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Whistleblower Exposes Torture and Child Abuse at For-Profit Prison


Whistleblower Exposes Torture and Child Abuse at For-Profit Prison

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A social worker formerly employed at a for-profit family immigrant detention center in Texas blew the whistle this week on the prison's inhumane conditions—from solitary confinement to medical neglect—that she said amount to child abuse and torture.


Le plus ca change, le plus c’est la meme chose…if I didn’t know this was happening in the 21st century, I would swear I was reading about the vile conditions meted out to the poor, immigrants, and the disabled during the 19th and early 20th . What a sick corrupt group of individuals, and shame to the investors who provide funds for these creeps to conduct their foul business.


This sentence needs editing because the date has not yet arrived:

“What is happening there is tantamount to torture,” declared López, who said she started in October 2015 and quit in April over ethical concerns.


For-profit corporations have no conscience. They exist only for the bottom line and show little or no regard or consideration for human rights beyond the requirements covered in their contracts and signed agreements. Anytime, the government abdicates its responsibilities to private corporations, there will be hell to pay for the powerless who are unfortunate to fall under their control. It’s time to return government business and obligations back to government entities. Bottom-line thinking works great in a capitalistic milieu but fails dramatically in a socialistic environment such as mass incarceration and detention center facilities.People’s lives and rights are not-for-sale and not-for-profit! Wake up America and be careful what you wish for.


This is the best one liner ever:
" It’s time to return government business and obligations back to government entities. "
Government is designed to control and regulate commerce, not compete with it, or give it a get-out-of-jail-free card by looking the other way when laws and protections are violated to make a buck!

Folks we know on the right need to be reminded of this. The idea of putting someone with business experience in the White House is only OK up to a point. That point must take into consideration the motives of that candidate. Better and stronger regulations? Sure these are always welcome. But when has any politician ever been overheard to say: “Hey the industry I just came from is getting away with bloody murder in the areas of tax evasion, pollution, buying and influencing government regulators, and anti-EEOC procedures and here’s how we can STOP this!” Nope. Instead the folks on the right (and sorry Mrs. C. but I see you in this group too!) are saying: Hey, there’s a kililng to be made here! And if not me, then someone else will just do it, so it might as well be me!

My position is this: Say “No” to regulation, and I will say: “NO” to you at the ballot box!


Still think that Obama doesn’t belong in jail with his buddies Bush and Cheney?


There is a famous psychology experiment which proved that when people are given power over prisoners and can wield that power with virtual impunity that abuse and sadism is the end result. You make a very astute point contrasting us with previous centuries. Knowing what we do now about human psychology and imprisonment, it should be standard practice that all interactions between guards and prisoners be recorded by cameras 24/7. I as a tax payer do not care to pay someone to abuse children or adults in prison.

Cameras would keep the guards from committing crimes. It felt odd writing that but it is the truth.

There is a culture of police impunity in this country which does not respect the rights of people including that of prisoners. Cameras recording all police arrests would save lives. Cameras recording prison guard behavior would prevent crimes.