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Whistleblower: EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Fracking Emissions for Years


Whistleblower: EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Fracking Emissions for Years

Nika Knight, staff writer

Why has the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed to take adequate action against disastrous, climate-warming methane emissions from the fracking industry?

An environmental watchdog alleges that the answer may be a years-long, systematic cover-up of the true data surrounding these toxic emissions.


Obviously, the government needs to crack down on these Whistleblowers like it has done for Manning, Snowden, and all of the rest.
I expect Obama and Clinton will send them Gitmo to teach them a lesson and set an example for any other “national traitors”.


Ultimately, it would take the time humanity doesn’t have to fight these cases one by one. What all hold in common is regulatory capture.

This new evidence showing that individuals within the EPA were complicit in a cover-up meant to occlude just how much methane is emanating from fracking is consistent with ALL of the following (also indicative of Regulatory Capture):

  1. Exxon funding pseudo-science meant to hide the FACTS of global warming. And by this delay tactic, setting humanity back decades in efforts to curtail the worst of pending climate changes.

  2. Monsanto’s blackout on Gen-tech “foods” and fighting even labeling its products. Its gargantuan wealth allows it to control what passes for scientific research–that it typically funds. Smear campaigns are used to discredit the brave lone scientists who dare to provide independent research that contests the alleged safety of these genetic frankensteins.

  3. Big Pharma’s blackout on the TRUTH about the BATTERY of vaccines poured into innocent infants’ bodies as if this “one size fits all” approach is viable, sane, or productive… in the promotion of public health. To the contrary, the incredible epidemic in not just Autism, but also other neurological impairments is cause to cease and desist! now!

  4. The cover-ups that involved MAKING cases FIXED FOR war; and hiding torture, and hiding the pervasiveness of an extra-judicial surveillance driftnet placed over innocent citizens the world over, in VIOLATION of their Right to Privacy.

  5. The current election scam, which, like the vote count BS of 2004 and the Supreme Court’s intercession in 2000 make a mockery of the label of Democracy!

  6. News cover-ups that HIDE the real stories… many here are very sensitive to that factor when it involves the asymmetrical syndrome underway between Israel and Palestine, others “get it” with respect to the media’s lockstep assertion that Putin was the aggressor in Ukraine, or that Syria’s President used Sarin Gas on his own people, or that Saddam Hussein was behind 911.

  7. The MIC’s free checkbook with nary the slightest accounting for where that $650 billion EACH year goes… with so much untraceable, neither granted the slightest oversight.

The capture of media certainly is at the top of the list of Official Deceptions Made easy.

To tackle each of these avenues takes so much time, legal assistance, and financial backup.

It’s time to change the legal metrics so that instead of the law PROTECTING criminals and perpetrators until THEY are proven guilty, that the Law become “First Do No Harm.”

Let these corporate murderers PROVE the safety of their deleterious products before these become so profoundly enmeshed in the arteries of culture and commerce… as to argue, as did equally toxic banks (trafficking in weapon of financial mass destruction, as they did) … that they are TOO big to fail, or to be taken out of business.


“Why has the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) failed to take adequate action against disastrous, climate-warming methane emissions from the fracking industry?”
Partly because of the revolving-door of personnel between industry and gov “regulatory” agencies. The corruption of all of our supposedly regulatory agencies by business interests have been tolerated and encouraged by government of the corporation, by the corporation and FOR the corporation!

Profits and what is called 'growth" above all else, regardless the consequences, whether pollution of air and water, our agricultural lands, or our foods. All regulations downsized and “relaxed” to support further environmental pollution and other public health threats - all for corporate profits…


The entire economic system is built around layers of fraud and deception.to paraphrase Rumsfeld “all that we think we know we don’t”


Will Bernie voters will feel so defrauded that they will not turn out and vote out the Republican Congress and Conservative Democrats? These politicians are responsible for the EPA turning into the Environment Polluting Agency.


A correction is needed in this article - these methane emissions are a part of all natural gas production and transportation - not just that from fracking. And while methane is a potent greenhouse gas, methane is not “toxic” in the usual sense of the word - i.e. poisonous like CO or H2S.


