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Whistleblower Leaks Video From Detention Facility Where Children Were Threatened Against Speaking to Press


Whistleblower Leaks Video From Detention Facility Where Children Were Threatened Against Speaking to Press

Julia Conley, staff writer

Footage, audio, and photos from inside a children's detention center in New York show a child crying and asking to speak with her mother and an employee ominously warning children that speaking to the press could endanger their immigration case.


I say waterboard the filthy little bastards…

(Sarcasm alert for the dense)


We’re seeing a fascist state arise in real time.
I just read the incredible book All the Light You Cannot See, which details the rise of Hitlerism in Germany.
Either we resist now, which includes purging the corporate Dems, the corporate media, and shaming the fascist Trump cult, or we will end up in another Civil War or worse.


"Schumer is being more critical of Maxine Waters than he’s ever been of ICE."
—Eoin Higgins, independent journalist

Immigrant children are being DRUGGED by the US government to keep them quiet.

Young immigrants alone are being TORTURED in US detention centers.

This is fascism in America – but remember to be “civil” and don’t confront fascists.


Hey, I heard that tape, and as upsetting as it is, this is not a “detention facility.” It’s basically a daycare facility for kids in the NYC foster-care system. At the end of the day, these “tender age” immigrants go to foster homes where there may be no one who speaks their languages, but where they can be hugged. And the release of these videos are just the first cracks in the system. The more distributed a system is, the harder it is to control. It’s already falling apart, and that’s part of the administration’s panic about getting the kids rematched to their parents.


Not only did Operation Mockingbird convert our “free press” after WWII into
a CIA/corporate press –

but after Vietnam where pictures told stories of that war which could have prevented
the carrying on of the war for the benefit of Elites/Empire . . .

it has very much become an issue for Elites to 1000% control ALL FREE SPEECH.

That’s what we see happening in the attempt to control the immigrant children and
preventing them from speaking to the press.


bks –

Hey, I heard that tape, and as upsetting as it is, this is not a “detention facility.” It’s basically a daycare facility for kids in the NYC foster-care system.

How many parents do you think would send their children to this “day care facility” as you describe it
where immigrant children are being DRUGGED by the US government to keep them quiet …?

Where are the babies?

The Trump administration’s “panic” – if there is any – is only and always to save their backsides so
they can continue on turning this country into a “third world nation.”


Agree – Elites love Civil War – so does the CIA –

The only way Elites can rise and hold power is by violence –
that’s always been true – it’s still true today.


I would laugh if i did not think this administration more than capable of doing that.


The Press are a bunch of cowards who produce fake news not real journalism and don’t deserve the right to talk to anyone.


[a] a point, but not one that adds much to the conversation.

[b] you’re mixing not only facilities, but times (that report was, I believe, 2014) and the ages of the children. Those were also children who entered unaccompanied.

All in all, you expand and deepen the inflammation of an already awful situation. We can’t help these kids by screaming, only by learning the facts and demanding that our government act on the facts and the law.

At least you’re on topic.


Evil manifesting itself in different forms within the U.S. Is it really nothing new - just another form, another group of people. It is really unimaginable to me that our government would not only separate children from their parents but then put them on planes and fly them thousands of miles away to a strange place far away from their parents. How terrifying. This is pure child abuse but like so many things the government can get away with things that we as individuals would never be allowed to do. But thankfully, most people would not want to do this kind of thing or participate in it. Why then, do we have a government that thinks it can do things that most of the citizens would never allow?


bks –

Would YOU send your children to a “day care facility” within a military base?
Or one providing fencing equal to caging them in?

And, you’re mistaken – the reports coming out from the detention centers are that
the children have been given DRUGS to keep them quiet at the detention centers.
This is CURRENT reporting.

and, YES, youths who entered alone are being TORTURED at detention facilities –
according to CURRENT reporting.

There are also questions about the transporting of teenaged (illegal) immigrants who
seem to be being moved across the country on our airlines who are also questioning
whether they will do this service any longer. According to one journalist, a small
group of teenagers were dressed to look like part of a sports “team.” The reporter
who managed to engage in some limited conversation with a young girl being transported
made clear she didn’t know where she was being taken.

I’m “inflaming” the issue?
What is Trump and ICE doing – ???
Have you even noticed their role in all of this?

WHY do you think most liberal groups – (certainly not the Dem Party) – are scheduling
protests against separating IMMIGRANT families for the next few days in DC and around
the nation? Because, perhaps, you think I am “inflaming” the issue?

You’re rejecting the facts and trying to bury them – “a day care center” … for whom, animals?


Some would say that the U.S. has been a Fascist state since at least 2001 but is only now being more blatantly so. I think it will likely get worse before it gets better.


I wonder how many of these kids will be so messed up by this experience that they actually do wind up as violent gang members or terrorists.


Whistleblowers must have our support going forward from this “Age of Insanity.”


Follow the links, pay attention to the facts. Try to figure out something you can do to actually help the situation. This day care center in NYC is not on a military base. I won’t bother to try to follow the rest of your shouting.


Please define, “basically a daycare facility” as opposed to a daycare center. Isn’t the foster care system already burdened enough? Why have these children been separated should be the question rather than apologizing or seeing the “bright” side of the situation, no? Not sure all kids will welcome hugs from strangers either.

As someone who lost her mother at a very young age I am convinced these little ones are being traumatized. Finally, while it may not be articulated these folks crossing the southern border are indigenous and mixes thereof and have more of a right to come than the bigoted ilk that is criminalizing them and using young people who are impressionable as bargaining chip


Typical evasion from you - all in response to your usual and typical defense-of or downplaying of fairly simple abuses, lies, crimes, racism, destruction, and/or contempt for people from the odious trump regime - “not a detention facility”? - pay attention now…When kids are ripped from their parents arms and removed to who knows where by quasi-military people, and the kids and often the parents cannot communicate with the “officials” that Barbara, regardless how “nice” and huggy the facility, even if a “foster home”, “basically” it is STILL a goddamn detention facility for kidnapped children!!

As for other argumentative, arrogant, crap from you in your role as the “topic cop” - “Stick to it (the topic) or shut up - You do not get to throw your suppositions at an article written by officers of the court, whose professions depend on their truthfulness”…“truthfullness”? BS!..Get freakin real Babs…but you likely will not “bother” will ya?


Hi everybody:

This is an outrageous situation but on Saturday, June 30 there are actions across the nation.