most progressives for not doing so, Bernie seemed to be the greatest hope for a progressive movement and to see him neutered is depressing and discouraging to say the least.


If any democrat approves bozo we will never forget you.It will be your last congress.We must stay united it is the only way to get rid of the horror.


Look up charles schumer’s caving in to repubs on approving Trump’s fed judges: theguardian.com has an article that lists a number of dems who went along with schumer. This should not be happening. These judges are lifetime jobs and are far right conservatives.




Brett Kavanaugh would like women to become wards of the government. By controlling what women can and cannot do with their uteri, he is condemning them to slavery. This is a violation of the 4th and 13th amendments. This would seriously limit women’s career choices. He would like them to revert to their 19th century status. A pregnant women would become a brood mare, with no more rights than a sow in a gestation crate.

Brett Kavanaugh is trying to steal my most precious possession, my body. Do I have the right, then, to treat him as any other thief and take steps, including force, to prevent the theft? I believe that I do. And I will use whatever means necessary to prevent his co-conspirators - including any Senator who votes for his appointment to the Supreme Court - from aiding and abetting the theft.

I am woman. Hear me roar!