The more we know, the more we should understand that only massive actions by citizens in the streets will correct the problems of bought and paid for government. That and throwing the incumbents out on their asses for taking bribes to let us citizens down.


If I were young then I would be feeling increasingly desperate that the power of greed today is condemning me and my children to utter misery that didn’t have to be. Reading things like this where those who really supposed to protect us instead betray that trust and deceive us instead. The frackers with the help of the EPA have Flinted us. That is, that the authorities said it was safe but authorities lie and take bribes and let them poison us.

To be young is to exist with a simmering desperation that diminishes hope for the conditions that they will have to live in for the rest of their lives - the future.


Props to the whistleblower, and to NC WARN for publishing.

From the article:
“NC WARN requested that the EPA Inspector General, the agency’s internal watchdog, investigate its allegations of fraud and abuse by Allen and other EPA officials; retract Allen’s studies and examine all EPA standards and policies that relied on those studies; conduct a new, scientifically valid study to “accurately quantify methane” emissions from the fracked gas extraction and production process; as well as investigate the EPA’s reliance on researchers with industry bias and conflicts of interest.”

We do not need more investigations. We do not need more studies. As if the corrupt EPA, or the entire corrupt power structure in the US political-economic system, is suddenly going to reform itself.

We need to organize to dis-empower the arrogant tools whose greedy self-interest violates life, ecology, and humanity. STOP ALL FRACKING. Run the economy on ecological principles, because the economy is blatantly destroying the intricate ecological web that sustains all life, including yours.

We have entered into runaway global heating. Wrestling over process with the obdurate “establishment” just allows the fast train to hell to keep accelerating. We need to stop the hell-bound train, and tend first and foremost to the ecology of the Earth.


The legal-regulatory system initially had some teeth in the 70s but it has been gradually eroded through corporate lobbying, the revolving door, and capture of Congress.

The legal-regulatory system was always a flawed process, though, because it always dealt with environmental problems after the fact and the only punishments were slap on the hands fines. Once corporations built fines into the cost of doing business (and they can actually simply write them off as business losses), agencies like the EPA were rendered toothless.

Time to retake control from the fascists (corporate-government partnership) with work like that of CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) pioneering ordinances that empower local control and the rights of nature as means to project people and the Earth from the corporate imperialists.


You can trust Rumsfeld, a guy who participated in the 9/11 planning, and wasn’t at his post while it was being run. Where was he when commands to intercept attacks had to go through him personally?


The sad/scary thing about blowing this or any other whistle is that the whole system is corrupt. Perverted by the power of money, the government will not do anything to stop the pollution, the payoffs, or the power structure that is ruining our atmosphere. The 1% responsible for this corruption believes that they are above the law. The only thing that will stop them is the extinction of humans…unless people rebel against the dollar-funded system of lies and cover ups. How long will it be before militant survivalists take action against the CEOs, judges, bureaucrats, etc.? If nothing else, the end game will be interesting.


Fracturing a fairy tale


Just an aside here, but it appears from many of the comments that people do realize government and it’s agencies like EPA have been corrupted. It goes a bit further however, like the time Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame had the head of EPA on and asked her what? Why not much is what, although he did gush all over Gina, not a good question did he ask. Now Jon is a pretty bright guy and had to know he could have asked some very hard questions, and yes, maybe he would have lost his job, but that interview was a good example of how institutions like media have been just as corrupted as any agency of government. Without a viable media, misinformed consent results and that makes this government an illegitimate one.


Its a hard choice. Bernie joins Jill Stein, they run on the Green Party ticket, lose the election for Democrats, but save the Bernie revolution and begin to end the corruption.

I would vote for Trump if he agrees to name an equally liberal and conservative SCOTUS.


One gets to vote for whomever one pleases of course, although I do think that by now, with 90% of Americans having lost confidence in the system as we know it, most realize a vote for any of the two major party candidates is a vote against any change to the system the vast majority have no confidence in anymore.
I’m not sure it would matter all that much if Americans did vote overwhelmingly for Dr. Stein either, considering that old standby against democracy, the Electoral College, would never confirm a non party candidate, any more than a non communist could have won in the former Soviet Union.
This is how totalitarian systems work after all.